Are you already picturing yourself in one of the private villas in Mykonos? Before you get to experience the beauty of the most popular Greek island, you should first prepare for the trip. This doesn’t just entail packing a suitcase but also reading about what not to do in Mykonos. Our guide will help you avoid possible mistakes during your visit so you can truly enjoy your time on the island.

Don’t Visit Just the Popular and Instagrammable Places

If this is your first time booking one of the Mykonos luxury villas and traveling to the island, don’t plan on just visiting the most famous spots. It might be tempting to immediately visit Little Venice, Chora (the main town on the island), the Mykonos’ windmills, and the most famous party beaches like Paradise, Psarou, Paraga, and Super Paradise.

These touristy places are extremely beautiful and worth seeing, but don’t underestimate the hidden gems of the island that are far away from prying eyes. This destination has so much more to offer than crowded spots where people go just to take pictures.

View of the windmill

Don’t just travel to this destination to see only popular places

Best Hidden Places on the Island You’ll Definitely Like to Visit – Here Are Things You Don’t Know

Authentic yet less crowded places where you can relax are scattered throughout the destination. If you are not interested in searching on foot for these hidden Mykonian gems, we recommend requesting a private driver from your Mykonos concierge. Here is a list of the best places where a private chauffeur can take you.

  • Kapari Beach – It’s a secluded spot where locals mostly go. Kapari will blow you away with the amazing clear blue water and mesmerizing view of the sunset. One of the things you will enjoy on this beach is snorkeling, so pack your goggles.
  • Fokos TavernaTraditional Mykonian food is prepared in this popular taverna. The quality and the taste of their burgers and lamb chop are exquisite.
  • 180° Sunset Bar – This is a bar that is considered the best spot for watching sunsets. It’s close to the main town. The panoramic view itself is worth the visit.
  • Kalo Livadi Beach – This is one of the best Mykonian beaches where you can enjoy a day of peace and quiet. A great place for playing in the sand and swimming in crystal clear waters.

While Vacationing in Greece, You Shouldn’t Drink Tap Water

It’s crucial to read about safety precautions before you travel, so we’d like to warn you about tap water in Greece. The only places in Greece where drinking tap water is acceptable are Thessaloniki and Athens since they have a good underwater system and method of treating rainwater. Greek islands are a whole other story.

They don’t have such a good system of water treatment, and the Ph level of water may be different from what you are used to. Therefore when you travel to Mykonos or other Greek islands, make sure that you only drink bottled water.

Clear water bottles

Remember that drinking tap water in Greece should be avoided.

Don’t Rely Only on Your Credit Cards When Buying Different Things

You’ll be surprised but taking only your credit cards on your vacation to Greece is a big mistake. Even though it’s incredibly convenient to just hand the cashier your credit card whenever you’re buying something, some shops still don’t have credit card machines.

In some smaller shops where you’d buy souvenirs or equipment for swimming, you’ll be asked to pay in cash. Therefore, bear in mind that you should get some cash from the ATM.

Two people exchanging euro banknotes

Don’t expect that you can pay with credit cards everywhere you go

It’s Best to Avoid Planning on Visiting Too Many Nearby Islands

There are numerous islands in Mykonos’ proximity that are considered a hedonic paradise. But you won’t get to experience the true Mykonian spirit if you try to fit too many islands into one trip. We recommend only choosing a couple of them that appeal the most to you. Pick a day or two for venturing out on an adventure outside the main Greek destination.

You can take a ferry from the ferry port to a different island, or you can ask your concierge on Mykonos to organize a trip on a Mykonos yacht rental. In case you want to cut the trip short, request to be flown by a private jet.

View of the beach and boats in the distance

Decide to visit only a couple of the best islands during your trip

What Greek Islands Close to Mykonos Should You Travel To?

It might be a little difficult to decide what island you want to travel to. This is why we have compiled a list of the best ones that are truly breathtaking. A short ferry or yacht rental Mykonos trip will make the vacation even better, so we recommend spending a day on:

  • Naxos,
  • Tinos,
  • Paros,
  • Antiparos,
  • Milos,
  • Sikinos,
  • Syros,
  • Ios.

Don’t Touch Any Artifacts or Lean Against Buildings

Greece is famous for its ancient ruins and buildings. There are various artifacts that are invaluable, and you can see them scattered throughout the streets, in museums, and in secluded areas. Therefore when you go on a tour of Delos, Kastro Panigiraki, Little Venice, or the windmills, don’t lean against any ancient ruins while taking pictures and avoid touching anything with your hands.

Additionally, while walking through Mykonian towns, you shouldn’t lean against white buildings because you could leave smudges or get your clothes dirty. If you like the whitewashed aesthetics, you could rent a Mykonos villa with a private pool in a similar style.

White Greek houses

Touching remnants, windmills or white buildings is a huge no-no in Greece

Now You Know What Not to Do in Mykonos – Start Preparing for Your Trip

A perfect vacation is truly possible. It’s time to start preparing your things for the trip. The first step is to contact The Ace VIP and request one of our Mykonos villas for rental. The Ace VIP can give you more information about yachts, jets, and concierge VIP services on Mykonos. Browse through our offer of luxury villas on Mykonos and pick the best one for you. Get ready to enjoy Chora, pristine beaches, fantastic clubs, and Greek restaurants.