Town of Mykonos 101 Awesome Things to do

Mykonos is a beautiful island that attracts hundreds of tourists every year. The resort culture and nightlife of Mykonos is incredible.

It is a massive reason for the attraction of tourists from around the world. Moreover, the natural beauty of Mykonos is eye-catching.

Thus, you have a lot to look forward to while visiting this place.

The gorgeous island is filled with natural habitat and offers you a large variety of stuff that you would love doing while there.

As there is a lot to do at Mykonos; here are some of the best things to experience. We have also listed the must-visit places here.

For all the people who are visiting Mykonos for the first time, this is a quick guide that will help you throughout your journey.


Mykonos town Restaurants:

Good food is a priority for every tourist ever! If you don’t know about the best Mykonos town restaurants, then you won’t be enjoying your trip a lot. Your tummy needs to be happy so that you can be happier. Thus, here we have rounded up the best Mykonos town restaurants that are a must-visit for all the tourists.


  • Funky Kitchen:

Funky kitchen is a creative, fusion food restaurant in Mykonos and serves some of the best Mediterranean dishes. It is adorable with the perfect little outdoor seating arrangement and is famous for its delicious seared tuna with eggplant mousse. The rack of lamb is another signature dish of Funky kitchen, and we would recommend you to try these both.


  • Kadena:

There is a bunch of restaurants at the waterfront of Mykonos, and one of them is Kadena. It is located on the left side of Marina. Kadena is famous for its imaginative creativity menu, and the desserts are nothing less than a delight; so save room in your tummy!


  • Pepper:

If you are looking for a quick snack or lunch, then Pepper is one of the best Mykonos town restaurants to look forward to. It presents fast food with a significant twist and the best part about this one is that the food is prepared in front of you. However, the menu is a bit short, but you are going to love everything that is on it.


  • Elia:

Elia is located on the Elia beach and is the only restaurant present there. It is a bright and spacious restaurant which is well-known for its seafood. The grilled squid and orzo pasta with lobster is the most fingers licking tasty dishes that one can have amid a beachy day!



Things to do in Mykonos Town:

Once the tummy is satisfied with some delicious food, you certainly need to have some entertainment in your right-hand access.

Thus, we have rounded up some of the best things to do in Mykonos town that will never allow you to get bored.

There is a lot to do while you are on this beautiful island and you mustn’t waste your time.


  • Windmills in Chora:

The windmills in Chora are the most famous landmarks of Mykonos, and a lot of people visit them every year. These windmills used to refine grains with the help of high winds, but with the passage of time and technological advancement, these were left behind in time. However, these windmills are now a tourism spot and are utilized as museums and private homes.


  • Simply Stroll around:

Mykonos has a lot of natural beauty to offer. Thus a simple stroll through the town will be incredible. Walking past the trendy bars, blue doors and small streets is a treat. Therefore, if you are looking for something that is calming and does not require a lot of energy, then a simple stroll is also great.


  • Go Shopping:

Shop till you drop ladies! Mykonos offers you the best shopping places in Greece. Name any fashion label or jewelry brand, and you will find it in Mykonos easily. If you have an open budget, you are going to enjoy shopping here thoroughly.


For a complete Mykonos shopping guide click here.


  • Explore the Old Port:

The old harbor of Mykonos is a beautiful place to explore. It is filled with cafes and bars and a walk during the night time is certainly worth it. This place is also home to the famous Pelican of Mykonos. If you are in Mykonos, then you must see it.


  • Discover the Churches:

If you are a spiritual person, then discovering the churches of Mykonos is going to be a great thing to do. There are innumerable churches in the town, and you can easily spot around 60 of them. They are lovely and hold a lot of value for the people of Mykonos.


Mykonos town Nightlife:

When the sun goes down, Mykonos is a sight to see! Most of the people who visit this island, know that the nightlife of this beautiful place is outstanding.

If you are a party freak, then you are going to love Mykonos town nightlife. Also, apart from the fantastic party life here, Mykonos is a treat to walk through during the night.

Here are some things that you will love doing, once the sun sets in this beautiful island.


