Watching the dark night sky slowly turn orange and the sun rising from the Aegean Sea while the sound of waves beach relaxes you is the ultimate holiday experience. Forget about the busy life and your job at home, just focus on relaxing as the sun rises. Mykonos sunrise is mesmerizing, and you shouldn’t miss it when you travel to the island. Also, we know where to go to catch the best view.

When Does the Sun Rise in Greece, Throughout the Year?

Do you know when you have to wake up? It will always be different based on the time of the year you spend in Greece. During December, January, and February, the sun rises at approximately 7:30 AM. During the spring months, the sunrises will be at 6:50 AM.

During the peak of the season in June, July, and August, the sunrises will be at 6 AM, while during the autumn months, they will be at about 7:15 AM. The day length will be longer during summer as well.

Sea and the sun

Expect to catch times of sunrises later during January, February, and March

You Can Jog or Swim While Watching Mykonos Sunrise

This place is always packed with people. The main Mykonos town – Chora, is always busy, and the tourists are on the Mykonian beaches constantly. Then when the sun sets, various beach bars organize parties, so the majority of people come to the beaches again.

If you want a bit of peace and quiet just for yourself, you can wake up before 6 AM during the peak session and catch the sunrise. During this time, the only sound you will hear is the sound of the waves.

It’s a great opportunity for early birds to go jogging or swimming in the sea. If you want to get some mental clarity and focus on your health during your vacation, this is the best way to do it. You don’t have to wait until it gets light outside to go running or swimming.

What Is the Best Jogging Route for Early Morning Hours?

The best route for jogging is to simply go to the Mykonian coast and either choose to jog south or north across Chora, the main town. A great thing to do is to start jogging from Mykonian port and follow the route north of about 4 km. You will have to enjoy a scenic view, while the hilly path will challenge you a bit physically.

If you choose to run on beaches, the best path is in the southern part of the island, from Petinos Beach Hotel to Paradise Beach, where you can rest and go swimming as well. These times on the island are precious, so truly enjoy them.

A woman jogging

Leave your Mykonos villa and spend an hour jogging early in the morning

Cure Your Hangover After a Wild Club Night

Most parties are organized at bars and Mykonian clubs, such as

  • Skandinavian Bar,
  • Scarpa,
  • Tropicana Club
  • Cavo Paradiso,
  • Addiction Club.

They all end their parties at about 4 or 5 AM. You can choose to call a private driver to transport you immediately to one of the luxury villas in Mykonos you are staying at, or you can stay to watch the sun rise and unwind a bit from dancing and drinking all night long.

It will lessen the effects of tequila, and you will get over the hangover just in time for the next party when it gets dark again.

What Are the Best Locations for Watching Sunrises After a Night Out?

We recommend staying at Little Venice for sunrises after partying in the nearby bars. This is also the best spot for watching the sunset. It might be the most beautiful location for taking Instagram photos.

The popular Mykonian Kato Windmills are close to Little Venice, so you can stroll there and search for the best spot. If you want to relax and listen to the waves, head down to Kapari Beach since it offers a bit of seclusion.

View of the houses in Little Venice

Don’t go to one of the Mykonos villas for rent right away, relax a bit by the windmills

There’s Nothing Better Than Drinking a Cup of Coffee and Watching the Sunrise From Your Luxury Mykonos Villa

A day on the island is usually packed with different activities. One can hardly keep up with the pace. If you sleep in, it will be impossible to experience everything Greece has to offer before you go home. The best thing to do is to wake up early, prepare a cup of coffee in one of the Mykonos villas for rental and watch the sunrise.

This is the ideal time to plan out everything you have for the day, whether it’s going to be enjoying water sports, going sailing on a yacht rental in Mykonos, or going on a cruise to another island. The best thing about getting up early is that you will manage to do everything planned out for the day and experience the total excitement of the destination.

A view of the sea from Mykonos villa

Maybe the best spot on the island for watching sunrises is one of the Mykonos luxury villas

Both Sunrise and Sunset Hours Are Prime Time for Snapping Instagrammable Photos

The beauty of the island can hardly be captured in pictures. The lively atmosphere and the uniqueness of this part of Greece have to be experienced. But, if you make sure to take stunning photographs, you might get to show others a glimpse of the fun and beauty.

If you want to capture striking panoramic photos, make sure that you do it at the right time. Early mornings during the sunrise are what you should aim for. The twilight is also very pretty for taking pics in some of these destinations.

What Places Are Ideal for Taking Photos During a Sunset and Sunrise?

We recommend taking photos of the Ano Mera village at sunrise or sunset. The natural beauty and the picturesque houses are authentic. Then, a great location for taking scenic photos for Instagram is the Armenistis Lighthouse. You can spend hours taking amazing photographs of this historic landmark. Castle Panigirakis is also a perfect spot for photographers. At times you might feel like there are always a few extra shots that would capture the moment.

Panoramic view of Ano Mera

Head to Ano Mera village or Armenistis Lighthouse to take beautiful pictures

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