Oregano Mykonos Cook & Grill Restaurant

If you are in a mood for some authentic Greek hospitality and authentic Greek food, Oregano Mykonos is the place to go.

There’s no better way to get to know some area, its customs and people than by going to a restaurant that serves national cuisine.

This place is favored by locals and that speaks volumes about the authenticity of the food they are serving and the ongoing atmosphere.

Comfort food, affordable prices and excellent service are more than enough convincing reasons to go there.

Oregano Mykonos is One Big, Happy, Greek Home Open for All

The interior design emulates home and the warmth of the authentic Greek house.

It is built as a perfect unity of natural materials and the Mediterranean colors: white, blue, sandy yellow and nude.

The wooden beams, old fashioned chairs and all the small details scattered around breathe freshness and Mediterranean spirit completing the whole dining experience.

Named after one of the staple herbs in Greek cuisine, oregano, it is centered towards bringing authentic Greek tastes to its customers.

If you wanted to embark on the journey of the Greek tastes and smells, there’s really a no better place than Oregano Cook and Grill.

What You Have to Try in Oregano Mykonos Restaurant

The menu is carefully crafted to emulate Greek home cooking.

Start with meze, of course. Then order some pita, souvlaki, greek salads, gyros, fresh fish dishes or mousaka.

You can’t go wrong with either of them. Couple your meal with some great wines and you are well of on the end of your Greek cuisine journey.

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