If you’ve already booked a Mykonos villa for your dream vacation, it’s time to pack. Packing your luggage takes almost no preparation at all, but you should know what is allowed in a carry-on bag in order to pack efficiently and have a lovely flight.

Went Through Many Travel Guides and Still Not Sure What Is Allowed in a Carry-On Bag? We Have All the Answers You Need

You might not think much of it, but there are many rules and regulations on what is and what is not allowed on a plane carry-on bag. First of all, you should be aware of the fact that airline companies have slightly different understandings of this matter. So if you are unsure of something, it’s always better to check the airline company’s site for information.

Besides the airline’s rules, there are some general rules that the TSA (The Security Administration) is in charge of and that all airlines must follow. On the TSA site, you will find a detailed list of items that are not allowed in carry-on bags: certain liquids, explosives, weapons, and so on. We’re here to help you decide what to pack in your hand luggage so you can have an amazing time visiting Mykonos and enjoying the best beaches on the island.

Can I Bring My Cosmetic Products and Other Beauty Items?

When traveling on holiday to such a beautiful place like Mykonos, there are a lot of fun things to do and wonderful things to see. All of those summer activities involve, or at least they should involve, large amounts of sunscreen. But can you travel with liquids in your bags?

The answer is yes, but of course, there are certain rules to be followed. All of your liquids, aerosols, and gels must be in 3.4 ounces or 100 ml travel-size bottles or less. That means you can pack all the beauty products you’d like, but they have to be in small packaging and considered to be toiletries. The exception to this rule is stick deodorant, since it’s considered a solid, it can be any size and put anywhere in your baggage.

A hand grabbing a small plastic bottle

Make sure all liquids are properly packed in travel-size bottles of 100 ml or placed in your checked baggage

Do All Airlines Allow Hardside Bags as Hand Luggage?

The only thing that matters with your hand luggage is that it can fit into a compartment above your seat with no difficulties. So it doesn’t matter if you have soft-side or hard-side baggage, it just has to be the right dimensions. To avoid any potential problems at the airport, go to the airline’s site and double-check the dimensions that are allowed when it comes to hard-sided luggage.

Can I Bring Food in My Carry-On?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Most airlines allow their customers to bring food and drinks on flights as long as they respect a few rules. For example, food will pass the security check, but that doesn’t apply to a jar of jam or nachos cheese since they are considered to be liquids. Anything that is not solid is considered a liquid. So don’t try to take some tzatziki home with you, we know you will fall in love with Greek food, but it will be confiscated from your baggage by an agent at airport security.

What About Drinks?

Water bottles and other drinks in your hand luggage usually won’t pass security control. People often think that this rule is unnecessary and that it’s only a way for airline companies to make more money from selling you drinks on board, but there is actually another reason. Over history, people have been using liquids as an opportunity to sneak in explosives on flights. It’s simply a safety regulation, nothing more.

While alcohol is in small quantities (up to 100 ml), there is another rule that must be followed when it comes to alcohol. Certain types of alcoholic beverages that contain 70% or more alcohol in them are not allowed on the flight. So don’t think about taking a bottle of Greek rum home as a souvenir unless you have checked baggage as well.

Is Diving Equipment Allowed on the Plane?

We know you can’t wait for the opportunity to go scuba diving in Mykonos, in the gorgeous crystal clear, blue water. But that doesn’t mean you should take your gear with you. Packing your own equipment isn’t a smart idea. If you’re set on taking your favorite goggles and swimming fins with you, you can do that, but it will take up a lot of space, and you can always buy them or rent them on the island. But if you were planning on taking an oxygen tank with you, that definitely can’t come with you in your carry-on.

Girl with a small suitcase and a backpack

Inform yourself timely what’s allowed and what is not, so you can focus on searching for the right Mykonos villa rental

You Can Shop for Any Items You Didn’t Bring Once You Get to the Island

Any items you didn’t bring with you because of TSA regulations are either items you don’t really need on your vacation or they are items that can easily be found in some of the local shops. Perhaps it’s better to buy things like sunscreen or hats once you go shopping in Mykonos. Of course, if you’re on a budget and you don’t have any pieces of checked baggage, take the summer essentials from home.

A Greek souvenir store

Buy your summer essentials once you get to Mykonos

Before You Start Packing Your Bags, Find the Best of All Mykonos Villas for Rental

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