Mykonos Cruise Island Hopping & Suggested itineraries

There is nothing more memorable than embarking on a Mykonos cruise daily to cherish your time spent on a Greek island.

If you are travelling to Mykonos, and you are looking to make the best out of your trip—you should consider booking a Mykonos cruise.

The cruise would transport you to the most popular itineraries in Mykonos, where you can experience the true beauty of the Mediterranean Sea on a magnified level.

The following compilation of itineraries is often included to a daily Mykonos cruise program.

The guests are encouraged to reach the port by the given time, where they would be taken for sightseeing and private yacht tours provided by The Ace VIP.


Mykonos Cruise with a Private Yacht

Book private yacht tours with The Ace VIP to visit few of the most splendid sites in Mykonos.

Guests can book a private yacht to explore their favorite sites on the Mediterranean Sea.

You will be provided with a private yacht transfer to Santorini or any Mykonos beach that you have always longed to visit.

Booking a Mykonos private yacht tour with us would take you to the most surprisingly pleasing and astounding sites that you would find on the Mykonos land.

You can travel from one beach to another beach in Mykonos to reach your favorite location or, you can go across the sea to visit another Greek island.

Book a Mykonos private yacht tour
Book a Mykonos private yacht tour with us

Mykonos Daily Tours

Mykonos beaches make the wonderful highlights of the Greek Island, and here you will adore your moments more than ever under the warm sunlight.

The cruiser will want to sightsee everything and anything that the Mykonos beaches have to offer, and one shouldn’t miss the glorious beauty of the beaches for the world.

The private yacht charters are dictated to take you to the most extraordinary excursions of the Mykonos beaches.

The cruisers are encouraged to reach the port or dock determined by The Ace VIP, where you will be taken on a lavish cruise on our yachts.

You will be provided with snacks, beverages, power banks, and other amenities to facilitate your needs, however if you wish to be served a full meal during the cruise, please let us know.


Mykonos Beach Cruise

Embarking on a Mykonos cruise on beaches will take you to the memorable spots of Mykonos, where you can commemorate your time with your loved ones.

There are two docks in Mykonos for Private Yacht Tours Mykonos which are Tourlos and Ornos.

  • Tourlos Port by docking:

Tourlos Port, also known as the New Port, is equipped with a marina where clients can embark on a yacht and start their voyage to the other side of Mykonos or even to the Mediterranean Sea.

The dock is located about 1 mile north to the Mykonos town, and it is located in vicinity to the Agios Stefanos Beach.

Additionally we offer a shuttle bus service to transport you from any point on the island to the dock where your yacht rental is located.

Further we can transport you from the Port to Mykonos Town. Guests are encouraged to explore the town as soon as they leave the Tourlos Port.

  • Mykonos Town by Tenders

A traveler can be taken to a Mykonos beach cruise, where it can visit the beaches located in proximity to the ports, which include:

  • Paraga
  • Platis Gialos Beach
  • Psarou Beach
  • Paradise Beach
  • Super Paradise Beach


Mykonos to Santorini Cruises

Private yacht transfers from Mykonos to Santorini allow the guests to join in on an expedition to visit the seashores of Santorini without depending on any other mode of transportation.

You can cozy up in your private yacht and allow the captain to take you to Santorini to fulfill your Greek dream.

Spend a desirable amount of time in the heart of the Santorini Island to your heart’s content; make memories of a lifetime, and even stay overnight in Santorini to commemorate your time with your friends and family.

You can leave Santorini at dawn, and enjoy the view of the sun reaching its maximum point in the sky on your way to another Greek Island.


Beach Hopping Mykonos

We suggest you to embark on Beach Hopping Mykonos to make your cruising experience more memorable.

The beach hopping tour would start from Tourlos, Ornos or Mykonos Town, from where the guests will be taken to Psarou Beach.

Then after that they will pass by Paraga Beach, Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach and Kalo Livadi.

The guests will be treated to short stops at every beach, and they will be encouraged to explore the beauties of the surrounding from hindsight.

The continuation of the journey will extend to Kalafatis Beach, which is widely acknowledged for water sports and windsurfing.

Upon return, they would be taken back to Elia beach, which is remarkably the longest beach on the Mykonos Island.


Sailing Mykonos

Sailing in Mykonos on the luxurious boats will confront you with strange feelings while your mind and will become relaxed, ultimately.

Boat journey will prove a very excellent choice for you to enjoy the weather and beauty of this place at its fullest.

You can hire the best boat which caters all your needs and demands. You will be served in the best way so that you can enjoy a unique and memorable sailing with your family, friends or loved ones.

Along with this, during the sailing Mykonos, you will also experience many extraordinary things which will make your journey super.

The safety and guidance by the company you choose for sailing will assure desirable supervision and security to you during all the activities.

The swimming, cuisine, accommodation and all the other things will be managed in best possible so that you can enjoy exceptionally.


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