Mykonos has been a top wedding destination in Greece and around the world. It is undeniably among the favorite islands in Greece and, justifiably, ranking amongst the top desired honeymoon and wedding destinations worldwide, from the splashes of nature at its finest to the architectural gems all over the island. The island features are the recipe for unforgettable memories, and what event would need these better than a Mykonos wedding? Read on to discover more about why lovebirds are flocking to tie the knot in Mykonos and what to consider when hosting your wedding there.

Why is Mykonos the Perfect Choice for Your Wedding Celebration?

Mykonos is a magical island that combines breathtaking natural beauty, sophisticated nightlife, unique local colors, and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. It’s a perfect setting for an elegant wedding in nature. Mykonos’ stunning scenery will set an exquisite tone for your big day and work magic for your wedding photos. From the views of golden beaches to the backdrop of a sparkling sea, it’s a dream destination wedding. Mykonos’ is a great wedding destination, as it already naturally offers the majority of the decor needed, your work is to bring in accessories that build the already complete wedding sanctuary.

flower arranagement wedding

Benefits of Hosting a Destination Wedding in Mykonos

Hit two birds with one stone by hosting your destination wedding in Mykonos and having your honeymoon there too. Mykonos is a top honeymoon destination. Take a helicopter ride to any nearby island or hop on a ferry to Santorini. What better way to start your new chapter than honeymooning on a  yacht cruise across some of Greece’s most spectacular beaches

Mykonos is equipped to turn any kind of wedding into a fairytale. Whether you prefer an avant-garde setting, a romantic wedding set in nature, a traditional theme, or a luxurious outdoor reception, the Island has the amenities to deliver a unique flair and sophistication. The island is rich in luxury villas, and resorts experienced in hosting intricate wedding ceremonies. They’re all packed with luxurious amenities to pamper you and your guests throughout the stay.

Elements of Nature-Inspired Mykonos Wedding Decor

Marry your wedding theme to the surrounding backdrop of nature at its finest by indulging in beautiful flower arrangements. Flowers evoke joy, wellness, and celebration. They create a utopic atmosphere by brightening the wedding table, chairs, aisle, and other chosen areas. Flowers are a fundamental segment of wedding decor and are amongst the most photographed details at a wedding. It is essential that you pick bouquets and centerpieces that fit and complement your Mykonos wedding theme.

Fortunately, the splendid weather and Mediterranean climate in Mykonos and Greece, in general, have allowed an excellent environment for flowers to thrive. The local flowers significantly contribute to the countless destination weddings that happen here. Peonies, for instance, are a great Mykonos bloom that perfectly works for any wedding palette. They have stunning ruffles and a large bloom. Add some roses, eucalyptus, or hydrangea, depending on your theme.

Play around with the natural elements of nature, like foliage and unique leaves to enhance your floral arrangements. Olive leaves, for instance, are locally available and are a great addition to floral arrangements. Add a touch of foliage and pampas grass to blend further into nature. Pampas grass can add an excellent boho feeling to the decoration, especially when added to an arrangement of roses and orchids. For a touch of elegance, go for exquisite flowers like tarantulas, Tulips, hypericum, and astilbe.

Mykonos wedding setting table

Bringing Nature Indoors

If you’re hosting your wedding on a hot summer, Mykonos is still fully capable of delivering exceptional options for indoor wedding setups. Explore the outstanding private villas with elegant redemption halls and even ballrooms. Bring nature indoors with a few creative touches to your decor. Invest in garland runners. A bunch of greenery made from willow, eucalyptus, moss, or ivy will add an instant touch of nature to your indoor setup.

Bring the island indoors by adding arches, overhead installations, and a green trellis. Make them from natural elements like lush foliage and branches. Attach them to the ceilings and watch your indoor pace blend beautifully into the nature-inspired aesthetic. Don’t forget a touch of wooden decor and potted plants. Adorn your tables with many tiny plants in aesthetic pots. With the right nature-inspired decorations, you can enjoy the rich Mykonos wedding ambiance and a villa’s privacy. You also get ready for your wedding in the exact location and walk down the aisle looking and feeling fresh.

Outdoor Celebrations: Ceremony and Reception

The sensational sandy beaches at Mykonos are the best choice for an effortless beach wedding with a boho-luxe style—many private villas have beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces with a stunning sea view. Book a villa with excellent concierge services. Take your experience to the next level by hosting a boat Mykonos wedding. Consider an intimate session on a Greek sailboat or enjoy a sunset wedding on a catamaran. Apart from the clear Aegean waters, this Island has much more for outdoor weddings. Mykonos is culturally rich, and there’s a host of traditional venues on the island that make pleasant receptions. Some popular ones are the Little Venice area and the windmills of Mykonos.

If you’re having a daytime beach wedding, make your arch from natural materials like tulle fabrics and go ham with the flowers. The combination should interact peacefully with the gentle ocean breeze. If you’re having the wedding at night, go for LED rope lights and a fabric that can reflect the light. Remember that the beach is the main star of the decor, so keep your backdrop or arch simple and small; it shouldn’t compete but rather complement mother nature. Your centerpiece should be a bold and vibrant color. Cliche pieces are boldly welcomed in a chic serene beach setting, so don’t hold back. You can leave the tables uncovered; the bare wood will allow you to have fruits, veggies, candles, bouquets, and any other idea that brings out assorted beach imagery.

Sun Protection: Essential Accessories for Outdoor Weddings

Creating a captivating ambiance for your beach wedding starts with carefully selecting the perfect accessories. Elegant sunglasses with high UV protection are perfect and essential accessories for a beach wedding. You can buy in bulk and customize your wedding date on the side. They are practical accessories that your guest will wear on the wedding date and after. Shell jewelry is a subtle way to build on the theme. Seashells beautifully incorporate into bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and hairpins. Fans are an essential accessory to beach weddings. Consider themed handheld fans for the guest. Make sure their colors blend into the theme and don’t forget the men when planning for fans; they get hot too!

Color Palette and Textures

Your wedding’s color scheme is a personal choice. To guide you on the decision, choose a mood. Are you looking for a soft and romantic or bright, playful mood? The colors chosen should reflect this mood. Remember that Mykonos is already colorful. Vibrant florals, sandy neutrals, and ocean blues should guide your tones and textures. An oceanic blue and sandy beach palette will create a classic beach look. For a romantic twist, try bold coral and a soft gray theme. If you want a more lush and colorful celebration go for lush pink accompanied by tropical green.

bouqet of assorted flowers

Enjoy Your Mykonos Wedding

Your heart is in the right place if you’re considering hosting your wedding in Mykonos. Bring your dream wedding to life with exciting beach wedding ideas. The island is home to various venues for you to pick from. You’ll be spoilt for choice, from villas to hotels, yachts, boats, and even historical sites. Start your exploration of soft tones and floral concepts for your island wedding and book your Mykonos villa.