The gloomy and rainy weather in the United Kingdom can make anyone wish to take a spontaneous vacation abroad. Many type in their search engine – where can Brits go on holiday, but they still can’t choose where to travel to. However, one country in Europe is the ultimate holiday destination. We are talking about Greece. If you want to take a dive in crystal clear water, lounge in private villas in Mykonos, or go sightseeing, Greece is the place to be.

So, Where Can Brits Go on Holiday? Leave The United Kingdom and Travel to Mykonos

Among the most romantic and luxurious destinations in Europe, Mykonos stands out as the best. Lovers of cultural heritage, diving, hiking, and water sports will fall in love with this mesmerizing island at first sight.

You’ll forget about the hectic London Tube and crowded British streets as soon as you land at the Mykonian airport. You’ll get a chance to immediately indulge in sunbathing at the beautiful beaches, dine in the finest Greek and international restaurants and go on a long walk in Chora, the main town in Mykonos. Most tourists head to the windmills in Chora right away and Brits are not an exception.

We recommend that when you land on the island, first relax in one of the best Mykonos luxury villas. Then head to “Little Venice“, an unforgettable spot on the island, and sip a glass of Ouzo while enjoying the view of the Aegean Sea.

View of the sea and Little Venice

After taking a rest in your Mykonos villa, visit a popular spot – Little Venice

Are You Interested in a Bit of Holiday Exploration? Then, Don’t Miss Out on Nearby Islands While Vacationing in Mykonos

Greece is on the list of countries with the most islands. It’s a pity not to explore some of them during your stay in one of the finest Mykonos villas for rental. Leave your cozy villa for a day and travel to islands that are close to Mykonos. Some of the greatest nearby destinations for British people are Naxos and Paros.

On Naxos island, you will get blown away by the hiking trails, the beauty of the authentic villages, history, and culture. The island is inexpensive and a good vacation spot for the entire family. If you want to get to Naxos as fast as possible, ask your Mykonos concierge to provide you with a rental yacht or even a private plane.

The other option is Paros island. It’s quite similar to Naxos and British people enjoy it to a great degree since there is a big expat community. This means that English is spoken all over the island and there won’t be a problem with the language gap. The nightlife is exciting, the rural villages are exceptional and the beaches are simply magical. Don’t wait for a ferry, call up your concierge in Mykonos and have them organize a charter flight.

View of the coast of Naxos

Leave your Mykonos villa rental for a day and see what other destinations are like

Get on an Outbound Flight and Spend Your Holiday in Athens

Athens is one of the most popular Greek destinations for one simple reason. Its superb landscape and electrifying nightlife are enough to make the entire vacation an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for a place where you can also swim and sunbathe all day, Athens can provide you with that as well, and much more.

You’ll have an opportunity to visit the Acropolis Museum, Temple of Olympian Zeus, and National Archaeological Museum, learn more about the cradle of philosophy and democracy as well as take pictures in front of historic landmarks.

Do You Like the Idea of Switching Destinations? Pack Your Travel Insurance and Finish Your Vacation in Mykonos

The stunning streets of Athens and the remnants of the ancient world take time to soak up and experience in their entirety. It’s impossible to do everything before heading back to the UK. After hours of walking and visiting all the significant spots, it’s best to go to a place where you’ll be able to just relax and look at the sunset.

We recommend taking a direct flight from Athens to Mykonos at one point and spending a bit of time on the spectacular island. You can request concierge VIP services in Mykonos to provide you with a car or reserve a table in a Greek restaurant. One can indulge in so many new water activities like flyboat flying and wakeboarding. There is no need to do anything, everything will be taken care of. Enjoy a Mykonos yacht rental service or stay in one of the luxury villas in Mykonos. Also, you can fly back to Athens whenever you want to.

A plane over Mykonos town

Memorable holidays start in Athens and end in Mykonos

Choose Corfu – You Will Not Want to Return to the UK

The majority of people are looking forward to holidays the entire year. Sometimes, the plans fall through or the destination doesn’t live up to expectations. But, Corfu is something different. People who organize their holidays here never have complaints.

Travel to Corfu during the summer months and you will be amazed by nature, the old town, the Vlacherna Monastery, and the great beaches. The scenery is just like on the postcards. Other countries can’t even compete. Whitewashed houses one next to another, Venetian fortresses, and Byzantine churches all scattered throughout the island.

View of Corfu beach from the air

Don’t research other countries, this year spend your summer in Corfu

Still Haven’t Made up Your Mind? Then, Kos Island Might Be a Top Choice for You

If you are on the search for fantastic Greek sandy beaches, then choose to travel to Kos Island. You won’t need to read about these beaches anymore, you can get to experience them in person on Kos. This is one of the most relaxing locations for holidays filled with family fun and adventure.

There is no shortage of archeological sites, restaurants, and interesting places. One can travel there from May until October and the crystal clear water will still be warm and enjoyable. Don’t miss out on Asklepieion, a popular tourist destination, the Hippocrates tree, and Neratzia Castle.

Mastichari beach on the Kos Island

Still haven’t figured out where you’re going this year? British people love Kos Island

What Are the Best Beaches on Kos Island for Brits in 2022?

Apart from enjoying crystal blue waters during their holidays, people can enjoy numerous facilities right on the Kos Island beaches. There are all types of beaches you can imagine, from more secluded ones to others that are nudist friendly. Here is a list of beaches that are ideal for Brits.

  • Mastichari Beach,
  • Thermes Beach,
  • Kefalos Beach,
  • Paradise Beach
  • Lambi Beach,
  • Kardamena Beach.

Europe Has a Vacation Gem – It’s Called Greece and Every British Person Should Visit It

Traveling to new locations for your vacation can cause you anxiety and stress. Now that you know the answer to – where can Brits go on holiday now, it’s easier to plan the trip abroad this year. You don’t have to leave Europe to experience something extraordinary.

Choose some of Greece’s ideal destinations such as Mykonos, Kos Island, Corfu, or even Athens. Every place is different yet mesmerizingly beautiful.

You don’t even have to stay in one place the entire time. First travel to Athens, then fly to Mykonos where you can enjoy one of the splendid Mykonos villas for rental. Contact The Ace VIP team and have a concierge organize a trip to nearby islands such as Naxos or Paros.

Your vacation abroad can be filled with so many adventurous trips, so make sure that you start planning today.