Whitewashed houses with blue details, colorful flowers, charming streets, gorgeous sunsets, and the crystal clear water of the Aegean Sea –  it can all be found on two of the most famous Cyclades. But how to decide which is prettier, Santorini or Mykonos? Here’s the ultimate Greek island beauty showdown.

Which Island Has the Best Beaches – Mykonos Vs. Santorini? Here Is a Detailed Beach Rundown

If all you’re looking for from your vacation in Greece is to travel to a beautiful beach, swim and do some water sports, then The Island of the Winds is the place for you. Mykonos has numerous amazing beaches with turquoise water and golden sand to offer, and you will like each of them.

Although Santorini has a lot of advantages and wonderful things to offer, white-sand beaches aren’t one of them. The beaches in Santorini are filled with black sand that is the consequence of the volcano explosion and the sand mixing with ash and pumice, and they aren’t suitable for many water activities. The water is calm and clear, so it’s suitable for chill days in the sunbed and some swimming.

Mykonos Might Have Prettier Beaches, but Santorini Has Prettier Views

There is no doubt that Mykonos is known for the most beautiful, magical sunsets and soft, golden sand on some of the best beaches in Greece, but Santorini takes the lead when it comes to gorgeous views.

The views are unforgettable, and they will take your breath away. So, when it comes to the gorgeous scenery – Santorini wins with its romantic ambiance.

A beach and sunbeds

If you travel to Mykonos, you’ll get nicer beaches and some pretty nice sunset views

Which Island Has Better Architecture and More Beautiful Streets?

When it comes to Greek island architecture, the first thing that comes to mind is the gorgeous whitewashed buildings – the classic Greek house style. Both islands are perfect examples of Cycladic architecture. However, no one can argue the fact that Santorini, Greece, is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in the world thanks to its unique architecture, which consists of two main characteristics – the domes and the cave houses.

Most buildings in Santorini were made out of volcanic stone, which was pretty inexpensive and easy, but it left a dark color that attracted and absorbed more heat. This is why locals thought it would help to paint the buildings in the now iconic blue and white colors, reflecting the sun’s rays. The architecture in this place is something you have to see because it’s extraordinary, and you can even see the five castles dating all the way back to the 14th century.

Stay in Some of the Luxury Villas in Mykonos Built in Cycladic Style

While Santorini is the go-to place if you want to be surrounded by breathtaking architecture and admire beautiful buildings, the party island doesn’t lack behind. The best way to get to see that is to take a walk along the paved streets of Chora (Old Town). You will walk past gorgeous whitewashed stone houses with wooden blue doors and witness the true beauty and romantic atmosphere of Greece.

If you like this type of architecture, you should consider booking some of Mykonos villas for rental in Cycladic style. Many tourists rent Mykonos villas to get the most authentic experience and enjoy these mesmerizing houses.

The Panagia Paraportiani church in the old town

Travel to the church of Panagia Paraportiani in Old Town and admire the architecture

Instead of Choosing Which Is Better, Santorini Vs. Mykonos, Cancel Your Flight, Leave a Few Days Later, and Visit Both Islands

The great news is that you can organize your vacation days however you’d like. You can visit both places without having to choose between a stylish Mykonos villa or the hotels in Santorini. The distance between the islands is only 150 km, which translates to around 2 and a half to 3 hours on a high-speed ferry boat to get from one coast to the other and visit both places.

Getting from one island to the other by ferry is very simple and well-organized. The high-speed ferry runs on time, they’re modern and will ensure you have a comfortable cruise. If you want to take your car rental with you, you can do that as well. However, if you’re looking for a faster way to travel, you can rent a private jet or a helicopter and be there in no time. The flight takes about 30 minutes, and that’s by far the most efficient way of transport.

View of the coast and Mykonos villas for rental from a plane

Travel the short distance between the islands by ferry or a private plane

Once You Decide Which Is Prettier Santorini or Mykonos, You Need to Find the Right Accommodation

Both of these Greek islands are gorgeous and have unique traits and hidden gems that keep millions of tourists coming back each year. Both of them will make your summer vacation a dream come true. However, this is our winner: The Island of the Winds. So, now that you know which place is going to be your summer destination this year, you need to contact The Ace VIP and book one of the beautiful Mykonos luxury villas for your stay on the island.

Private villas in Mykonos are the best type of accommodation you can find. The luxurious accommodation and comfort levels they provide are unparalleled. Everything on this island is made to fulfill your wishes and aesthetic criteria – we’ll sure you’ll take many beautiful Instagram photos. You can always count on your Mykonos concierge to be at your disposal and even get our Mykonos yacht rental services if you want to spoil yourself – there is nothing prettier than views while cruising around the Aegean Sea.