How many times have you had an expensive bottle of wine or a luxurious face cream taken away from you and confiscated by airport security control? That’s why it’s so important to learn what can’t you bring on a plane before you start packing for a dream vacation in one of the private villas in Mykonos.

What Can’t You Bring on a Plane? Airline Companies Have Different Rules When It Comes to This

Depending on which airline company you choose to travel with to this paradise island and one of the luxury villas in Mykonos, different things might not be allowed on the flight or in your baggage. In order to not get any belongings taken away from you and to save some valuable time at the airport, you will have to do your research before packing. So don’t be lazy and take a quick look at the airline’s website to find a list of what items aren’t allowed.

 Interior of a plane

Different airlines have different rules for travel and baggage

A Detailed List of Prohibited Items for Travel Is Featured on the TSA Website

While there might be some differences between companies, there are also some general prohibitions mandated by law. Those things aren’t allowed on any flight, no matter which airline company you pick to fly with. Make sure to check the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) website, where you can find all the information regarding your flight.

Why Do Those Regulations Exist?

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why there are certain things you can’t pack in your carry-on while rethinking your decision to pack your favorite body lotion, there is a logical explanation, we promise. Those regulations exist to keep you and the other passengers safe.

From carrying weapons to explosive liquids, you would be surprised what people are ready to do. By following TSA regulations, you’re keeping yourself and others safe, so you can get to your Mykonos villa rental with a private pool with no problems. Here is a list of things to not bring on a plane in carry-on bags because you will not pass airport security.

A plane in the sky

Airline regulations exist to keep passengers safe, so don’t try to put anything forbidden in your carry-on

#1 Liquids in Containers Over 100 ml Are Not Allowed in Your Carry-On

The reason this rule exists is that in 2006, British police revealed a terrorist plot that involved liquid explosives. First, there was a complete restriction of liquids, and then they allowed containers of a max of 3.4 ounces or 100 ml when it came to liquids, aerosols, and gels. So when it comes to things like toothpaste, sunscreen, and mouthwash, our advice would be to either take smaller bottles or put them in your checked bags.

Certain Alcoholic Beverages Are on the List of Prohibited Items

If you want to take a big bottle of liquor with you as a souvenir, think again. First of all, no liquids in bottles larger than 100 ml (3.4 ounces) are allowed. Secondly, you should know that any alcoholic beverage that contains 70% of alcohol or more is not allowed on a flight.

Can You Bring a Deodorant on a Plane in Your Hand Luggage?

This question depends on the type of deodorant you use. If you use an aerosol, you have to follow the 100 ml rule. On the other hand, stick deodorants do not fall under those restrictions, and you can take them with you even if they contain more than 100 ml, whether in your hand luggage or checked bags.

 A deodorant bottle

Aerosol deodorant is allowed in smaller packages

#2 Any Weapons or Self-Defense Belongings Are Strictly Forbidden

You can’t bring weapons, ammunition, or any self-defense items on a flight. That includes, for example, pepper spray and any imitation weapons as well. If you really need a water gun for your vacation, buy one once you get to your destination. So be careful when packing, and take a second look at the TSA website, so you don’t get held by airport security.

A pepper spray in a bag

Don’t make the mistake of packing your pepper spray

#3 Sharp Objects and Tools

If you want to make it past airport security, don’t even think about bringing sharp objects such as blades on the flight. Small scissors for personal use are all right, as well as nail clippers and a single razor. Power tools and hammers of any kind are strictly prohibited in your hand luggage, but any other tools under 18 cm (7 inches) are allowed both in your hand luggage and checked bags.

Can You Take Your Diving Equipment With You?

Depending on how serious you are about scuba diving, it might be best to pack your gear in your checked bag. The TSA agent can confiscate any belongings that seem suspicious, so it’s best to buy or rent your gear on the island.

An underwater camera

Don’t take your diving equipment with you

#4 Any Flammable Items or Potentially Dangerous Chemicals

You can’t have aerosol cans that aren’t toiletries on a flight, such as spray paint. Other flammable things, such as fuels or arc lighters, are also prohibited. The list also includes potentially dangerous chemicals such as bleach.

Are You Allowed to Have Matches on a Flight?

There are some airline companies that don’t allow it, but matches are usually allowed in your hand luggage, as long as you only take one book. Make sure to check it out on the website of your airline if you plan to carry them from home.

Matches in a glass

You can bring one book of matches with you

#5 Explosive Things Like Fireworks

Fireworks after watching a Mykonos sunset sound like a dream, but you will have to buy them once you get there since you can’t have any explosive materials such as fireworks, dynamite, or hand grenades on a flight. So in case you plan a spectacular proposal or perhaps a wedding ceremony in a Mykonos villa rental, arrange fireworks or any other special effects on-site with the help of your concierge in Mykonos.


Don’t take explosives like fireworks with you

You Can Shop for All the Things You Need Once You Get to Your Destination

The most important thing to remember when deciding what to pack is that you need to respect TSA rules and that you will not get around them if you have “just one prohibited item.” Instead, you will get held up at the airport, and your belongings will be confiscated.

You should know that you can buy anything you can’t have on a flight once you get to the island because shopping in Mykonos is great. Even if you’re on a budget, you should visit local shops because although Mykonos is known as an expensive destination, basic essentials can be found at reasonable prices.

 A wallet with money

You can buy any missing things on the island

Once You Know What Items Not to Bring, You’re Ready to Pack and Rent One of Mykonos Luxury Villas

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We would also recommend renting a car so you can visit the best beaches. We also offer Mykonos concierge services to help you make your visit to Mykonos as perfect as possible, so don’t hesitate to contact us.