Besides being a popular partying destination, Mykonos also offers a more adventurous side for those who enjoy an exciting adrenaline rush from time to time. Paradise beach diving in Mykonos is just the right thing to spice up your summer holiday in Greece if you are interested in a more active vacation. Let’s learn more about this exciting beach and its surrounding underwater world.

Besides Being the Hot Spot for Partying, Paradise Beach Is Also Great for Water Sports

Since Mykonos is best known for being a party island, its beautiful beaches are usually associated with good music, beach clubs, and known for being a great place to stay for partying. The most famous of all Mykonos beaches is the fabulous Paradise Beach. This beach is actually what brought tourism to this destination back in the 1970s.

At first sight, the beach bars, parasols, and sunbeds seem like a perfect place to relax and enjoy sunbathing. However, on this gorgeous beach, you can also experience some super exciting activities. As a matter of fact, the water activities this beach can offer you are one of the most fun things you must try while on your summer vacation.

How to Get to Paradise Beach in Mykonos, Greece?

The beach is located on the island’s southern side, around 20 minutes from the main town – Chora, where all the best hotels and some of the most famous restaurants are located. You can simply take a bus from the main station in Chora – Fabrika station and have a short bus ride to Paradise.

If you are not a fan of public transportation, you can get a taxi or perhaps rent a car. This beach is within a short walking distance from Paraga Beach, the beautiful Agia Anna, the gorgeous beach Platys Gialos, and the famous Psarou Beach.

Paradise beach

Even though it’s most famous for parties, Paradise beach also offers fun water activities

If You Are Interested in Paradise Beach Diving – Mykonos Diving Center Has a Course for You

Even though Mykonos is most famous for its luxurious side and being the vacation spot of the high-end clientele, it is also a very known fact that the island offers some incredible sites for lovers of scuba. Mykonos is known for being one of the top places for underwater exploring, especially among the Cyclades.

There are a few different centers on the island that offer various water activities. However, Mykonos diving center on Paradise Beach is the one you should go to if you’re already situated in this area. Exploring the rich marine life of Greek islands and the beautiful underwater world of the Aegean Sea is an experience of a lifetime – but you need help from professionals to achieve it.

This organization is dedicated to training individuals to become great divers so everyone can have the opportunity to explore the amazing underwater world, which is usually hidden from the human eye.

This Expert Center Offer Various Diving Activity Programs, Courses, Tours, and Everything You Might Need

The center was established in 1978 in Psarou, but since 2007 it has been operating from Paradise. Their team offers high-quality services to thousands of divers every year. Their wide range of services includes underwater excursions around Cycladic islands, training, courses for beginners, and everything you could possibly need for the best diving adventure.

There are numerous programs to choose from, depending on the weather that day, but also your experience and skills. You can contact or visit their team and figure out which program will be the best choice for you. Some of the most popular courses are:

  • Open water diver course (entry-level) – 460 EUR,
  • Advanced open water (5 dives) – 350 EUR,
  • Scuba re-activate course (one dive) – 175 EUR,
  • Specialty courses – from 140 to 300 EUR,
  • Leadership courses – 900 EUR.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, this center has programs for all kinds of divers. Here you can get various types of certifications based on your training level and the courses you take. If your wish is to dive only recreationally, you will be provided with the best instructors, great equipment, and numerous sites to explore.

Man scuba diving

Scuba diving is an activity everyone should try out at least once in their life

This Incredible Island Offers Some of the Most Amazing Diving Sites You Could Possibly Experience as a Diver

Once you figure out the essential things about scuba with a team of professionals, you will be ready to explore some real attractions underneath the sea. The underwater sights of the Aegean islands are more heart-stopping than you could possibly imagine. Exploring these inspiring sub-aquatic sites will be a lifetime adventure you will cherish forever.

Our Advice Is to Check Out the Incredible Shipwrecks and Dive Around the Lia Reef

There are numerous things you can see around the coast of The Island of the Winds, but its underwater is on a completely different level. The underwater shipwrecks are well known for being the most popular playground for divers.

The two shipwrecks near the coast are called The Anna II and the Peloponnese wreck. The Ana II awaits at 25 meters of depth and is in pristine condition to date. Your underwater instructors will take you on a tour of these unique wrecks, and you will be able to have a close encounter with gorgeous marine life and fascinating species.

The Lia Reef, near Lia Beach, is also a famous underwater site in Greece, about 24 meters deep, offering a spectacular view of marine life and a large number of colorful sponges. You will be introduced to some unique marine species and have a thrilling tour of the gorgeous sea world. These beautiful spots are available for both experienced and non-experienced divers.

 Underwater shipwreck

Exploring underwater shipwrecks is an epic adventure

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