When you start organizing your trip to Mykonos, you will quickly realize that there are so many things to do while staying on this island. One of the fun activities is organizing one-day trips to nearby islets, including Tragonisi. Do you want to know how to get to Tragonisi from Mykonos, Greece? If you do, you’re in the right place – keep reading to find out how to get to this unique place.

What Is Tragonisi (or Dragonissi, Like It’s Also Called)?

Tragonisi (or Dragonissi) is a small Greek island located one mile east of the eastern coast of Mykonos and 3 miles from the popular Kalafatis Bay on the south coast. It’s an uninhabited place, except for some wild rabbits and goats – however, the waters around it are full of life. The sea here is home to Monachus monachus, Mediterranean monk seals, and yellow sea anemones, which you can see if you decide to embark on an amazing snorkeling adventure.

If you thought snorkeling on the south coast of Mykonos was amazing, wait till you see what the Aegean Sea has prepared for you here! Activities on Dragonissi will make up for an exciting day, trust us.

Here’s Why This Location Is One of the Most Unique Ones of All Cycladic Islands

Tragonisi’s nature is protected, not just because of the precious sea creatures that surround the island but also thanks to the stunning cave system on this Greek island that will take your breath away. Indeed, these caves will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The views are out of this world and undoubtedly worth giving up a day in Mykonos – you won’t regret this trip. It will be one of the best travel experiences of your life.

View of Tragonisi island from the coast of Mykonos

Mysterious Dragonissi can be seen from the Kalafatis Bay in Mykonos

How to Get to Tragonisi Island From the Coast of Mykonos, Greece?

This small island can be seen from the coast of Mykonos – it looks like a sleeping dragon in the middle of the water, and that’s why they call it Dragonissi. Since the place is so close to Mykonos, it’s clear that the travel time isn’t long. Depending on what boat tour you pick, the sailing adventure can start from the various spots on Mykonos.

Most Tragonisi Tours Start in Chora – The Boat Cruises By the South Coast Until It Gets to Tragonisi

If you’re not too impatient to see the caves, we would suggest picking one of the many boat tours that start from Mykonos town, Chora. They will allow you to get a view of every popular beach on the southern coast before you finally get to Dragonissi.

The tours usually start in the morning or just before noon, and you will be back to Mykonos in the afternoon – just in time to get ready for a night out in one of the popular Mykonos clubs. Of course, you have the option of starting the sailing adventure from some of the beaches closer to Dragonissi than the town is.

View of Platis Gialos beach in Mykonos

You can see Mykonos beaches during a tour to Dragonissi – they are among the best beaches in Greece

Cruise to Tragonisi – Organized Tour That Passes By the Entire South Coast or a Private Tour Planned By You?

Although an organized tour with plenty of other tourists can be a fun experience, it might not be the best choice for everyone. If you are one of the people who prefer a bit more private setting during your vacation, the chances are that you will find these groups too large. Luckily, this doesn’t mean you will have to miss out on seeing the magnificent caves in Dragonissi and the lovely turquoise water that surrounds this tiny islet.

The solution to the crowd problem is easier than you might think – all you need is a private tour on a nice yacht. As we all know, Mykonos is known for being one of the trendiest destinations, so finding a yacht to rent definitely won’t be hard. The best way to get yourself a luxurious vessel is to contact The Ace VIP. We have a great float of yachts for you to choose from, and any one of these beauties will be more than suitable for a 1-day trip to Dragonissi.

A yacht in the water near Mykonos coast

Contact us for a yacht rental that will get you to the stunning caves in Dragonissi

Sailing Around Mykonos With a Private Yacht – Doesn’t It Sound Like a Luxurious Experience?

When you book a private yacht, you don’t have to worry about the tedious problems that come with regular boat tours. The journey can start from any place you like, you pick the stops, and you pick when is the right moment to get back to Mykonos. Of course, keep in mind that you can’t spend the night in Dragonissi – you literally don’t have anywhere to stay there.

Furthermore, if you rent one of our yachts, you get the option of bringing a professional chef with you on a trip – why not have the most delicious food with fabulous views of the cave system in Dragonissi? This place is a heavenly Instagram spot, especially if you come on a yacht.

Boats near the coast of Mykonos

A trip by a private yacht from any beach in Mykonos to Dragonissi will be an amazing adventure

After a Marvelous and Exciting Day in Tragonisi, You’ll Return to Your Accommodation – Hopefully, a Lovely Mykonos Villa

We have no doubts that your excursion to Dragonissi will be great and that you will return to Mykonos with many happy memories. When you finally come back to The Island of the Winds, hopefully, there will be luxurious accommodation waiting for you to come and rest after a long day. The best way to ensure that is to contact The Ace VIP for one of our luxury Mykonos villas for rental. We have the finest selection of listings, and our private villas in Mykonos are the most exquisite spots for staying on this Greek island – come and see for yourself.