If you want to have a fun, yet relaxing holiday in one of the most beautiful summer destinations in the world – the Elia area in Mykonos is the perfect place for you. The entire area looks like it came out of a movie – just picture the bluest water you have ever seen on one of the best sandy beaches in Greece. That alone should be enough for a perfect vacation, but Elia Beach has a lot more to offer.

The Famous Elia Beach Is Among the Most Popular Spots on the Island 

The Island of the Winds is known for having some of the most gorgeous sandy beaches in Greece, and Elia Beach is a prime example. It’s known as one of the most popular beaches on Mykonos for a good reason – not only is it the longest beach on the island, it’s also incredibly beautiful, with coarse golden sand and crystal clear blue water. 

Elia Beach is located in the southern part of the island, which is one of the best locations,  and the Greek villas Mykonos has to offer in this area are in high demand every year. The beach itself is very organized, peaceful, and perfect for family vacations. There are many amazing restaurants and beach bars nearby, and Elia Beach is also known for its watersports. You can try anything from renting a jet ski, tubes, water skiing, and wakeboarding to parasailing. 

Book One of the Mykonos Luxury Villas Near Elia Beach for Your Vacation and Wake Up to the Most Gorgeous Sea Views 

There’s not much needed for a perfect summer vacation – just one of the private villas in Mykonos, a gorgeous view, a great beach nearby, and a personal Mykonos concierge to fulfill your every request. So, if you want to experience the crazy lifestyle this magical island has to offer – contact us at The Ace VIP and let’s set up all your travel arrangements. 

Choose one of Mykonos villas for rental in the Elia area from our portfolio and enjoy your comfort while being close to everything that matters – the best beach, the hottest beach bars and parties, and the center of the island. You can rely on our award-winning concierge VIP services in Mykonos to take care of anything else you may need during your stay, from finding car rentals and getting you into the best parties to making sure a Mykonos yacht rental is waiting for you on Elia Beach.