When planning to travel to one of the world’s most exciting places, your itinerary should be well prepared, and not just when it comes to party clubs, but Mykonos town restaurants as well. If you would like to learn more about the best restaurants in the heart of the island, this article will be of great help to you and your taste buds.

#1 Try the Freshest Fish in One of the Best Seafood Restaurants in Mykonos – Gryparis

Located just below one of the most famous attractions on the island, Mykonos windmills, Gryparis is a thirty years old restaurant treasuring the island’s history and legacy of old masters. It is located in one of the most beautiful areas on the island, so the surroundings won’t disappoint you.

Besides great food, this authentic spot also offers one of the most beautiful views of the Aegean Sea and the most charming neighborhood – Little Venice. This might be the most romantic spot and is perfect if you’re looking for a date location during your honeymoon holiday or you’re celebrating a special occasion.

This Restaurant Serves the Most Delicious Seafood Dishes

You can’t visit Mykonos without exploring the amazing Greek cuisine. If you are interested in Mediterranean fish, you shouldn’t look further than Gryparis. They have been preparing the best seafood in unique ways, blending authentic cooking practices with contemporary service. This seafood restaurant will surprise you with the freshest and most delicious seafood dishes.

Fresh seafood

If you are a fan of fresh fish and seafood – Gryparis is the spot for you

#2 Located on the Best Sunset Address – The 180°Bar Is Waiting for You to Explore It

If you are interested in fine dining while enjoying the most beautiful view of the sunset, then the 180°Sunset Bar is the perfect choice for you and your vacation buddies. It is located on a little hill and offers a panoramic view of the entire Chora, including the whitewashed buildings, a nearby beach, and the ferry port. Besides the fabulous exterior, the restaurant also offers plenty of interesting evening events and a delicious Greek menu with a contemporary twist.

Enjoy a Fine Dinner With Some of the Most Interesting Cocktails

It’s hard to decide whether this place has a better food offer or a variety of delicious cocktails. However, if you’re a fan of this combination – then 180° Sunset Bar is the right address for you.

Their menu is a combination of popular food with an abundance of international influences and contemporary techniques. However, to enjoy everything this sensational place has to offer, don’t forget to make reservations at least two weeks in advance.

#3 Experience the Traditional Greek Cuisine in an Authentic Interior of Eva’s Garden Taverna

If you are a fan of simplicity and authenticity – tavernas are an ideal place for you. One of the most special Greek restaurants is Eva’s Garden, offering a traditional menu with some of the most delicious dishes. Tucked in the heart of Chora, this charming spot is ideal for dinner when you’re on a family vacation or you would like to enjoy some local music.

Eva’s Garden Offer Some Traditional Mykonos and Greek Dishes You Must Try Out

If one of your main goals on your vacation is to try local food and explore authentic Mykonos, this is the perfect spot for it. Their menu is filled with typical dishes from Greece, from starters to main dishes, and wines from local vineyards. Some of their specialties you should definitely try are:

  • Dolmades Avgolemono (stuffed vine leaves with minced meat, rice & egg-lemon sauce),
  • Spinach pie,
  • Tarama (preserved fish roe, potato, lemon, & sun oil),
  • Grilled octopus,
  • Shrimps Saganaki (tomato, parsley, feta cheese, garlic, & wine),
  • Moussaka (the famous national dish of Greece),
  • Eva’s Pork Filet (mustard, honey & black beer sauce).

#4 Vento Restaurant Offers the Most Interesting Mix of Greek and Italian Tradition

The majority of gastronomic nomads will tell you that Mediterranean food is one of the most interesting and delicious in Europe. If you want to test this statement, we recommend you visit Vento Restaurant in Chora.

This unique place offers a mix of authentic Italian and Greek cuisine and offers a variety of exciting dishes. Here you can try the freshest pasta, Mediterranean salads, and Italian pizzas – all made from organic ingredients from local farms in Greece.

Vento Is Located on the Beach Shore in One of the Most Charming Areas in Town

Besides delicious food, this place also offers a great atmosphere. If you like dining in lovely interiors with the most pleasant atmosphere, this is the place you should visit while on vacation. Whether you are looking for a place for a tasty traditional breakfast close to your Mykonos villa or a tranquil spot for a romantic dinner – Vento will be the perfect spot.


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#5 Famous Kalita Restaurant Offers a Sensational Combination of Tradition & Passion

Located in the heart of Chora, Kalita offers its guests a contemporary menu with various flavors. With an impressive list of authentic Greek food with a modern twist and a long list of great local wines – Kalita is a perfect spot for enjoying a nice dinner with friends or family.

Kalita Has a Very Interesting Desserts Menu

If you have a sweet tooth and love enjoying various desserts – trying out sweets made by chefs in Kalita is one of the things you must do on your holiday. Here you will find some typical Greek desserts like Baklava and Pavlova, but also international cakes served in a unique way. Ensure you make a reservation on time, and prepare for a gastronomic sensation of a lifetime.


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