Let’s say you’re planning a summer getaway to some beautiful Greek island in the Aegean Sea, and you’re thinking about what island is the best. Mykonos and Samos are both popular tourist attractions, but who would win in the Mykonos vs. Samos battle? Keep reading to find out which island we believe is the perfect vacation destination for people worldwide.

What Are the Main Differences Between These Greek Islands?

As we mentioned above, both Greek islands are popular tourist destinations located in the Aegean sea. So what are some main differences you should take into consideration if you’re planning on booking a vacation on one of them?

Samos Is More Rural Than Mykonos

In the past few decades, Mykonos has gone through a significant transformation. From being a traditional Greek island known for its pure Mediterranean vibe, it has come to be a major cosmopolitan destination for tourists coming from all over the world.

Samos, on the other hand, is not as popular or developed as Mykonos. To some people, the villages and traditional houses of Samos might be charming, but Mykonos is a better choice for people looking for a luxurious vacation to splurge on.

Mykonos Town vs. Vathy

Comparing the capitals of these two islands might help you understand better just how different these destinations are. While Mykonos Town is the place with the best hotels and most luxurious vacationing spots, Vathy is one of the oldest villages and ports of Samos, with charming architecture.

Both Mykonos and Vathy have rich history and culture, but Mykonos is now much more associated with glamorous vacations and high-end tourism. Vathy’s vibe is much more laid back, and you can still feel the traditional atmosphere, where you’ll feel like a native.

Boat in the water in the Vathy town

Vathy is a small but charming village in Samos

Which Island Has Better Beaches – Mykonos vs. Samos?

Mykonos is well known for its paradise beaches, which are very popular on social media, as they are some of the most Instagrammable spots. This glamorous island is filled with great beach clubs, resorts, parties, and water sports – which is perfect for people that love a dynamic holiday.

On the other hand, Samos beaches are famous for their natural green environment with picturesque ambiance. The beach clubs are not as popular as the ones in Mykonos, but there are a few fun spots on beaches such as Kokkari, Lemonakia, Myykali, And Tsamadou.

However, both Mykonos and Samos have secluded beaches that are more of a private sphere, frequently visited by nudists. So in this battle of Samos vs. Mykonos, Mykonos would probably be a better destination. It has a wider range of different beaches so everyone can find a spot that they can enjoy.

View of paradise beach in Mykonos

Mykonos has many stunning paradise beaches

You Won’t Have to Search for Long to Find Affordable Accommodations in Samos and Vathy

For some people, the price of a vacation to a certain destination is a deal-breaker. If you’re traveling on a budget, Samos would be a better option since it is much more affordable, and the prices of accommodation and general expenses are lower than in Mykonos. It’s possible to travel to Mykonos on a budget, but Samos is still a cheaper option.

The average price of a seven-day trip to the island of Samos for a solo traveler would be around $1,200, while for Mykonos, it’s around $2,000. For a family of four, you would have to pay around $4,000 for Samos and up to $8,000 for Mykonos. So yes, Samos is much more budget-friendly.

Kokkari village on Samos island

Compared to Mykonos, Samos is a very affordable destination

Speaking of Accommodations, Mykonos Offers Better Options for You to Book

Accommodations are one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing where to book your next vacation. Samos has a great number of accommodations, but the selection is not as wide as it is on Mykonos. Although the island has a great number of beautiful resorts, Mykonos is a better choice for fans of real glamor and luxury.

Mykonos Hotel and Villa Selection Is Unparalleled Both in Greece and the World Overall

The luxury hotels and a wide range of luxury Mykonos villas for rental are unparalleled, representing some of the top accommodations in the world. On Mykonos, you have an enormous number of places to choose from – luxurious resorts with fine dining restaurants and incredible wellness facilities. All this combined is something you’ll rarely find anywhere else.

Luxury Villa on Mykonos

Private villas in Mykonos are one of the most luxurious places you could stay at

What Are the Flight Prices From Mykonos to Samos?

In case you like both of these destinations, and you maybe want to visit both of them during your summer vacation, you should get all the information about the ways you can travel from Mykonos to Samos and the other way around.

Prices for plane tickets from Mykonos airport to Samos vary, mostly depending on the season. During summer seasons, tickets cost up to around 200 EUR, while in other months, you can find them for around 100 EUR for a round-trip.

If You Don’t Want to Fly, You Can Also Travel Between These Islands by a Ferry

A more affordable option for traveling from Mykonos to Samos would be a ferry. The Mykonos – Vathi ferry route connects Samos with the Cyclades Islands. Unfortunately, only one ferry company is currently operating this route, and it’s the Hellenic Seaways. They operate up to one time each week, and the trip lasts around 5 hours. The ferries start their routes on the old Mykonos harbor and dock at the New Port of Tourlos in Vathi.

The Harbor in Mykonos

Although not as direct as flying, ferries are a very affordable option for traveling between these two islands

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