Many US citizens have numerous questions about their first visit to Greece. If you want to know how to successfully prepare and organize your vacation, follow our expert advice on traveling to Greece from the USA. We’ll provide you with all the information, such as necessary travel documents, health insurance, direct flights, accommodation, and possible restrictions.

Start by Gathering Travel Documents – What Is Required When Traveling to Greece From the USA?

Before travelers get to enjoy exciting water sports activities in crystal clear water and lounge in private villas in Mykonos, it’s necessary to collect all vital documents. Upon entry into the country, one must present these documents:

  • A valid passport – Check when your passport expires. In case there are three or six months left until expiration, you won’t be able to transition through certain countries and enter Greece.
  • Sufficient financial means – You need to have at least 50 euros for every day of your stay. Bear in mind that tourists usually should have a minimum of 300 euros in order to vacation in Mykonos for 5 days.
  • Proof of accommodation – It is a document that shows that you have somewhere to stay. It can be confirmation of booking one of Mykonos luxury villas, a hotel booking, a rental agreement, or an invitation letter from family or a friend.
  • Return flight ticket/itinerary – Presenting proof of onward travel or plans to return to your home country is essential.
  • Travel insurance/proof of medical insurance – It’s always beneficial to have health insurance when going on a trip.

Does a Tourist From the USA Need a Visa to Travel to Mykonos, Greece?

US citizens can freely visit Mykonos without a visa. But, it should be stressed that you are only permitted to go to Greece (and all other Schengen Member States) for 90 days per 180 days.

However, the rules for US Greencard holders are different. Whether you get to travel to Mykonos and experience mesmerizing Mykonos beaches will depend on your nationality. In case your nationality (your country’s passport) requires a visa in order to enter the country, you’ll be required to have one as well.

However, you shouldn’t worry at all. Travelers can apply for a Schengen Visa in the United States at the nearest Consulate or Embassy of Greece. One doesn’t need to go back to the home country to apply for a visa.

 A man looking at a plane in the distance

US citizens don’t need a visa, but US Greencard holders should check the rules more in-depth because it all depends on their nationality

Do American Travelers Require a Passenger Locator Form (PLF)?

American tourists don’t require a Passenger Locator Form. The Greek PLF is not mandatory from March 15, 2022. Even though there is a simplified form that is similar to the PLF, tourists are not required to complete it, it is purely optional. It is intended for individuals who wish to be able to receive an EU Certificate of a positive or negative COVID-19 test.

In case you are interested in filling out the form before leaving the United States, you’ll be sent the simplified PLF version with a unique Quick Response code via email.

Email notification on a phone

If you wish to fill out a PLF version, you’ll be sent a QR code via email

Are There Any Restrictions for Travelers From the United States?

All the travel restrictions in Greece and its most popular tourist destination, Mykonos, have been lifted. Face masks are no longer mandatory in public spaces, including museums, restaurants, businesses, and schools. Also, masks don’t have to be worn in public transportation and planes. However, they are required in pharmacies and healthcare facilities.

Additionally, a certificate of vaccination or evidence of a negative COVID-19 test is no longer required. But you can do a rapid antigen COVID-19 test before you go just to make sure you are healthy.

However, one should be aware of the unpredictability of the pandemic, and it’s vital to safely get around Mykonos while on your vacation and check the regulations before traveling. Yes, masks are not mandatory, but it is recommended to wear them at least while riding in Mykonos taxis, buses, and ferries.

Woman reading travel information on her phone

Even though masks are not mandatory, ensure that you travel safely

How to Travel to Greece From USA? Fly to Athens or Catch a Direct Flight to Mykonos?

The best way to get to Mykonos is to go by plane. Airlines offering flights to Mykonos are American Airlines, Major Airlines, British Airways, Delta Lufthansa, and Air Canada. What is excellent about these airlines is the fact that they have convenient cancellation policies.

One can either choose a direct flight from Boston Airport, New York, JFK, Newark, and Philadelphia Airport to visit Mykonos. These are non-stop flights, and they last approximately 16 hours. Another way is to fly from Newark, New York JFK, and Philadelphia to Athens. Once you arrive, the best way to get to Mykonos is to take a ferry from Rafina. The ferry ride to Mykonos lasts approximately two to three hours.

An aegean jet

Choose either a direct flight or fly first to Athens and then get on a ferry to Mykonos

Make Sure You Book Vacation Early Since You Need Proof of Accommodation

Where will you stay once you arrive on the island? Do you picture yourself in a party hotel or in a luxury Mykonos villa with a private pool? Contact The Ace VIP team. We can provide you with an array of luxury villas in Mykonos that will make your vacation truly incredible.

Make sure that you find a villa according to your taste and book one as soon as possible so you can have your Proof of Accommodation ready. Check out all the amenities our villas offer and how close to the beautiful sandy Mykonos beaches they are. Choose one that will be the most suitable for you.

A private luxury villa

Check The Ace VIP website for Mykonos luxury villas

Ready to Prepare for Arrival in Mykonos and the Greatest Vacation of Your Life?

It’s time to get ready for your visit to Greece. Start by checking your passport, booking a flight, and finding suitable accommodation. If you are interested in organizing the vacation of your dreams, you should contact The Ace VIP, we can provide you with gorgeous villas, luxury yacht rental in Mykonos, as well as Mykonos concierge services. Once you get off the plane and start enjoying the beauty of Mykonos, you will realize what you’ve been missing all this time. We’ll be waiting for your call.