What are the things you don’t need in Mykonos, Greece, during your vacation? Boots, sweaters, bad mood? If you want to avoid overpacking and just carrying some useless things, make sure to go through our list before you start packing.

#1 Leave Clothing Made From Synthetic Fabrics at Home

When thinking about perfect summer outfits for your vacation on Mykonos in Greece, try to stick to materials that are lightweight and natural. The temperatures here are not extremely high since the island is windy. However, you will still want to feel comfortable while relaxing on the beautiful Greek beaches or exploring the famous attractions around the main town.

You will probably be spending most of your time in bikinis, but when choosing outfits for evening events or strolling around the streets of Chora, it’s best to choose something a little more convenient.

Those Who Travel to Mykonos, Greece, Usually Choose to Wear Cotton and Linen Stuff

Any experienced tourist will tell you that the perfect clothing for a Greek vacation would be anything made of cotton, linen, or any other natural and lightweight material. These fabrics won’t make you feel uncomfortable, sweaty, or itchy, quite the contrary.

In local shops, you can find many unique clothing pieces that will not only be great souvenirs but will also be the ideal attire for a warm day on the island or a travel outfit for your flight back home.

Woman in a bikini at the beach

Choose some comfortable cover-ups for spending time at the beach

#2 Flashy Accessories and Expensive Jewelry Are One of the Things You Don’t Need in Mykonos

While planning outfits, you may also think about what kind of jewelry you should bring. Although this is one of the most fabulous Greek islands, wearing heavy jewelry might not be the best idea. You especially don’t need them if you wish to indulge in some water activities and have fun at the beach.

You can maybe carry some simple earrings or bracelets, but nothing too pricey or flashy. The main reason is that you could easily lose them in the water or, in the worst-case scenario, they might get stolen.

You Might as Well Avoid Like Expensive Watches and Sunglasses

This tip is useful for both men and women that are packing for a vacation in Greece. An expensive pair of designer sunglasses or perhaps an expensive watch is not something you would want to casually throw in your beach bag.

Even if you would just like to show off a little bit during the trip at some popular Instagram spots on the island, keep in mind that you don’t want to lose them while relaxing at the beach or drinking in some popular beach clubs.

Pickpocketing is an issue like in every other popular destination, especially during the season’s peak. So just make sure you are careful and cautious at all times. The island is safe, but you can never be too cautious, especially when carrying expensive things with you. Private villas in Mykonos usually come with a safe, so you can leave your precious belongings there.

Woman on a beach in Mykonos

There’s no need for wearing flashy jewelry on Greek islands

#3 The Best Would Be to Forget About Formal Shoes if You Wish to Stay Comfortable

Both women’s high heels and men’s heavy leather shoes are not the best choices of footwear for this Cycladic island in Greece. If you are planning to comfortably travel around, explore the main town and spend a lot of time walking around the streets – make sure you have some nice and convenient shoes like leather sandals, comfy sneakers, or flip-flops.

The streets of many towns can be challenging for walking in high heels. You could easily sprain your ankle or get a bruise or two, which won’t look so nice. So, if you wish to avoid such scenarios during your vacation, pack some nice comfy shoes and enjoy your holiday.

If You Are Planning on Hiking Around the Island – Sneakers Are the Best Choice

You might have heard about the hiking trails this lovely island has to offer, and you are already thinking about packing your hiking gear and heavy boots. However, there’s no need for heavy equipment like on some other islands. The trails here are quite nice, and there are no steep hills. A pair of lightweight sneakers will do just fine for a day of hiking around the secluded trails.

Outfit for Mykonos vacation

Choose comfortable footwear if you wish to comfortably explore the town

#4 You Don’t Need to Bring Water Sports Equipment – Just Visit Shops That Rent Them

If you love indulging in different water sports, you probably already have some pieces of equipment at your home. If you want to pack them and carry them with you, you can do so, but it’s not necessary.

On the island, there are numerous shops and centers where you can get equipment for all kinds of water sports, like surfboards, paddles, jet skis, and anything else you can imagine. It might seem pricey to rent them, but it’s also expensive to fly them to the JMK airport. It’s much easier to rent them for a day or two and return them at the end of the day.

Girls with snorkeling gear on a beach

On the island, you can rent or buy all kinds of water sports equipment

#5 A Guidebook for Tourists Is Not Necessary

You can quickly inform yourself about the spots to visit on this island, but guidebooks are not necessary to have. It would be a much better idea to read about some places you want to visit and add them to your travel itinerary and focus on that. Organize every day and your free time according to your preferences, and if you think you need some guidance, join a tour with a local guide.

Getting around the main town is super easy. Most locals are friendly and will gladly guide you and advise you on how to get to certain points and what to do. It’s also a much better idea to read relevant platforms online instead of carrying a book that might contain outdated information. Online reviews and blogs will probably provide you with much more relevant tips.

Man on a laptop

You can find all the needed information about the island online

What You Actually Need Is an Experienced Concierge on Mykonos

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