Organizing an important event can be very stressful – will everyone attend? Will everyone have a good time? There are some things you can’t control, but having a good location to host your event is a step in the right direction, so here is how to rent out villa for party on Mykonos – one of the most beautiful Greek islands.

A Good Place to Host the Event Is the Key to Success, and a House Is Always the Best Choice

Everyone knows that houses are the best place to host any event. While various venues are also great options, house parties are always way more fun and relaxing because everyone feels at home. And, of course – the bigger the house, the better.

The Gorgeous View From One of the Villas in Mykonos Will Make Everyone Feel at Home

When it comes to throwing wild parties, the policy is that location is everything. And how could you possibly find a better location than one of the private villas in Mykonos? They have everything you could need and more.

They are so luxurious and beautiful that they will enchant anyone who walks through the door, and they offer the most amazing views of the sunset over some of the best beaches in the world. It’s the perfect setting for any event.

A luxury Mykonos villa at night

Luxury villa rentals in Mykonos offer the best views of the beach and the Aegean Sea

The First Step Is to Figure Out How Many People You Want to Invite – Create a Guest List

All good parties have one thing in common – they have been planned out to the last little detail. The most important part and the first step of the planning stage is figuring out how many people you want to invite since everything else revolves around it. You can’t pick out a place before you make sure the minimum it accommodates is everyone on your guest list.

Always Take Into Consideration the Fact That Some People Will Simply Show Up Uninvited

In a place that goes by a nickname party island, everyone is always looking for the hottest places and the best parties. So, you should expect that the word about your crazy soiree will spread, and people will simply start to show up out of nowhere.

You should take this into consideration and leave a little wiggle room in your guest list. However, if you want to throw an exclusive event closed to anyone who doesn’t have an invite, it might be best to hire private security to keep everything in check and ensure you get your privacy.

A girl on a floatie in the pool

Make sure there’s enough room for everyone

The Next Step Is Figuring Out What Kind of Party You Want to Have – Is There a Specific Amenity That’s Required?

Everyone knows that all good parties come with an interesting theme. It doesn’t matter how simple or complicated you want it to be, you need to pick one and give your guests a heads-up. But be sure that whatever you pick, you will have everything you need to pull it off in your Mykonos villa rental.

Each one of the stylish Mykonos villas for rental is equipped with every possible amenity you could put your mind to. They are incredibly spacious, with as many bedrooms as you need and plenty of outdoor seating areas. Also, if your guests feel like playing a game of basketball, don’t worry, these villas are also equipped with basketball and tennis courts. You will never run out of fun things to do.

If You’re Planning to Have a Barbecue Party, You Will Need a Villa With an Outside BBQ

Everyone loves barbecue parties, especially if they’re on The Island of the Winds, with the most beautiful view of the Aegean Sea. So, if you were looking into throwing one, look for those villas equipped with a modern outdoor BBQ.

A Formal Dinner Party Requires a Mansion With a Spacious Backyard

If a luxurious formal dining experience is what you had in mind, there is no better place to host it than one of the gorgeous Greek villas Mykonos has to offer. You can set a magical ambiance in the spacious backyard, arrange the tables beautifully, hire a private chef, and enjoy some of the best Greek food you’ve ever had.

You Can’t Throw a Pool Party Without an Infinity Pool, Can You?

Did you even visit Mykonos if you didn’t throw a lavish pool party? Luckily for you, all of our villas offer at least one gorgeous private pool that your guests will love. All that’s missing are some decorations, floaties, and drinks, and you will have a memorable night.

View of a luxury Mykonos villa rental at night

All villas have at least one private pool

Now That You Know How Many Guest You’ll Have and What Amenities You Need, You Can Rent Out Villa for Party

Once you’ve planned every important aspect of your event, you can start the search for the perfect luxury Mykonos villa. While people tend to rent out larger villas for parties, such as the Newman villa or the beautiful villa Megan, you can also find smaller villas that accommodate fewer people, like villa Barry or villa Selina.

Villa Megan at night

Villa Newman accommodates 69 people

Once You Have the Perfect Luxury Mykonos Villa, All That’s Left to Do Is to Have the Best Night of Your Life

If you want your soiree to be a smashing success – contact The Ace VIP and book yourself one of the Mykonos luxury villas. The Ace VIP offers a wide variety of excellent Mykonos villas for rent. You are guaranteed to find at least one that will fulfill all of your needs and demands, no matter if you want to invite 10 or 100 guests. Choose a space that suits all your needs, and be sure you can count on the help of your Mykonos concierge to make the night fabulous.

We also offer car hire services if you want to hire a private driver, so your guests don’t have to worry about calling a taxi at the end of the night. And if you really want to take it to another level, get a Mykonos yacht rental and move everyone over to a yacht party in the middle of the night, it’s guaranteed to impress your guests and give you one of the best nights of your life.