As a shopping addict, you’ll be glad to know that Mykonos is not just a party island. It’s also the fashion capital of Greece that keeps up with all the latest trends. If you want to treat yourself on vacation, you need to take a walk along Matogianni Street and prepare your credit cards for what’s coming. 

Head to Matogianni Street If You Want the Best Luxury Shopping Day of Your Life 

Mykonos is known as an exclusive destination that holds a certain standard and promotes a fabulous and expensive lifestyle. You will see opulence wherever you turn, and the entire island is filled with the most glamorous private villas in Mykonos, 5-star hotels, fine dining restaurants, some of the hottest clubs in the world, and so much more. 

Glamour is all around, and as always, fashion is just one step behind. Not only is everyone dressed to impress on this island, but with countless celebrities and millionaires that come to visit each year, it’s only natural that the island is filled with amazing shops. If you feel like going on the best shopping spree of your life, head to Matogianni Street and feast your eyes on some of the best high-end designer shops. 

The street is located in the Old Town of Chora, and it’s a true little piece of paved paradise for shopping addicts. Besides the amazing shops, you can also admire the gorgeous whitewashed houses with blue windows and doors, as well as enjoy many wonderful cafes and restaurants if you need a little break from carrying all your shopping bags. 

This Street Has More to Offer than Just Designer Shops – Don’t Miss Out on Fabulous Local Shops 

While high-end fashion is great, all fashion addicts know that authentic local shops hold the secrets to all the best, unique pieces that are the best souvenirs anyone could ask for. Take a little break from the glitz and glamor, and don’t miss out on an even better shopping experience – visit the small local shops on Matogianni Street. From shops that sell handmade jewelry, art, and the best sandals to traditional marketplaces where you can try authentic Greek food, the opportunities are endless. And of course, no Greek shopping experience would be complete without some bargaining, so don’t be afraid to argue about those prices with the locals. 

Contact Us and Book a Luxury Mykonos Villa Rental for Your Fabulous Stay This Summer 

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