Indulge in luxury and adventures while on a vacation in Greece. Find out the fantastic reasons to get a yacht in Mykonos and experience an extraordinary getaway! This is one of the Greek destinations that has been enticing travelers for a while because of its whitewashed beauty, exciting nightlife, and crystal-clear water. Learn what fun on yachts can look like after booking one of the Greek villas in Mykonos.

#1 Yacht Around the Island and Discover Secret Mykonian Beaches

The easiest way to discover new breathtaking beaches and swim in crystal clear waters is to rent a charter yacht. Some of the most incredible Mykonian beaches are located on the south side, and there is a higher chance you will find a versatile coastline during your explorations. From secluded, small beaches to party beaches, discover all that this small island has to offer.

However, if you want to enjoy the tranquility and privacy of the sailboat, the best option is to sail to different shores but stay and sunbathe on the sailboat while enjoying the scenery.

Secluded sandy beach
After spending an entire day on the beach, rest in one of the Mykonos villas for rental

What Secret Mykonos Beaches Do You Need to Visit?

Even though everyone considers Mykonos a party island and most tourists who travel to Greece and rent Mykonos villas come to party in beach clubs, the island is still home to some of the most mesmerizing pristine beaches. Make sure that your yacht sails to secret beaches such as:

#2 On a Charter Superyacht, You Can Host an Important Event Right in the Middle of the Aegean Sea

Do you want to organize a luxury celebration such as a big wedding or a colorful bachelor party? One of the best reasons to invest in a charter superyacht is to invite exclusive guests to celebrate and party until sunrise.

One of the most beautiful places for a wedding, birthday party, or bachelor party is the coast of this popular Greek island. However, if you want to make the event even more glamorous, hosting it on the charter superyacht would be a game-changer.

Consult With a Concierge in Mykonos About Your Luxury Event on a Charter Yacht

Do you need private chefs for your celebration? How about special decorations and a musical act? For all the intricacies connected with your party on a superyacht, turn to your Mykonos concierge upon renting one of the luxury villas in Mykonos.

Make sure that everything goes according to plan by relying on the most trustworthy helpers on the destination. From music, food, seating, flower arrangements, and organization, everything will be taken care of effortlessly.

People toasting on a boat
Call a concierge to arrange a beauty treatment in one of the luxury villa rentals in Mykonos

#3 One of the Best Reasons to Get a Yacht on Mykonos Is to Explore the Fascinating History of Nearby Cyclades

The most compelling reason to secure a charter yacht is to delve into the captivating history of the Cyclades. You can effortlessly navigate through Greek mythology and history while visiting various islands and stopping at Delos, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis.

Discover ancient ruins in Delos – a sacred place of ancient Greece. Other destinations you can visit for historical significance are Milos, Santorini, Syros, and Naxos Island.

Rent a Sailboat or a Catamaran for Exploring Different Islands

We recommend that you rent a sailboat if you want to harness the power of the wind and glide from one idyllic destination to another. The classic charm of a sailboat offers a more intimate experience, perfect for tourists who want to seek a closer connection to the Aegean Sea.

Another suggestion we have for numerous tourists is renting a catamaran in case you want to enjoy spaciousness, stability, and modernity. With yachts such as catamarans, you will have multiple decks and ample room for relaxation, socializing, and taking in mesmerizing views of the islands.

Choose the vessel that would appeal the most to you, but make it a priority that exploring the islands in Greece is enjoyable for everyone.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of what this trip can look like.

#4 Go Diving and Get To See Shipwrecks Off the Coast of Mykonos

The depths of the Aegean Sea hold magnificent treasures. This summer, you will need to pack your GoPro device for recording underwater. Beneath the waves, you will find schools of fish, corals, seashells, and shipwrecks as well. With a yacht as a launchpad, you can set out on a thrilling scuba diving adventure and have a closer look at the underwater relics. Sites you can visit are:

  • Anna II Shipwreck,
  • Peloponisos,
  • Agia Anna,
  • Cave system at Tragonisi.

#5  Enjoy a Tailored and Private Experience of the Aegean

Do you want to have an opportunity to relax in absolute privacy and serenity? Apart from spending time in one of the best luxury villa rentals in Mykonos, you can also cruise through the cerulean waters on your private yachts and immerse yourself in total peace.

The freedom you will have on a charter yacht is to curate every aspect of the voyage, from selecting where to swim and what water sports activities to do to what gourmet meals to eat that are prepared by skilled onboard chefs.

Two women drinking wine on a boat
Feel glamorous just like in your luxury Mykonos villa

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