A lot of tourists who come to Mykonos really get the most out of the island, but not everybody knows about a hidden gem of a nearby isle called Rhenia. It stays a secret for everybody except true Mykonos lovers. Will you add a trip to Rhenia from Mykonos to your travel itinerary when you visit the fabulous Mykonos this summer? If you plan to, check out this text – it will tell you all you need to know about Rhenia.

Mykonos Offers a Lot of Fun Activities – Why Not Add a One-Day Trip to Rhenia From Mykonos to Your To-Do List?

If you have done any research on things to do in Mykonos, you know that this cosmopolitan island offers some of the best amenities a tourist destination can have. We all know what Mykonos is famous for, but not everybody has visited the island’s little neighbor, Rhenia – some have never even heard of such a place.

Does that make it a spot that you can skip visiting without any guilt? We don’t think so – in fact, taking a short trip to the uninhabited Rhenia is a must-do when staying in Mykonos. If you are wondering why just keep reading to find out.

View of Mykonos town from the air from Rhenia

Apart from the many wonderful things you have to see in Mykonos, there is an abundance of beauty to check out in Rhenia

Where Is Rhenia, Greece, and Why Should You Visit It?

Rhenia, or Rinia, is located west of Mykonos, right next to its more popular companion, Delos. Although they are separated by merely 1 km of water, people mostly visit Delos and skip the Rhenia tour. While it is true that Delos is a magnificent place you have to see – its ancient ruins are out of this world – Rhenia is not any less beautiful, and it has a history of its own.

It’s four times the size of Delos (which is why it’s often referred to as Big Delos or Great Delos), and it’s also an archeological site that’s under the highest levels of protection. If you decide to give this lovely spot a chance, you will be happy to hear that boat tours from Mykonos take only an hour – it’s just about a 10 km distance from Mykonos town to the coast of this lovely deserted island.

What Do You Need to Know About This Stunning Island With a View of Mykonos – A Short History

According to the history books and Mykonos history, Rhenia was inhabited 7,000 years ago, when Delos was an important cultural and economic center of the Aegeans. Rhenia is an essential part of Delos and Mykonos mythology, but it was always in the shadow of its small companion. In 530 BC, it was conquered by a tyrant called Polycratis.

He dedicated the place to Apollo and decided that it would become the burial place for soldiers who died on Delos. All the graves from Delos were transferred to Rhenia, and the island became a necropolis – in the late 1900s, archeologists discovered “the purification pit” full of urns. When Delos lost its power, Rhenia also lost its importance. It fell into oblivion and stayed there for many centuries.

Today, it’s still deserted – the only inhabitants are goats (few farmers are allowed to work here), but this is for the island’s protection. Building and living on Rhenia are prohibited, and there is no electricity or running water anywhere on the island. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t have a lovely day here. On the contrary – pure nature will just make it better and more memorable.

Wooden deck of a boat at sunset in waters near Mykonos

Sailing to Rhenia and spending a day there will be a memorable experience

Amenities That Await You on Rhenia Island

Let’s start with the most obvious amenity – the lack of crowds that you see in Mykonos. You will have a relaxing day with maybe a few other people and enjoy all the fantastic spots on your own. Of course, the archeological sites are a must-see – all those graves of warriors from a few millennia ago are something you must visit. There are also a few ancient Greek temples, and you can even see a 20th-century chapel with a breathtaking view of the sea.

The Sea and the Beach Experience Are Extraordinary – Plus, the Amazing Views Don’t Hurt As Well

It wouldn’t be a Greek island without a few amazing beaches, right? Don’t worry – Rhenia has some spots that can compete with the best beaches in Mykonos. People often say that the sand and water here are pretty similar to Mykonos – which makes sense when you look at the tiny geographical distance.

However, the benefit you won’t get in Mykonos is an empty beach – and Rhenia can give you that. So, if you’re in the mood for a private day, look no further. With about 42 km of coastline, it has some great beaches – the most popular ones are Lia, Stena, Ambelia, and Glyfada.

Boat sailing near the coast of Mykonos

Treat yourself to a beach day and visit some magnificent ancient ruins

How Will You Get to Rhenia? Worry Not, We Have the Solution

The only question left to answer is – how can you get to this heavenly island? That’s not a complicated issue, as countless boat tours can take you from Mykonos town. But, keep in mind that these tours mean you won’t be on your own, so if you want a private experience, you will have to find a different solution.

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What About the Time You Will Spend in Mykonos? Where Will You Find the Best Accommodation?

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