Everybody needs a little trinket to remember their favorite holiday. It’s a souvenir that holds a lot of sentimental value and that will remind you of that trip for the rest of your life. So here is a helpful guide to finding the best souvenirs from Mykonos, Greece.

Figure Out Your Souvenir Budget

Take note: planning makes for a perfect vacation and easier travel. You have to set a budget for your holiday. Knowing how much you can spend on everything allows you to plan ahead and stay organized, especially if you’re visiting this beautiful island on a budget.

So for starters, contact The Ace VIP and book one of our luxury Mykonos villas and your car rental. Of course, we also offer Mykonos yacht rental if you want to experience the island in a whole new way. You can also get your very own Mykonos concierge. After all of that is said and done, do some math and see how much it is you can afford on your daily expenses and on Mykonos souvenirs.

A woman holding money

Figure out how much you can afford to spend on things that will remind you of this travel adventure

Best Souvenirs From Mykonos Greece Don’t Have to Be Expensive

A souvenir is simply a reminder of what a great time you had on your Greek holiday, and the greatest gifts are always the most thoughtful ones, not the most expensive ones. Whether you take a sugar packet from your Mykonos villa to remind you of the morning coffee or you go shopping and buy something expensive, it holds the same sentimental value. So here is a list of great, affordable souvenir ideas you can find in most local shops.

Never Leave Greece Without Olive Oil

Everyone knows that Greek food is considered to be some of the best in the world. What makes it so delicious is the high-quality olive oil they use. Greeks are known for their olives, it’s a part of their culture, so you can imagine how good olive oil is. Take a few small bottles of olive oil as a souvenir. Just check and make sure they are 100ml (3.4 ounces) or less so they can pass airport security if you only have a carry-on bag.

Olive branch

Quality Greek olive oil is always a great souvenir

Buy Some Bracelets or Other Jewelry and Items From Local Shops

There are a lot of beautiful things to see, and you will find little, white and blue local shops anywhere you look. They have beautiful hand-made jewelry with authentic Greek motives. They also have interesting art, ceramics, and other handmade items. A motive that you won’t be able to miss during your stay is the Evil eye – Mati. It’s believed to protect you from the evil eye and against jealousy and envy. It’s a motive that’s in almost all art and jewelry.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Greek Sandals

We strongly urge you to buy Greek leather sandals during your stay. You can find them in any shop, there is a large selection, so find the ones you like. They are mostly handmade and of really good quality. Not to mention they are beautiful, and you’ll feel like you’re straight out of Mykonos mythology while walking to the beach from one of the Mykonos luxury villas you booked. It’s a souvenir that’s beautiful and practical at the same time. But don’t just stop at sandals, a hat or a beach bag is also a wonderful souvenir you will actually use.

 Sandals on a wall

Find your perfect pair of leather sandals

The Best Souvenirs Are Always Alcohol – Get a Bottle Of Ouzo

If you want to take a piece of Greece home with you, what better souvenir than a bottle of ouzo – the Greek staple alcoholic beverage? Besides ouzo, Greece is also known for its raki, or tsikoudia, a highly concentrated alcoholic drink, and Metaxa, a Greek amber spirit created in 1888.

Hand-Made Soaps Are a Wonderful Gift

We’ve already established that olive oil is a cultural staple in Greece, and it’s used for many things, not just food preparation. It’s very popular in beauty products because of its many health benefits to your skin. So a great souvenir option is buying handmade olive oil soaps. They are beautiful, smell divine, and make a great gift.

Postcards, Magnets, and Little Windmills Are Unavoidable

Were you really a tourist on vacation in Greece if you didn’t go home with at least three magnets and a few postcards? No, you weren’t. While walking through the streets, you are bound to see magnets and postcards every time you turn your head. Not to mention the little white and blue windmills, it’s what Mykonos is known for. After all, it is called The Island of the Winds.

Postcards on a table

Forget about sending texts and videos, send a postcard to surprise your close friends

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Buy Gifts – You’ll End Up Getting a Greek Poster or Shirt at the Airport

Doing anything at the last minute is stressful, especially getting gifts for your loved ones. If you want to avoid the stress of running through the airport looking for underwhelming gifts before your flight back home, we recommend you do your shopping in the first few days while checking out the attractions.

You Can Get More Gift Ideas On Pinterest

If you’re looking for more ideas for an original and unique souvenir, you can always scroll through Pinterest to find some inspiration. You can even make some souvenirs on your own. Take a jar and fill it up with seashells and some sand, wrap it up nicely and give it to your loved ones, they will appreciate it.

A bunch of seashells in hands

If you like collecting seashells, use a few to make unique gifts for your closest ones

Don’t Stress Over It, and Enjoy Your Dream Vacation

Don’t let the stress of finding the perfect gifts ruin your vacation in one of the amazing Mykonos villas for rental with a private pool. The most important thing is that you have a good time during your travel, and with all the fun things to do and gorgeous Mykonos beaches, how could you not? Rent one of the private villas in Mykonos and enjoy your stay.