If you’re enthusiastic about your summer vacation in Greece and plan to visit one of its most charming islands, you might be wondering, is scuba diving in Mykonos good? This attractive destination offers it all – so why wouldn’t there be a nice place where you can dive with your friends and explore its hidden underwater treasures?

Is Scuba Diving in Mykonos Good? Marine Life in Greece Is Better Than You Expect

This is one of the most enchanting Greek islands, but many tourists who didn’t visit this place before don’t know what to expect from it. This island is mostly known for exciting nightlife, wild parties, and celebrities staying in luxury private villas in Mykonos and popular restaurants.

The truth is that only the chosen ones know that this majestic Mediterranean island is a real Atlantis when it comes to hidden underwater gems. You are about to experience the adventure of a lifetime if you choose to explore underwater life. When it comes to popular spots for divers, you can choose to stay close to the coast or check out some open sea tours – there is no reason to be afraid of the unknown.

People underwater looking at the colorful fish

You can experience enchanting marine life as a diver around these vivid waters

Where Are Diving Centers Located? You Can Find Them At Any Famous Beach

If you decide to have some fun activities in Mykonos this summer, you probably wonder where you can find these diving centers and book a tour for you and your friends. Most centers are located around popular beaches, mainly on the island’s southern shore. Beaches that are located here are:

Paradise Reef Is One of the Most Popular Mykonos Diving Spots Because of its Diverse Marine Life

Despite the popular opinion that this island is mostly good for parties, you can find plenty of amazing spots for exploring the underwater world around here. One of the most interesting ones is Paradise Reef. What makes this place so special? Extraordinary and colorful marine life with plenty of interesting things to see will definitely amaze you. Here you can see octopuses, barracudas, sponges, starfishes, and much more.

Tragonisi Offers Outstanding Rock Formations You Can Check Out on a Day Tour

Around Tragonisi island, you might not find that many fishes and sea creatures, but this incredible isle has some spectacular rock formations, so it’s definitely worth visiting. You can bring your underwater camera and capture the unique beauty. Those will be the best postcards from Greece you’ll ever have.

Anna II Is an Amazing Spot – Dare to Dive Around This Myconian Titanic

GoDive offers wreck diving at sleeping “Anna II,” a 62 m long cargo ship that sank in the southeast side of the island back in 1995. You can see the ship’s remains that are still in excellent condition, and the most incredible part of the adventure is that you can actually enter some areas of it.

Apart from the ship itself, the area around it is also very amusing, the reef has extraordinary biodiversity with beautiful colorful sponges. This wreck is famous for having interesting artificial reefs that attract diverse marine life. This spot is suitable for all divers, and the depth goes from 18 to 36 meters.

Person scuba diving and looking at the clownfish

Explore some of the most exciting spots around the island

Where to Rent Quality Equipment for Divers in Mykonos? W-Diving Center Is One of the Options

The W-Diving center can offer you many interesting options if you want to rent professional equipment. Everything from their offer comes from reliable manufacturers such as Scubapro, Seemann Sub, and Oceanic, so you can be completely comfortable knowing you’re renting the highest quality equipment. They also ensure everything is in good condition and can help you with all the necessary adjustments.

They have 20 complete sets for divers, including 50 bottles (8 l, 10 l, 12 l, 15 l DIN, and INT). If you have any questions, you can fill out an online form and get all the necessary information, contact them through the phone or send an email. You can go to their address and rent your gear if you’re already there. The address is Waldemar Foit, P.O. Box 964 Ano Mera.

GoDive Center Also Offers the Highest Quality Equipment and Follows All the Safety Standards

GoDive also offers equipment by Scubapro, so this is another place where you can rent your gear. This center is proud of the fact that they got the award as Greece’s newest Scubapro Educational Association Dive Center, which you can get after passing the manufacturing strict qualification and standards for equipment and safety.

All their technicians are trained by the equipment manufacturers and routinely check and service all the provided equipment, so they ensure all their customers have the best possible and safest experience.

 Person underwater with rented equipment

Equipment rental is also available around popular centers

PADI Diving Courses to Attend Are Another Interesting Option

Taking a PADI Open Diver Course might be a great option for those who want to learn something new or enhance their skills. PADI is short for Professional Association of Diving Instructors, and it is one of the most respected certifications for this profession in the world.

GoDive offers group and private courses (groups are limited to four students), and the course is available to newbies as well as advanced divers, so you can upgrade your skills with their enthusiastic and experienced educators. Check out this video and find out what to expect from the water world if you go on a tour at Lia Beach.

Find Out Where the Best Mykonos Villas for Rental Are and Discover the Marine Life in Style

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