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Mykonos is arguably one of the most beautiful places on earth. This island is so beautiful that it attracts millions of visitors annually. Each tourist or guest has needs that are as diverse as their faces. This has led to the birth of our special request Mykonos service offering.

Clients like to come to us with their special requests. Other times, clients want us to prepare highly unusual activities that they can do individually, in groups or with their colleagues and associates. Over the years, our efforts and commitment in providing unique services have left our clients euphoric and energized.

Special Request Service

This special request Mykonos service revolves around meeting client’s demands for customized services that are not readily available. In a bid to exceed their expectations, we ensure that every detail of the events we manage for them are exquisitely and professionally handled. This drive for excellence has made us the outstanding special request Mykonos service provider.

We look forward to undertaking the greatest of challenges so we encourage you to email us your unique request at any time or contact us for more information on Special Requests Services Mykonos. We maintain full discretion on both our clients and their requests.


Some examples of the special request Mykonos services we offer include the following:


Bachelor in Mykonos

Quite a considerable amount of guests at Mykonos throw exclusive bachelors’ parties during their stay. The events are tailored to suit the client’s needs. They usually begin late in the evening and can be organized to suit various group sizes. All cards are on decks at these events.

Our Exquisite Bachelor service helps you enjoy your last night as a single man. The options we offer include street parties, bars and even exquisite restaurants and chauffeur services. Our special request Mykonos service ensures you have the wildest destination bachelor party and custom night experience to suit your taste. Speedboats experience and private hotel shows can also be arranged.

A fun night full of celebrations starting at 22h with insider access to the hidden gems and party perks of Mykonos.

This package runs under the direction of our entertainment experts and is suitable for all group sizes, preferably best friends. Cars with chauffeurs are included in this package.


All Day Bachelor Service

The day starts at 13h with the girls getting picked up to go to the beach followed by a lunch. Then at 17h they will be taken to a beach party (reservations included) and later they will receive a spa treatment (nails, hair, skin, facials and massages) in their accommodation. Between 21h and 23h they will rest and get ready.

At around 23h they will be taken to one of the finest restaurants for dinner in Mykonos, which is when the night begins! The night will be fun, full of celebrations with access to the hidden gems and perks of Mykonos.

This package runs under the direction of our entertainment experts who will also be alongside the girls as their personal security.

The All Day Bachelor service is suitable for groups of all sizes, preferably best friends. Cars with chauffeurs are included in the package. Featured themes available.


Delos Island Tour

A boat escapade to the neighboring island of Delos. The tour explores the island’s archaeological ruins and haunted ancient history dating back thousands of years.

This archaeological masterpiece is considered the mythological birthplace of Artemis and Apollo. Tourists are fascinated at the level of culture and development the Delos ruins shows. Containing an amphitheater, diverse markets and even religious temples, Delos was unarguably once a major city.

This city is considered the most sacred city in ancient Greece as it offers a great deal of information about the religious propagation at that time. The special request Mykonos service takes clients to Delos via boats, ribs or yachts as they explore the wealth of the region. Do feel free to experience the pearl of Greece with us.

Currently, the island is almost entirely uninhabited. For a speedy journey, we will be using our speedboat ribs which can seat 8 persons + 1 driver + 1 tour guide. For larger groups, we recommend several speedboats, ribs or a yacht.


Day Cruises and Boat Transfers to Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Syros & Tinos

The Ace VIP can take you on a Weekend Getaway Adventure of exploring any of Greece’s 220 islands and its culture.

Our primary recommendation for you is Daily Yacht Charters or Private Boat Transfers to Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Syros or Tinos.