What to Do on a Rainy Day on Mykonos

Experiencing rainfall on vacation is not the best-case scenario and is something most people fear from. However, a rainy day on Mykonos does not necessarily have to be a waste of time. There are plenty of fun things you can do, even when it is pouring outside. Want to hear more about these bad weather activities? Keep reading!

Chances of Having a Rainy Day on Mykonos During the Summer Are Minimal

If you are planning to travel to Greece and vacation on Mykonos, you may be wondering whether rainfalls are common in this part of the country. Whether or not you’ll experience rain during your stay mainly depends on the month you are traveling.

If you are planning a summer vacation – the chances of experiencing rainfall are pretty minimal. This island rarely gets any rain during the summer season from May to September. These months are usually always sunny with a pleasant climate. However, during the fall and winter months, the chances are higher you’ll experience some cloudy and rainy days.

December Is the Month With the Highest Rainfall Averages

If you are not a fan of rainy weather, you should avoid going on an island vacation during the fall and winter months. The rainfall season here starts in September, but December weather is the “worst,” with the highest number of days with high chances of precipitation.

This is the month with the highest percentage of rainfall, with an average rainfall of 2.6 inches. However, if you prefer occasional rainfall days over snow and freezing temperatures in your home country – winter holidays and Christmas on the beach might be a perfect choice.

Sunset over a windmill
The chances that you will experience rain during the summer on Mykonos are pretty minimal

Wondering What to Do on a Rainy Day on Mykonos? Here Are Some Great Suggestions

Experiencing rainfall during your vacation in Greece can be a bit stressful, especially if you have only 3 days or you have already planned some outdoor activities to make the most of your holiday. However, just because you have to spend some time inside, it doesn’t mean that that day is wasted. Quite the contrary, there are many fun things to do on this island that don’t require being outside in bad weather.

Visit Some of the Best Restaurants in the Main Town Serving Greek Food and Try Something New

Visiting some of the best restaurants on this destination and trying delicious Greek food is something that must be on your trip itinerary, regardless of the weather. However, if it is already raining outside, then it is a perfect occasion to spend your afternoon inside a beautiful taverna with a pleasant atmosphere. Trying out some traditional Greek dishes will surely brighten up your day.

Pay a Visit to Some of the Popular Museums and Galleries

If you are someone who loves learning about the history of Greece, culture, and art – you must visit the popular museums and galleries located mostly in the main town (Chora). Gray weather is the perfect time to go around some of the most beautiful historical museums or contemporary art galleries – depending on what interests you the most. This can also be a great activity if you are on a family vacation and want to entertain your kids in an educational way. Museums and galleries you should consider visiting are:

  • Archeological Museum,
  • Aegean Maritime Museum,
  • Dio Horia,
  • HOFA Gallery,
  • Minima Gallery,
  • Eden Fine Art Gallery.

Have a Relaxing and Pampering Session in One of the Local Salons

Not being able to chill on the beach is a great opportunity to book a spa or pampering day. This destination is full of different wellness and spa centers and beauty parlors, so you can make an appointment and have some quality “me time.”

If you are on a honeymoon vacation, booking a spa appointment and a relaxing massage for you and your partner could be a really nice and romantic activity. It is a great chance to give yourself a break from being an active tourist and spend some time taking care of your mind and soul.

Women in a nail salon
Going to a spa or salon is one of the fun things you can do while it’s pouring outside

Spending Time Indoors Is Much More Fun When You’re in a Private Mykonos Villa

To some people, staying inside the house sounds like a very boring thing – but if your home is one of the Mykonos villas for rental, then it is the best thing ever. If you choose to book one of the private villas in Mykonos for your vacation – being inside will be one of your favorite things about your vacation. Especially because you will have full freedom and privacy to enjoy the luxury and chic interiors of these houses.

Mykonos Luxury Villas Come With Numerous Entertaining Amenities

The best thing about luxury Mykonos villas for rent is that they have numerous entertaining facilities and amenities, and you will be provided with anything you could require. You can organize a fun dinner night and invite a private chef to cook, or you can swim in your private pool despite the rainfall. Staying in a villa has many perks, and in case you have some special requests, just contact your Mykonos concierge.

Villa Paul on Mykonos
Staying inside doesn’t sound so bad when you’re in a gorgeous villa

The Ace VIP Is Here to Help You Organize Your Ideal Vacation

Suppose you are on vacation, it starts raining, and you wish to organize something fun for yourself and your loved ones. If you have the best concierge VIP services on Mykonos, that would not be a problem. The Ace VIP team can be at your service whether you are interested in hiring a private chef, getting table reservations in restaurants, or organizing a spa day in your Mykonos villa rental. Our mission is to ensure you have the most amazing stay, regardless of the weather.