Is the weather in Mykonos in August really that good, so everyone wants to go there during this period? It is, but that is actually only one of the reasons. The climate here is overall amazing, but the thing that makes this month so special is that it represents the peak of the summer season on Mykonos, and there is no better place to be during that time than on one of the most famous and beautiful islands in the world.

What Is the Weather Like in Mykonos in August? Ideal Temperature to Travel and Experience the Peak of the Season

This is an amazing island, there is no doubt about that – all that glitz and glam, fabulous nightclubs and beaches… But when is the perfect time to catch all of this at its finest? It’s definitely the peak of the summer season, and great Mykonos weather in August is one of the reasons for that.

During this month, you can definitely experience the best of both worlds – warm temperatures, plenty of sunshine hours, pleasant breeze and not a cloud on sight over the horizon, plus most iconic parties and incredible people who all get together to enjoy all of this.

Average Temperature in Mykonos, Greece, During August

Although this is still the peak of the summer, temperatures are slightly starting to drop. The average temperature during this period is about 25°C. The low averages go about 21°C, while the high averages get around 29°C, and it’s not unusual that they hit 30°C.

The Wind That Blows Over the Cyclades During the Summer Makes Everything Even More Enjoyable

Mykonos is, just like other Cycladic islands, actually quite windy, hence, the nickname The Island of the Winds. That is actually one of the main reasons why temperatures here are so pleasant, even during the hottest summer months, because that’s when this breeze is the strongest.

Chances of wind are high – about 78%, so the cooling breeze is noticeable, but it won’t ruin your vacation. If you have been on vacation somewhere else in Greece before, you probably remember the heat and high temperatures, but thanks to the wind, summers here are much more pleasant. During the autumn and winter, the chances of a windy day decrease, which is another reason why the weather conditions are pleasant year-round.

Humidity and Rainfall Shouldn’t Be a Problem and 13 Hours of Sunshine Per Day Is What You Can Expect

Average rainfall and chances of rainy days during this month slightly increase compared to previous ones and go up to 23mm of rain, but only one rainy day is expected during this month, so it’s almost impossible that the rain will mess up your summer holiday.

Overall, chances of rain are negligible, and there is still a 93% chance of sunny and warm days during your holiday. You can expect about 13 hours of sunshine each day. This is just slightly less than almost 14 hours in July.

The Sea Temperature Is Ideal

Plan to go swimming? You can do plenty of water activities during this month when the sea temperature still remains around its highest point – about 24°C to be precise until it slowly starts to cool down. The sea actually remains warm until October, so you can enjoy plenty of sunshine and beach time even after August.

A yacht sailing

The sea temperature is perfect for various activities – you can go on island hopping tours or relax at the beach all day long

Summer Months Are Perfect for All Sorts of Activities

This island is full of amazing places and things to do. Want to dance all night long? You can find some of the best nightclubs in the world right here. Want to have a romantic dinner with your partner? Try excellent Greek tavernas and fantastic restaurants overlooking the sea at Little Venice. Want to go on an island hopping tour? You can always book a yacht or a booze cruise with your friends and have an unforgettable experience.

Shopping in Mykonos is also incredible, and so are the picturesque streets where you can stroll around, take selfies and try some delicious Greek desserts. Mykonos is also known for its interesting beach bars, and during the summer season, most of them are hosting fun daytime parties almost every day. You can also choose to relax after all the amazing activities at some of the most wonderful beaches – although this is a small island, it actually offers more than 30 beaches.

Guy drinking a cocktail

When it comes to planning fun activities around this place, options are endless

The Weather in Mykonos in August Is Perfect, so All You Need Is a Private Villa to Enjoy Your Vacation to the Fullest

Now that you know what’s so special about the weather in Mykonos, Greece, in August and why you should consider traveling here during this period, the only thing left is to book amazing accommodation. Nothing will upgrade your holiday experience like booking one of the most luxurious Mykonos villas on the island.

You can find a Mykonos villa large for all of your friends and family to enjoy, and you’ll have much more space and comfort than in a busy hotel. Just ensure you book one of the private villas in Mykonos on time because as we already mentioned, everyone wants to visit this place during this period. You can also book yourself a private car to ease getting around the island and have a memorable summer.