Mykonos has slowly but surely built its reputation as the hottest partying destination. Many come to this little island to attend the biggest and wildest parties. On the other hand, some choose to host their exclusive gatherings. If you wish to know where to host a private party in Mykonos to organize the most exciting event and sweep your guests off their feet, keep reading.

A Luxurious Mykonos Villa Is the Most Exclusive Spot for Throwing a Private Party

When it comes to exclusive partying, there is no better option than Mykonos luxury villas if you’re planning to throw a memorable party while on your Mykonos vacation. Renting an entire luxury property in Greece just for you and your guests guarantees the best time ever.

Especially if you’re planning on inviting many people for an island wedding or organizing a special birthday party. What’s better than inviting all of your guests to some of the most exclusive Mykonos villas with a private pool? That will be a luxury event to remember!

Private Villas in Mykonos Are the Best Venues You Can Find for Events on the Entire Island

The best part about throwing a celebration in one of these exclusive properties is that your guests can easily be accommodated there as well. Some of those magnificent estates can offer luxury accommodations for up to 70 people without compromising each guest’s privacy.

The houses are equipped with all the best and most luxurious amenities, so there’s no doubt that your guests will enjoy every second of their stay. It will be even better than staying at some of the best hotels on the island.

In these enchanting villas, you and your guests will be provided with the best services possible and luxurious personalized treatments. Whether you need chefs, butlers, maids, or drivers, the team of experienced concierge assistants will be there to look after every one of those present.

Villa Kristen on Mykonos

There are hundreds of gorgeous villas to choose from

Wild Parties on Some of the Most Luxurious Yachts Are a Memorable Experience

One of the things every visitor must do when on this incredible destination is to cruise around the Cyclades and experience the Aegean Sea and the secret beauties of Greece from an entirely different perspective. So imagine how cool it would be if you offered your friends the opportunity to experience a yacht tour and throw an exclusive party.

There are plenty of luxurious and exclusive boats to choose from, so there is no doubt that you will find the one that’s perfectly suited for your guest list. These exclusive charters have all the facilities you could possibly need for a day on the sea. Your friends can be accommodated in spacious, gorgeous cabins if they wish to spend the night on the boat.

The boat staff will be at your service whenever you need them and will ensure that everyone on board is taken care of and enjoying the cruise. You only need to choose your destinations, and the captain’s crew will take you wherever you wish to.

Don’t Forget to Invite a Private Chef to Your Party Yacht for Some Exclusive Fine Dining

Instead of taking your company to a fancy dinner at some of the best restaurants on the island, why don’t you bring the restaurant to them? Hedonism and luxury are what this destination is famous for, so provide your company with an exciting experience of trying out the most refined tastes from the comfort of an exclusive yacht. You will get to enjoy dinner from a star-studded chef in an intimate setting overlooking the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. What more could you possibly ask for?

Dining area on a yacht

Yachts are fabulous venues for throwing parties

In Case You’re up for the Wildest Celebration – Some of the Popular Clubs Can Be Yours

This place is the most famous party island in Greece, after all, and is promised to have the wildest and most exciting parties you could possibly imagine. To visit one of the famous clubs is one thing, but to rent one for an exclusive celebration is an entirely different level of partying.

In these clubs, you will get the most extraordinary atmosphere for partying, hosted by great DJs and unlimited drinks. If you wish to learn more about hosting exclusive events, here are some of the hottest spots you might want to contact:

  • ToyRoom is the hottest exclusive club that opened up in 2014. Since then, the club has been visited by numerous celebrities and socialites and has become one of the biggest attractions with the most exciting events. With its luxurious interior, it looks like a really high-end place, which is why most people choose to throw parties there.
  • Sanctus is located in the heart of Chora and is known for being one of the classiest places for partying and wild events. If you feel like sipping champagne in an expensive setting and dancing with your friends to some of the popular beats, this is the place for you.
  • Sameli bar is situated right on the coast of the Aegean Sea, with a spectacular view of the sunset. It is the most prominent place in Little Venice, the famous Instagram spot, and the best place for wild parties. For years it has been the home for some of the biggest parties, and it can be home to your own exclusive celebration too.

Wondering How and Where to Host a Private Party in Mykonos? The Ace VIP Is Here to Help You

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