For some people, summer holidays in Greece are all about relaxing on the beach, sipping cocktails, and enjoying the hedonistic vibes. On the other hand, some like to spice it up with some adventurous water activities. If you are considering scuba diving in Mykonos or Santorini this summer, this guide brings everything you need to know about this super exciting water activity. Trust us – it will be an experience that you will never forget.

Both Islands Are Considered to Be Some of the Top Locations for Scuba Diving in Greece

Greece is known for being one of the most beautiful Mediterranean countries, with crystal clear waters and mesmerizing coast. Greek islands are already well known worldwide for having some of the most beautiful beaches and have been attracting thousands of tourists each year.

Mykonos and Santorini, as some of the well-known Instagram spots are not only famous for being places for partying but also for their gorgeous nature and adventurous side. These Cyclades are also well known among adventurous tourists who love indulging in fun water activities.

Long story short – they are a true scuba divers’ paradise! How about exploring a colorful reef or a shipwreck this summer? Whether you decide to vacation in Mykonos or Santorini, don’t miss out on the unique opportunity of discovering the Greek underwater cosmos.

Marine life underwater

Both of these places have exquisite marine life

Both Islands Have Gorgeous Sites That Will Impress Every Diver, for Sure

The underwater world of these beautiful Greek islands is something you have to experience at least once in your life. Both are beautiful and have similar architecture, nature, gorgeous beaches, restaurants, and so on. However, they do have some differences. The beaches on Mykonos are quite different from the ones on Santorini, and so is their underwater world. Depending on your preferences, you can choose which place feels more interesting and attractive to you.

Diver underwater

These Cyclades have different sites for divers, and they are both stunning

The Underwater World of the Small Island of Santorini Has Unique Volcanic Sea Caves and Lava Formations

Santorini is well known for being a small volcanic island that offers plenty of interesting options for water sports lovers and scuba diving enthusiasts. The volcanic eruptions during the previous millennium on this island have formed a breathtaking underwater site.

When diving around this special island, you will come across some gorgeous lava formations creating an underwater maze and some thrilling sea caves. Not many locations can offer you the opportunity to discover an underwater cave.

Swimming through these underwater paths will be one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. One of the most popular sites is the Nea Kameni, located within the flooded Santorini caldera, allegedly formed in 1600 BC.

In its close neighborhood is the sister island Palea Kameni, offering otherworldly-looking lava formations and exquisite marine life. Exploring these spectacular surroundings will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Mykonos and Nearby Islands Have Magnificent Reefs and Sensational Underwater Shipwrecks

When on The Island of the Winds, besides visiting famous beach clubs and authentic Greek restaurants, one of the things you must do is scuba diving around its coast and the nearby islands. The exquisite marine life you can encounter here is only a small part of the gorgeous underwater world of the Aegean Sea.

Near The Island of the Winds, two smaller islands, Delos and Tragonisi, have interesting scuba diving sites and colorful reefs. Besides its magnificent nature, there are some more stunning attractions to explore, such as the underwater shipwrecks.

The two most popular diving sites on Mykonos are The Anna Wreck, which sank in 1995, and The Peloponnese Wreck dating back before WW2. These two sites are perfect for adventurers who love exploring historical underwater attractions. If you’re curious to see how that looks, you can check it out in the video below.

Each Island Has Plenty of Diving Centers and Various Tours Which You Can Join

Because scuba diving in Santorini or Mykonos requires experience, knowledge, and good equipment, you can not possibly imagine embarking on such a journey without good instructors. Luckily, for all beginners who would love to try out this interesting sport, you can find some great SD Centers on both of these popular Cyclades, which will be of great help.

There you will find professional instructors that organize guided tours for people who wish to explore the wonders of the Aegean Sea. On Santorini, some of the most popular centers are Navys Waterworld Dive Center at Kamari Beach, as well as Caldera Diving in Perissa. On The Island of the Winds, you can visit some of the following centers:

Why Not Choose Both if You Can’t Decide Whether to Go Scuba Diving in Mykonos or Santorini?

With all the great things you will be able to see at both destinations, it’s hard to choose just one of them. Mykonos vs. Santorini is an ongoing dilemma since both destinations are considered to be paradises in their own ways.

The good thing is that Mykonos is not too far away from Santorini, and there are numerous ways to get from one island to another in a short amount of time. You can catch a ferry from Santorini to Mykonos or maybe rent a private yacht and organize a small yacht tour according to your schedule.

With a Private Yacht, You Will Be Able to Experience All the Gorgeous Nearby Islands Such as Alonissos, Naxos, or Folegandros

There are numerous reasons why you should book a private yacht and spend your holiday on it, rather than in a luxurious hotel. If you are an adventurous person, this could be a perfect choice for you. You can sail around the Cycladic archipelago and enjoy the beauty of all these unique places. Exploring the water world around the Cyclades will be an experience you will never forget.

Yacht in the sea

With a private yacht, you can organize your special tour around the Cyclades

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