Are you thinking about going on a trip to Mykonos, but you only have a free weekend and can’t stay longer? If so, our guide for the perfect 2-day itinerary will be helpful to you. What to do in Mykonos in 2 days? Does it even make sense to come for such a short time? Let’s untangle this dilemma and help you get to the best island in the world.

2 Days in Mykonos – Does It Make Sense to Plan Such a Short Trip to This Greek Island?

One might argue that just 2 days on an island in Greece is not enough. Well, that’s partly true – Greece is amazing, and if you can, you should always stay near beaches longer. However, let’s say you really can’t set aside more than 2 days for your Mykonos visit – will there be enough time to check out everything you want to see? Lucky for you, this is a small island, and it’s easy to get around – you can drive from west to east in about 40 minutes. So, obviously, you’ll be able to add a lot of places to your short travel itinerary.

An arrow with "Mykonos" written on it

Mykonos is pretty small, so 2 days are more than enough to see many places

What to Do in Mykonos in 2 Days? We Can Help You Make a Travel Itinerary for the Best Stay Ever

So, how to choose the places to see and on which beach to go first? Will you see everything this island has to offer on a 2-day trip? Don’t worry – with good organization, everything can be done. We’ve made a practical itinerary that will help you with your planning – if you follow it, you’ll feel like you had more than enough time here.

Mykonos in 2 Days – A Fun Experience to Remember

Trust us, this weekend in Greek paradise will be the best trip you’ll ever have – except maybe a longer visit to Mykonos you can organize next year. Why are we so sure you’ll like this place? Well, that’s the magic of Mykonos – everybody loves it, no matter what age they are or where they come from. There’s something for everyone, and we know you’ll like it here.

View of Mykonos town

You’ll like Mykonos – everybody does. This place is something special

Day 1 – Enjoying the Sun on the Perfect Greek Beaches in This Paradise

Beaches on Mykonos are known for their beauty. Golden sand, turquoise waters, great beach clubs – what else could you wish for? A trip to this island in Greece is worth it, even if you just stay on beaches the whole time and do nothing but sip cocktails and watch the sea.

Do you even need a guide to Mykonos beaches, considering that all of them are gorgeous? Well, it would come in handy, that’s true, but you won’t be disappointed no matter which corner of this little Greek island you choose. These are some of the best beaches on the planet.

Visit Mykonos Town in the Evening – Dinner, Shopping, and Nightlife

After hours in the hot sun, a visit to Mykonos town is a great idea. This town, also known as Chora, is home to some of the best tourist attractions on the island, and no travel plan wouldn’t include exploring this little town. Walk along the narrow streets, buy some souvenirs, and treat yourself to a shopping spree in Mykonos – why not?

The great thing about this place is that it’s all about relaxing and hedonism. Make sure you check out the great windmills on the coast and then continue over to Little Venice (it’s a five-minute walk) – these are the two of the most important spots in town.

View of Little Venice in Mykonos town

Little Venice is a part of Mykonos town you must see during your trip

Day 2 – Going on a Trip to Lovely Delos Island

It might sound strange that we suggest you get off Mykonos during your short stay here, but hear us out. Delos is a nearby island that is an essential part of Mykonos travel experience. They are two pieces of a puzzle – don’t miss out on the opportunity to see Delos. It’s known for its magnificent archeological sites that are under UNESCO protection. These ruins are some of the most important ones in Greece. Delos is a place you can’t help but remember forever. Catch a boat ride from Chora, and you’ll be on Delos in about half an hour.

After You Come Back From Delos, Head to Chora Again – Check Out the Places You Didn’t Have Time to See the Previous Day

Your tour of Delos will last till afternoon, and then you’ll head back to Mykonos – there’s no accommodation on Delos, so you can’t stay the night. When you come back to Chora, just continue your relaxing day and check out the places you didn’t see yesterday – head to Little Venice if you haven’t done that already.

Maybe have a great dinner in one of the top-rated Mykonos restaurants. Here’s another lovely idea – enjoy the sunset at Armenistis Lighthouse. It’s just 15 minutes away from Chora by car. Obviously, you’ll need a car rental for that.

Ruins on Delos

Ancient Greek ruins on Delos are among the most important places in Greece

All Travel Itineraries for Mykonos Should Include Relaxing in a Luxury Mykonos Villa – Book Yours on Time

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