When going on a summer vacation in Greece, you typically go swimming and sunbathing, read a book at the beach, eat some good food, or you might even do some water sports. But have you ever thought about exploring shipwrecks in Mykonos? It’s a very unique experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

Two Shipwrecks Can Be Found Close to the Coast of Mykonos

It’s pretty rare for a Greek island to have a shipwreck so close to the shore. They’re usually found much further in the open sea. However, when you visit Mykonos, you will see that close to its coast, there is not just one but two shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea in almost perfect condition. They were both large, powerful ships with amazing stories.

Did You Know That Besides Two Shipwrecks, There Is Also a Submarine Wreckage in Mykonos, Greece?

While Mykonos is well-known for having two shipwrecks, not many people know that there is a submarine wreck from WWII near the island, very close to the famous beaches. It is an Italian submarine named Jantina that was sunk by a British submarine on July 5, 1941. Its exact location has been a mystery for over 80 years until a group of Greek divers discovered it fairly recently.

Jantina was found at a depth of 103 meters underwater, on the south end of The Island of the Winds. Its remains are somewhat preserved, and they’re incredibly important for naval history. While shipwrecks all over Greece are pretty common, discovering submarine wreckage nearby one of the Greek islands is truly rare and special.

A submarine wreck

Submarine wrecks are rare

Anna II Shipwreck Is in Almost Perfect Condition

Anna II was a cargo ship built in 1966 in the Netherlands by a shipyard called Fa Hijlkema & Zonen BODEWES SCHEEPWERK N. V. It was 62 meters long, and it sank on 20th July 1995 while carrying cement as cargo. It was found close to the southeast coast of Mykonos, very close to the shore.

The ship is now located 36 meters underwater, and it’s tucked in the seabed near Lia Beach. The condition of the ship is great. It remained intact for all these years, and now – it’s surrounded by a reef of amazing biodiversity, and it’s home to wonderful marine life and a world of gorgeous colorful sponges.

Scuba divers close to a shipwreck

You can dive into the remains of Anna II

Peloponisos Has Been at the Bottom of the Sea for Almost 100 Years

The wreck of the Peloponisos ship has been an attraction of the island for years. It was a big and powerful passenger-cargo ship that was built all the way back in 1862 by a shipyard from Glasgow in Scotland called The Tod & McGregor. Peloponisos is 64 meters long, and it sank on July 20th of 1926, north of The Island of the Winds.

For a ship that’s been lying on the seabed, about 55 meters underwater, for almost a hundred years, it’s in excellent condition. Although it is divided into two separate parts, its structure is mostly preserved and intact. Similar to its latter underwater neighbor – Anna II, Peloponisos has also become surrounded by reefs and incredible marine life.

Diver in the water next to an old ship

The Peloponisos is split into two parts

There Are Many Diving Tours That Offer Exploring Shipwrecks in Mykonos

Exclusive clubs and many private villas in Mykonos are not the only things this party island has to offer, there’s much more than all the glitz and glamor. There are many summer activities you can embark on, from hiking to water sports. But, most people prefer scuba diving, as it’s undoubtedly the most exciting activity you could participate in. If you’re having trouble finding a good center, feel free to ask your Mykonos concierge for help.

Tourists love scuba diving in Mykonos, as you usually don’t need special certifications or previous experience to be a diver for a day. It’s a unique opportunity to explore underwater and experience entirely new surroundings. Besides beautiful marine life, Mykonos scuba diving is special because it offers diving excursions to both shipwrecks at reasonable prices.

You Can Even Enter the Anna II Shipwreck if You Want to

The unique part of being a diver on The Island of the Winds is that you can enter the Anna II  shipwreck a little bit. Not many diving excursions offer this experience – it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Entering the remains of an old ship that had sunk almost 30 years ago is a feeling you have never experienced before. It’s like diving into the past or entering a whole other world.

Of course, you don’t have to go inside the remains. You can dive around it and admire the site from a distance. You only need three minutes to get to this shipwreck since the depth you will be reaching is somewhere between 18 and 36 meters.

You Will Need to Be an Advanced Diver in Order to Dive to the Peloponisos Wreck

While you don’t need any certificates or previous experience to dive to the site of the remains of Anna II, the Peleponisos wreck is a different story – you need to be an advanced diver or higher in order to be suitable for this excursion site. The travel time is anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes, and you can go as deep as 55 meters underwater.

Divers exploring a shipwreck

The Peloponisos tour is reserved for only experienced divers

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