There’s hardly a better place you can travel to this summer than Mykonos. This heavenly part of the land in the Aegean Sea can offer you a wide range of fun activities, including an exciting ride on a helicopter – Mykonos to Santorini helicopter tours are among the most popular ones, and for a good reason. Check out all about this transfer, and learn why it is a perfect addition to your already fantastic Greek vacation.

How to Get the Best View of the Cycladic Islands? With a Stunning Helicopter Tour, Of Course

When you finally find yourself on The Island of the Winds, the most beautiful tourist destination in Greece, you’ll be faced with countless possibilities. There is so much to do in Mykonos and so many breathtaking places to see on this island. You will probably first run to the closest beach to dip your toes into the sea and join the party in a beach club – understandably because this is what Mykonos is famous for.

But there’s more to this place than that – Mykonos can offer you a relaxing experience as well. Do you want to see the natural beauties and the amazing views of the horizon? If so, it sounds like you could enjoy a helicopter sightseeing tour. Where shall you fly off to? There’s no better place nearby than Santorini – it’s another lovely Greek island in the Aegean Sea you’ll be glad to have visited during your travel to Greece.

With These Tours, Santorini Can Be Included in Your Mykonos Vacation

Helicopter flights are the smartest way to include Santorini into your Mykonos vacation. With these tours, you can have a two-for-one kind of travel experience. You’ll get the best that Greece has to offer – staying in luxurious accommodation in Mykonos, yet getting to see more than this island. Trust us – sightseeing in this part of Greece is definitely worth it. You’ll see stunning views that will stay in your memory for life.

View of Mykonos town

Travel the skies – flights will show you another perspective of Cycladic islands

Private Mykonos to Santorini Helicopter Transfer – We Can Help You Cruise the Skies Like Zeus

Now that you’ve decided to see things from a bird’s point of view for one day, the question is where to book your flight. There are many flight options for tours around Cycladic islands, but you surely want the best one. In that case, you should definitely book a private transfer to get to your desired destination. While you’re in Mykonos, embrace the hedonistic lifestyle that is a trademark of this Greek place. Why bother sharing your flight with other tourists when you can simply book a private one and enjoy sightseeing to its fullest?

Book a Helicopter Tour With The Ace Vip for the Ultimate Experience

When it comes to private flights anywhere around Mykonos, there’s no one better to take care of you than The Ace Vip. We offer all the services you could possibly need during your stay, and a transfer to any nearby islands falls under that. Let us make your one-day trip to Santorini magical – book your transfer with us, and enjoy the flight like no other. We’ll make sure you see everything from Zeus’ point of view and have an amazing time.

View of Santorini

Get on a private flight to another one of the stunning Greek islands

Hop Onto One of Our Magnificent Helicopters and Quickly Get to Santorini for Lunch and Drinks

Thanks to our professional services, you will get to Santorini in no time. Flights between these two places only take about 40 minutes – so make sure you soak in the view as much as possible. Luckily, you will get to see it once more on your way back to Mykonos. Also, let us mention one more tip for you.

The view when approaching Santorini is magical – keep your eyes wide open while we approach the land. The same goes for Mykonos. Regardless of where you decide to land on your way back (whether near Mykonos town or somewhere near your villa), you will see a spectacular view of Mykonos from the air. It’s the perfect way to end the Santorini-Mykonos helicopter ride.

How to Organize This Trip and Get the Most Out of Your Day?

Even though the time to get to Santorini isn’t long, we suggest you start your travel early so that you can spend an entire day in Santorini and see as much as possible. Obviously, you wouldn’t miss out on the best beaches here – Red Beach is likely the most impressive one, while Perissa and Kamari don’t fall much behind.

We can also fly you to the most famous villages here, Oia and Imerovigli – you must get a few stunning photos with the view of the sea in the distance. Naturally, you will have lunch and drinks here, and in the afternoon, we can transfer you back to Mykonos. After the flight, you’ll have enough time to get ready for the evening and enjoy the fabulous Mykonos nightlife.

View of Mykonos town in the sunset

Your private flights will end in the late afternoon – you can get to a party in the evening

Reach Out to The Ace Vip for More Fabulous Services, Including the Best Accommodation in Mykonos

Fabulous flights are just a part of The Ace Vip’s luxurious services. If you want to find the perfect place to stay while in Mykonos, Greece, you should check out some luxury Mykonos villas here. Our private villas in Mykonos are the best, and we have no doubt you will find the one that suits all your needs for accommodation. During your stay, you will have our professional concierge services available, and we can also provide you with a car rental that will make it easy to get around Mykonos and explore its beauties.