Swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea is an incredible experience which is why most people vacation on the beautiful Greek coast. However, exploring Mykonos swimming caves in Greece and diving in such beautiful environments is an activity that tops everything else. If you are an adventurous type of traveler that loves revealing new idyllic spots, this is a perfect guide for you.

Swimming in the Gorgeous Secluded Caves Around Mykonos Is the Best Holiday Experience You Could Have

Even though Mykonos is most famous for being the popular party island and the home to the most luxurious hotels and resorts, as well as high-end beach clubs, not everything on this island is about the glitz and glam. This place has a very tranquil side to it and wild nature, which attracts many people who love spending summertime in beautiful nature, secluded beaches, and unique surroundings.

If you want your island vacation to be adventurous and filled with interesting yacht tours where you are going to be exploring all the beautiful beaches here that are hard to reach and the nearby islands – this is a guide for you. Besides swimming around the coast of beautiful Cycladic islands, you might as well experience what it is like to be inside some of the most beautiful swimming caves.

These are some of the most interesting spots for water activities, such as diving and snorkeling, but also popular Instagram spots for those who wish to take some unique vacation photos. Trust us when we say these caverns are spots you don’t want to miss out on.

Mykonos swimming cave

Caverns around the Cycladic islands offer a unique and outstanding experience

Tragonisi Island Is Home to One of The Most Famous Mykonos Swimming Caves

Most Mykonian beaches are famous for being partying spots and luxurious places with some of the most fun beach bars. Even though there are various kinds of beaches on this island, in order to experience the unique feeling of diving into the cave pool, you will have to travel to the nearby Tragonisi. Tragonisi island is located near the eastern side of Mykonos and is very close to its coast. You can get to Tragonisi by a 10-minute boat ride away from the Mykonian coast.

Tragonisi Is Suitable for Various Water Activities, but Swimming in Its Caves Is Something Special

Diving and snorkeling around Tragonisi island are some of the favorite summer activities among many tourists who love trying out fun things to do. This small, uninhabited, rocky island is also home to a beautiful and unique cave pool. This kind of natural pool is suitable for all divers, regardless of their experience. Its depth goes from 3 to 30 m, making it the perfect diving heaven.

While swimming or diving around the Tragonisi caverns, you will encounter plenty of different chambers and tunnels, as well as a unique marine environment. This small island is a protected nature reserve and home to a unique animal – the Monachus monachus seal. You might even have a close encounter in the water pool with this beautiful creature if you’re lucky enough.

Tragonisi island cave

Tragonisi cave is known for its green-looking color of the sea

The Stapodia Island Also Offers an Incredible Cave for Exploring

An island located a bit further away from Tragonis is Stapodia (Xtapodia), and it takes around 25 minutes to get to its coast. It is also uninhibited without any kind of facilities. This place, however, offers some magnificent nature and sites you’ve never seen before. It is also popular among divers who love experiencing various caverns.

The caverns of Stapodia are famous for their rich marine life and dives going on to an average of 25 m. While snorkeling or diving around these special turquoise blue caves, you will encounter specific marine life, including different kinds of sea creatures such as colorful sponges and beautiful seals. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced divers.

Private yacht on Mykonos

With a private yacht, you can visit all the secluded islands around Greece

Explore These Gorgeous Caves With the GoDive Mykonos Diving Resort Organization

GoDive Mykonos Diving Resort is a professional PADI Dive Resort on the island that offers many enthusiasts a unique experience of diving around some of the most interesting spots on the coast of The Island of the Winds.

Besides exploring popular underwater attractions, shipwrecks, and beautiful reefs, you can also go on organized tours to the previously mentioned caverns. The resort is situated on Lia Beach, in the southeastern part of the island. However, their team can pick you up from any Mykonos villa or hotel you’re staying at.

Besides Cave Swimming, You Can Try Out Plenty of Different Tours and Courses

If you’ve never tried diving before, maybe you don’t want your first dive to be so adventurous. Maybe you are interested in learning some basic skills and figuring out how to use your equipment before deciding to go on a real tour.

Once you go through a couple of courses, you can try joining the team on some of the more serious diving tours. On the following list, you can see some of the common tours they do and their prices:

  • Deep Diver (2 days – 4 dives) – 330 EUR,
  • Wreck Diver (2 days – 4 dives) – 330 EUR,
  • Night Diver (2 nights – 2 dives) – 240 EUR,
  • Boat Diver (1 day – 2 dives) – 185 EUR,
  • Sea Safari (2 or 4 hours Private Boat trip, up to 6 persons) – 550/750 EUR.

The Ace VIP Team Can Rent You a Private Yacht So You Can Explore the Caverns on Your Own

Because everyone has their own special needs and preferences, The Ace VIP team is here to listen to everyone’s unique requests and fulfill them. Some people perhaps don’t enjoy diving, or they are not fans of group tours, which is why we can help you organize a personal trip itinerary according to your wishes with complete privacy.

The Ace VIP team will rent you some of the most exclusive yachts and provide you with a boat staff that will take care of you and your companions the entire time. You can create your own itinerary and time schedule in order to have a unique experience of exploring the island’s caverns in privacy. Besides gorgeous yachts, we can book you the best accommodation in some of the most luxurious private villas in Mykonos.

While enjoying your vacation in one of our Mykonos villas for rental, our concierge services will be available to you on demand, whenever you wish them to be. Contact us today and grab your opportunity to have the most unforgettable holiday in Greece.