  • Party like an animal:

The Paradise Club in Mykonos is the perfect place to party throughout the night. This club offers you an unforgettable night that is full of fun and craziness. The club has terrific music blaring out and a vas bar outside. If you are looking forward to a wild time, then Paradise club is your best bet.


  • Alley Cocktail Bar:

Alley Cocktail bar is located outside the Little Venice and is a great place to visit if you want to feel the perfect Mykonos nightlife vibes. This place is exceptionally refreshing, and the cocktails they serve are a must-have. Also, you get free popcorn here guys; what else can you ask for?


  • Enjoy the sunset at Caprice:

If you are a sunset lover, then you can enjoy it at Caprice. They offer you the best sunset view ever, and you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world. Enjoy a drink and share a peaceful and calming moment with your partner here and that will be the best night for you at Mykonos.


  • Visit Cavo Paradise:

As Mykonos nightlife is all about being free and wild, Cavo Paradise is yet another essential place to visit while you are in the town. The party environment at Cavo is insane and makes you forget all your worries. Party like there is no tomorrow at Cavo Paradise and sleep in the next day. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?


  • Take a Yacht:

The Mykonos Yacht club offers you an incredibly pretty experience to the best Mykonos nightlife ever. They provide you with special tours and take you around the best beaches and islands. You gather your friends for a night out, or you can just cuddle up with your partner in the yacht and have a cute getaway, surrounding yourself with the best views of natural beauty.


Spending a great night in Mykonos town is a must while being there. The famous Mykonos nightlife should not be missed at all.


Mykonos town Villas:

Mykonos town Villas are a sight to delight, and if you have a large budget then residing in one of them, is going to be nothing less than a dream come true. Mykonos town is an ideal location for its beaches, weather and nightlife. If you plan on visiting Mykonos town this summer, then you should totally check out their villas. Renting out a villa in Mykonos town is a great idea due to several different reasons.


  • Level of privacy:

The best part about living in a villa when on your vacations is that you get to enjoy your privacy by having a complete home all to yourself. Instead of having one room next to several other rooms in a corridor your get to have a private villa. You won’t have to worry about making noise and disturbing other people or get disturbed by other visitors yourself. You will be able to have the comfort of your own home.


  • Great space:

Staying in a villa will allow you to enjoy a glorious space, which you can’t have access to when you are living in a hotel room. Renting out a hotel room will restrict you to one room and you won’t be able to be as comfortable as you would want to be. However, when staying at the villa you will get access to more than one room and be able to spend quality time with your loved ones.


  • Large number of facilities:

There is no doubt that staying at a villa in the Mykonos town would be luxurious since a lot of facilities would be offered to you. You will be able to enjoy air conditioning in every room, there would be a terrace for you to have an incredible view of outside, a fully stocked fridge and you may also get a private chef who would make delicious food items for you and your loved ones on demand. Other facilities such as transport, beauty treatments, house massage, chauffeur, etc would also be offered to you.


Mykonos old town:

Little Venice is the best part of Mykonos Old town and is worth visiting. It is also called “Little Italy”.

It has splendid, cute restaurants and bars along the water edges and this part of the old town offers you the best sunset view. However, this place is loved by tourists, and if you want to have a good look, then you will have to get their early, to get your table. The golden hour is a must catch in Little Venice.

Boni’s Windmill

Boni’s Windmill is another incredibly important part of the Mykonos old town. This landmark is located above the ancient city, and you can take a quick stroll there to appreciate the beautiful architect around. It is also a perfect spot for pictures; so take your time and make some beautiful photos.

Mykonos Harbor

Mykonos Harbor is located on the opposite side of Little Venice. Take a sea bus to the town and enjoy the surroundings in peace. The 180-degree sunset bar is another tourism spot in Mykonos Old town which you must walk through.



Mykonos is a small island, but it holds a lot more within it. It is one of the top most visited places in Greece. However, over time, Mykonos town is turning into a dream destination for a lot of people. It is undoubtedly getting famous every day and if you are planning a vacation nearby, then visit Mykonos!

Walkthrough the beaches, explore the Mykonos Old town, eat in the best Mykonos restaurants and live the most dreamy days of your life on this island! You won’t regret visiting this island at all.

So book your tickets and get ready to explore the most beautiful town of Greece.