Sometimes we get caught up searching for the most incredible souvenirs and gifts that our loved ones would like. We forget that not everything needs to be bought or taken home. Tourists should know what not to bring home from Mykonos. Our list would help you shed some extra weight when packing for your trip back from Greece. Make the most out of your vacation in one of the Mykonos luxury villas, and don’t ruin it by dragging unnecessary things back home.

Don’t Pack and Travel Back With Any Ridiculous Souvenirs

Some souvenirs will bring back happy and exciting memories and will last a lifetime. Some are great gifts for our loved ones, such as handmade jewelry, cosmetic products, artwork, and small trinkets. However, there are some ridiculously expensive and unnecessary things that will just collect dust on your shelves.

For instance, you shouldn’t buy or bring back souvenirs such as wind chimes, basic key chains, mugs, toys, musical instruments such as bongo drums and wooden flutes, voodoo dolls, and figurines. Therefore when you go shopping on the island in the main Mykonian town, make sure that you don’t buy any useless and pointless souvenirs when you travel to Greece.

Don’t Travel Back From Greece With Too Many Magnets

Once you settle in one of the Mykonos villas for rent and start exploring the island, you’ll notice right away that there is an overwhelming amount of magnets everywhere. From the evil eye, legendary Greek windmills, and the Mykonian port to antique Greek signs and Little Venice, you’ll be spoiled with the choice of what type of magnet is best to buy.

However, it’s not a good idea to buy a plethora of them. We recommend buying three to four magnets maximum. They are not a particularly useful and unique gift, and you won’t know what to do with some that can’t fit on your refrigerator.

A man sitting in front of a souvenir shop

Dragging a dozen magnets from Greece is not a good idea

Don’t Bring Any Stones and Pebbles From Greece’s Ancient Ruins

Greece has an abundance of archeological sites. Athens is known for its temples and historical sites like The Odeon of Herodes Atticus, The Temple of Athena Nike, and The Ancient Agora of Athens. Also, many historical sites are located in Mykonos and close to the island, like:

  • Archeological site of Delos,
  • Kastro Panigiraki,
  • Archeological Site of Ftelia,
  • Thule Tomb.

Tourists sometimes get carried away and, out of a desire to take the best and most unique item with them, choose to pick up stones from these important Greek historical sites. This is what everyone should avoid. It is forbidden to take anything from these sites or ruin anything while taking pictures. Even though these are some of the most instagrammable places, don’t take any piece of it to one of the Mykonos villas for rental or back to your country.

Ancient ruins in Greece

Like in Athens and other places in the country, ancient Greek ruins should stay intact

If You Go On Yachting on a Mykonos Yacht Rental, Don’t Bring Back Miscellaneous Things Found in the Sea

You’ll have an opportunity to go sailing on a yacht rental on Mykonos on this extravagant vacation. Some tourists choose to sunbathe and lounge on yachts while a private chef prepares the best authentic Greek dishes for them. However, others might enjoy taking a dive and exploring the seafloor. This is a time when many people discover amazing things in the deep blue waters of the Aegean.

Divers usually find coins, jewelry, statues, garbage, toys, shipwrecks, diving gear, corrals, and electronic devices. It might be exciting to check out some of these finds, but don’t pack and travel back with them. It’s best to remove garbage from the sea, and in case you come across something unique, keep it like an old coin or a piece of jewelry, but the rest should be discarded.

A man scuba diving in the ocean surrounded by fish

Piling and packing things found in the sea should be avoided at all costs

Avoid Packing Sand, Seashells, Water, and Rocks From the Beach

You might be thinking that it’s a good idea to take everything beautiful and great you find on the Mikonian beaches like Psarou, Platys Gialos, Elia, or Paradise Beach. Mesmerizing rocks, white sand, colorful seashells, and water are all integral parts of the entire travel experience, but you shouldn’t take with you everything you find.

Many tourists believe that the sand, rocks, and seashells are incredible trinkets to keep in the house or to use as arts and crafts supplies. But you probably won’t use them. If you fill your bags with so much sand, rocks, and water, you’ll have a hard time traveling back to your country. Soon you’d find that this was unnecessary for you to experience the charm of Greece.

Leave Any Unpleasant Memories From Greek Beaches Behind as Well

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances and situations might arise. Stressful situations at the beach might occur when the winds and waves are too strong or when someone takes a risky dive. However, any type of situation can be resolved, and in case you need some additional help, Mykonos concierge will be at your disposal.

It’s best to leave any unpleasant and bad situations behind and travel back home from Greece, remembering only the amazing experiences on different beaches, in stunning beach bars, clubs, and great Greek restaurants.

Sunglasses on sand

Leave anything stressful that happened during the vacation on the island

Learn From Our List of What Not to Bring Home From Mykonos and Start Organizing Your Vacation

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