When you come to Mykonos, you will quickly realize that there is so much to see and do on this fantastic Greek island. You probably won’t have time for everything on your first visit (trust us, you’ll come here again), but one thing we would recommend you is Tragonisi – a small islet east of the coast of Mykonos, Greece. Do you know anything about this hidden gem? If not, keep reading for all the info.

Have You Heard of Tragonisi Island Near Mykonos, Greece?

A lot of tourists know about Delos or Rhenia – two spots near Mykonos that are commonly a part of the tourist experience on this cosmopolitan island. However, not many have heard about Tragonisi island, Greece. This is really a shame since Tragonisi (also known as Dragonissi) is one of the most beautiful spots (think amazing Instagram spots) you will find in this part of The Aegean.

One of the Most Interesting Spots Out of All Popular Cycladic Islands

Sure, Mykonos is known as the leader when it comes to the popularity and beauty of the Cycladic islands, but that doesn’t mean the nearby locations don’t have something to offer. In this case, the travel location will amaze you with a unique view or two, fantastic clear blue water, and precious wildlife. Indeed, Dragonissi is completely different from the rest of the Cyclades – even the other uninhabited islands. You will know why when you finish this text.

View of the windmills and the old port in Mykonos town

Mykonos has so many amenities, and the ability to organize a short trip to Dragonissi from Mykonos town is one of them

Beautiful Land Surrounded By Even More Amazing Sea – Tragonisi Is Truly a Hidden Gem

Dragonissi is located 3 miles from the popular Kalafatis Bay on the south coast of Mykonos (where you can find the beach of the same name). If we travel from the most eastern spot of Mykonos, the distance is only 1 mile – the place is perfect for one-day boat trips as it doesn’t take a lot of time to get there from Mykonos. This small Greek islet is uninhabited, with the exception of goats and wild rabbits.

The name Dragonissi comes from the look of the terrain. Apparently, when you look at it from Mykonos, the ground looks like a sleeping dragon in the middle of the sea. This might be due to the fact that Dragonissi is one of the volcanic islands. Whether it’s really similar to a dragon, we will leave it for you to decide once you see the islet from the boat, but one thing is for sure – the beautiful sea and views won’t disappoint you.

Tragonisi Caves – Mykonos’ Best Hidden Secret

You would think that everyone has to know about a mysterious cave system on a volcanic island next to Mykonos, but the reality is a bit different. Actually, most tourists haven’t heard of this gem. While that is a bit sad, at least you can be sure you won’t run into many crowds like on Mykonos. The caves in Dragonissi will take your breath away.

The caves are a heavenly site for diving and snorkeling – it’s like the place was made with this in mind. Apart from marvelous blue water, you will get the pleasure of meeting Monachus Monachus monk seals that reside in the area. Of course, tourists on diving expeditions have to make sure they don’t disturb these precious animals.

Boats near the coast of Mykonos

Boat tours from Mykonos will take you to the amazing cave system on this little islet

Cruise to Dragonissi From Mykonos Town Passes By the South Coast of Mykonos – What Can You Expect From This Trip?

There are many boat tours to Dragonissi that start in Mykonos town, Chora. They usually begin in the morning. Still, your biggest issue won’t be waking up early – trust us, this is something you should jump out of bed for. No, the problem with these tours is that they aren’t private – you never know how many other people you will be sailing with. Of course, this can easily be avoided by renting a private yacht. If you decide to go with this option, be sure to contact The Ace VIP – we have the most beautiful yachts on Mykonos.

Tragonisi (or Dragonissi) Is Recommended for a One-Day Trip From Mykonos – The Cruise Usually Lasts 5 hrs and Goes By the South Coast

Since there’s no accommodation on Dragonissi, it’s obvious that your sightseeing and diving adventure will have to end by sundown. If you’re a part of an organized tour, expect the experience to last about 5 hours.

Starting from Chora, the boat will sail by the entire south coast of Mykonos until it reaches the magnificent Dragonissi. You will get some breathtaking views of the popular Mykonos beaches – be ready to take a lot of photos even before you reach the sleeping dragon.

If you sail by a private yacht, you will get to choose the time dedicated to exploring Dragonissi, which is one of the countless benefits of renting a luxury yacht. Others include great comfort, and have we mentioned that you could bring a professional chef with you? What are you waiting for? Contact us, and let’s plan your amazing trip together.

View  of the boats near the coast of Mykonos 

Kalafatis Beach is one of the spots you will sail by on your way to Dragonissi

When You Return to Mykonos From This Quick Trip, Your Lovely Villa Will Be There to Welcome You

Returning to your accommodation in Mykonos will feel like coming back home after a long, exciting day. When you come back, your luxury Mykonos villa will be there to greet you and help you get the rest you need before you head on to the new adventures the following day. But how to find that perfect one among many luxury Mykonos villas for rental? It’s simple – contact The Ace VIP. Our listings are among the most reputable luxurious estates in Mykonos, and booking any one of them will make your vacation magical.