If you want to have the most magical summer vacation of your life in Greece, there is only one option when it comes to accommodation – Mykonos villas for rental. Here are some of the most beautiful summertime villas you should definitely consider for your stay. Each one is better than the next, so you are bound to fall in love with most, if not all, of them.

Summertime Villas in Mykonos Are Always a Better Option Than Nearby Hotels or Apartments

The Island of the Winds is visited by over half a million tourists every year, and they all need a place to stay, so you can imagine that Mykonos is full of luxury hotels, and lovely apartments. However, the best accommodation option on the island are definitely private villas in Mykonos. They are simply superior in every way – they are far more luxurious and beautiful, you get more privacy and freedom, and they offer much better service.

All Mykonos villas for rental are stunning, and they all have at least one private pool, as well as every other amenity under the sun. Whatever you’re looking for, you will find it, no matter if it’s a tennis or basketball court or even a helipad. Each luxury Mykonos villa rental comes with a large outdoor area, perfect for hosting and throwing parties. Depending on the number of people you’re traveling with and the area of the island you want to stay in, there are numerous villas for you to choose from, and here are our top picks.

Villa Ryan Is Located Nearby Little Venice – One of the Best Neighborhoods on the Island

If you’re looking for a place with a good location, you can’t do much better than Villa Ryan. It’s a 3-bedroom villa located in the Old Town, right by the most beautiful and vibrant neighborhood on the island – Little Venice. This is the perfect location, as you’re already one foot in the center of the island right when you walk out the door.

Everything is within walking distance, whether you want to see all the tourist attractions, go swimming, or explore the vivid nightlife, as most of the best clubs will be your neighbors. The villa fits 6 people as every bedroom has twin beds, so it’s perfect for a group of friends traveling together.

Villa VillaRyan 2
Villa Ryan is a great spot for exploring everything the island has to offer

Villa Leto Is a Large Property with a West and East Wing, and It Has All Amenities Imaginable

When traveling with a large group, looking for where to stay can be challenging. Staying in hotels often leads to the group being separated. That’s why villas are so much better, no matter how many people travel together, you will all be situated in the same place and feel at home.

Villa Leto is one of our larger ones, and it comfortably accommodates 36 guests in 18 rooms with their own bathrooms. Everybody will have their own space and privacy while being connected at the same time.

It’s a very large property with countless infinity pools, more outdoor space than you could ever need, and every amenity needed for a truly magical summer vacation, including a big gym and a private spa. The property is around twenty minutes from the Old Town, which is a perfect spot as you are outside of the chaos and crowds, but everything is still very close.

Villa VillaLeto 40 scaled 1
Vila Leto is perfect for larger groups

If You Want a Room with the Best View – Villa Berry Overlooks the Aegean Sea

Nothing beats a place with a gorgeous sea view, which is exactly what Villa Berry offers. It has a giant terrace with an infinity pool and a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea. There is no better place to admire the iconic sunset at the end of a perfect day in Greece. It’s a large building in Cycladic architecture style that accommodates 20 guests, and it’s an ideal spot for entertaining with friends.

You have an outdoor BBQ and a lovely seating area, so dinner parties are more than welcome. And if you want to take the party inside, the interior design of the living and dining room are spectacular. Berry has one of the best locations on the island – it’s very peaceful, yet also just 10 minutes away from the Old Town and the most popular beaches like Ornos Beach.

Villa VillaBerry 5 scaled 1
Stay at Berry if you want to have a room with a view

Villa Pine Is a Secluded Spot Perfect for Those Who Want Some Peace and Quiet

While Mykonos is known for wild nights out on the town and a metropolitan lifestyle, it has a lot more to offer. If you’re someone looking to get away from the craziness of everyday life and all you want is an amazing place far away from the noise yet close to the beach – Villa Pine fits 6 people and is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s one of the most beautiful and secluded properties we have to offer, as it’s located on a hillside overlooking the sea.

Even though it’s only ten minutes away from the Old Town of Chora, it offers all the peace and quiet you could ever want, as there are no neighboring buildings in the nearby area. You will have all the privacy and tranquility in the world, and when you add a stunning, modern two-floor house with a pool and a large outdoor area to that equation, you get the winning combo for a perfect, relaxing vacation in Greece.

Mykonos Top Villa Pine 061
Get away from the noise and enjoy the peace and quiet this place offers

Now That You’ve Found the Perfect Villa, Contact Us and Let’s Check the Availability

One thing that is great about personal villas in the summertime is that you can find one no matter what your standards and requests are. They are all gorgeous, scattered all over the island, and have every amenity you could possibly need.

So, contact us at The Ace VIP, and let’s book you one of the Mykonos luxury villas that best suit your needs. Mykonos concierge services are available with each one, and each one comes with private parking if you decide to rent a car. And if you ever get tired of stunning houses and sea views, it might be good to switch perspectives and get a Mykonos yacht rental and cruise along the Aegean Sea.