Sprinter 416 

  • Price from Upon Request
  • Mercedes
  • 11 seats
  • Manual Transmission

Mykonos is an exciting island, and your vacation there will be fabulous, we’re sure. However, you will need a few things while staying there, and a car rental is undoubtedly one of them. The Ace Vip can offer you many great vehicles – maybe our Sprinter 416 will be the perfect choice for you? Check out the essential information on this Mercedes model and reach out to us to book it.

Wherever You’re Staying in Mykonos, You Will Need a Car Rental, and The Ace Vip Can Help With That

When you come to Mykonos, your accommodation (hopefully, a luxury villa) will probably be somewhere near one of the popular beaches. But what about the rest of the island that won’t be just a short walk away? If you want to see other beaches, you will need a car rental – and the best ones can be provided by The Ace Vip. We offer only the most luxurious, high-quality vehicles and always make sure that our clients have everything they need for a comfortable stay on the island.

What Do You Need to Know About Mercedes Sprinter 416?

What can Sprinter 416 offer you? This excellent Mercedes model will be your best friend during your stay in Mykonos. Sprinter 416 is a high-quality, B-class vehicle with a touch of luxury. You will enjoy very comfortable rides in this lavish van alongside 10 other passengers – the van has 11 seats.

It’s also a highly safe vehicle, and its efficiency is top-notch. Keep in mind that this Mercedes model has a manual transmission – if you don’t do well with manuals, be sure to contact us so we can find you an automatic.

Sprinter 416 Is an Excellent Choice for Families and Friend Groups

As we’ve mentioned, this is a very safe vehicle. That’s what makes it a perfect choice for families with kids who are set to explore the island – it’s a spacious and relaxing van where your travel companions can enjoy the ride. Also, it would work well for any type of friend group – if you need transport to the party beach, this is your solution.

If You Think This Vehicle Isn’t for You, The Ace Vip Can Help You Find the One That Works Better for You

Not all vehicles work well for everybody, no matter how excellent or luxurious they are. We understand that, which is precisely why we offer many different models to our clients. If this fabulous Sprinter 416 doesn’t seem like the right fit, worry not – we have many other models to offer you. Just take a look at other listings we have, and you will definitely find something you will like – of course, something luxurious and comfortable.

If You’re Looking for a Professional Driver Services, We Offer Those Too

Vacations are meant to be the time we spend resting and relaxing. If your idea of relaxing includes not driving anywhere, our professional drivers are here at your service. That’s right, we also have chauffeur services that will make your stay in Mykonos easier. Contact us, and we will find you the best and most professional driver you could ask for.

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