If you want to party all summer long, there is probably only one dilemma on your mind, and that is Mykonos vs. Ibiza, which one is better? There is a good reason why both of these locations got insanely popular – neverending parties and beautiful beaches are a definition of a paradise on earth for all clubbers. But if you need to choose only one for your summer vacation, this guide might help you make a final verdict.

Ibiza vs. Mykonos – Which One Will Have Your Heart This Summer?

The battle for the title of Europe’s summer party capital between these two islands has been going on for ages. These places became rivals many years ago because they offer a similar type of summer vacation. Both are beautiful islands that attract jet-setters from all around the world, with wild parties that last all day and night, and not to mention gorgeous beaches. There isn’t an easy way to choose the right one, but we’ll try to guide you through some main differences, so it might be easier for you to make a top pick.

Ibiza’s club scene started flourishing after the first clubs Amnesia and Pacha were opened in the 70s, then came the rave in during the 80s, and tourists started coming more and more in search of never-ending entertainment. Mykonos became famous among celebrities during the 60s, in the 70s, gay couples discovered it, and soon the island turned into a mecca for party lovers from all over the globe.

The Basics You Should Know

Located in the Cyclades, Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands. It is known for its whitewashed alleyways, beaches with crystal clear water and white sand, trendy boutiques and restaurants, and of course, many celebrities rush here every summer so they can enjoy the offer of extravagant hotels, luxury yachts, nightclubs, fantastic private villas in Mykonos, and popular beach clubs.

Ibiza is located in the Balearic Islands of Spain and is known for the non-stopping club scene, swanky beaches, and large villas crowded with wealthy and famous visitors from all over the world. It offers breathtaking scenery and many amazing spots.

Road and the sea

Mykonos, Greece, is smaller in size, so it might be easier to get around

Both Places Have Rich History and Beautiful Old Towns

Ibiza has a beautiful old city called Dalt Vila. Its streets are covered with cobblestones, and it sits above the modern city. It is surrounded by an impressively large city wall that you can stroll around and enjoy amazing views.

Mykonos main town – Chora, is known for traditional Cycladic whitewashed houses with blue doors and windows, very charming and picture-perfect. One of the best spots for sunsets and amazing views is Little Venice. While you’re there, don’t miss out on snapping a photo next to the famous windmills.

Yacht sailing

Both of these destinations attract many celebrities and billionaires

Which Island Is More Affordable?

Is Mykonos like Ibiza when it comes to pricing? It’s not a big secret that both of these places require a bigger budget if you really want to experience the best of them. Both destinations are known for attracting celebrities, so this might be an indicator that these islands are super expensive. And they are. However, both of these places actually offer some budget-friendly options as well, but if you plan to come during the summer to party, expect that you’ll spend a lot of money on that sort of entertainment.

You Can Avoid Spots Like Overpriced Restaurants and Save a Lot of Money

Luckily you can avoid high prices by booking your plane or ferry tickets in advance and by avoiding overpriced restaurants and nightclubs. Prices at beach bars vary and can be sky-high at some popular places, but you don’t always have to order food and drinks there.

Party at Ibiza

These destinations are both known as homes to some of the finest nightclubs in the world

What About Beaches and Clubs?

Mykonos measures about 33 square miles in size, so it might be easier to get around the island – it is very walkable, and every trendy location is close. Ibiza is considerably bigger than its Greek opponent, so it offers a greater variety of beaches – the only problem is that it will require much more time and energy to get to them.

Both Places Are Offering Incredible Nightlife and Fun Daytime Beach Parties

Despite being small in size, Mykonos, Greece, has around 30 beautiful beaches, and they all offer unique and charming beauty, spiced up with trendy beach bars, white sands, and even many nudist-friendly spots. Ibiza’s hotspot is Cala Conta – a beautiful beach with rock cliffs and sand dunes.

On the other hand, the most popular place on Mykonos is Paradise Beach which is also home to some of the top clubs on the island. It might be convenient to book a hotel or a Mykonos villa around this place if you plan to go out often when you travel here. Some of the most popular clubs are:

  • Nammos,
  • Scorpios,
  • Principote.

In Ibiza some of the best clubs are:

  • Hï Ibiza,
  • Ushuaia Ibiza Club
  • and Eden Ibiza.
Girls at a beach bar

Both islands offer amazing beach bars and clubs, you just need to decide where to travel according to your personal preferences

Mykonos vs Ibiza – The Final Verdict

So, have you made up your mind? What’s the final verdict? We will let you make your own decision, but if you decide to come to Mykonos, know that The Ace Vip can help you have a vacation you’ll never forget, whether you want to rent one of the luxury Mykonos villas or maybe even a yacht, we’re here to help you experience Mykonos at its finest.