While a summer vacation for most people means cocktails on the beach and getting a tan, some people like a little bit more adventure and action. If you’re someone that needs some activity during your vacation in Mykonos, Greece, fishing is the right choice for you. You’ll be catching fish in the waters of the Aegean Sea – that’s not something you do every day.

Can You Go Fishing on The Island of the Winds?

Even though it’s known as a party island, Mykonos has so much more to offer than some sleepless nights. There are countless fun activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and other amazing water activities. But fishing might be the best one. It’s an experience you will never forget, and it’s a guaranteed day of fun. You will be out in the water, bathing in the sun, looking at the gorgeous views, and waiting for a fish to bite. What could be better than that?

Do You Need A Special Fishing License in Mykonos, Greece?

The great news is that you do not need any special license or certification in order to fish in Greece. This applies to fishing from the shore, which isn’t very popular in Mykonos, and to fishing from boats, but only if it’s amateur fishing for recreational purposes. The only thing you should know is that nets and explosives are forbidden, as well as using spears.

What Kinds of Fish Can You Expect to Find Attached to Your Hook?

The best thing about fishing is the anticipation. You never know what fish will bite and what you will drag out of the water, and when you’re enjoying your favorite pastime in the waters of the Aegean Sea, the anticipation only gets higher because the possibilities are endless – you could even fish out a tuna or swordfish. However, chances are you will catch at least one octopus because they are very common around The Island of the Winds.

Octopus in the sea

You will most likely catch at least one octopus

You Can Go on a Day Cruise or a Private Fishing Tour

No matter if you’ve been doing it for years and you’re a pro, or you want to fish for the first time in your life while you’re in Greece, there are many organized fishing day trips to choose from where you can fish while cruising along the Aegean Sea. We can guarantee it will be your favorite memory to bring back home.

How Much Do Fishing Charters and Day Tours Cost?

When it comes to Greek islands, The Island of the Winds is by far the most expensive one. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find great deals on almost anything if you do some research. A trip can cost anywhere from 50 euros to 1,000 euros or even more. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

More expensive options are usually organized as a private trip, where you can either go alone or bring friends. You will have food and drinks available, and these options are always cheaper when there are more people involved.

Cheaper trips are also great, they are very traditional, but you probably won’t get the food and the drinks, and they are usually organized in larger groups of tourists. The price can also vary depending on where you will be going, whether or not you will be visiting the neighboring islands, and when you will be sailing.

A person holding euros

Day tours can get pretty expensive

If You Don’t Want to Go On a Tour, You Can Go Mykonos Deep Sea Fishing on Your Own

If you’re already an experienced fisherman and you don’t want to go on a tour with others – if you want to fish on your own, all you have to do is rent out a boat or one of the yachts, rent the equipment, and you’ll be completely free. You don’t have to follow any rules or tours. You can go fishing wherever and whenever you feel like it, without any limitations. You can even hire a private chef to grill the fish right on deck as soon as you get it out of the water.

You Can Always Turn to Your Concierge VIP Services Mykonos for Any Questions You May Have

A great thing about being in one of the private villas in Mykonos is that you will have your own Mykonos concierge available to you at any time. You can consult them regarding any questions or concerns you may have. If you’re not sure which tour would be the best or where to sail to if you’re going on your own, or perhaps you don’t know which beach is the best choice to fish at, feel free to ask the concierge as they know every inch of the island inside and out.

Men fishing on a boat in the sea

Your concierge will tell you what area is the best if you want to fish

In Mykonos, Greece, Fishing Is a Great Experience, So Book Your Luxury Mykonos Villa Rental in Time Start Packing Your Rods!

Mykonos is known for being a dream vacation destination. When you visit Mykonos, you will realize that the possibilities are endless. There are so many fun things to do and breathtakingly beautiful attractions to see, not to mention the delicious Greek food and the gorgeous beaches, as well as memorable and crazy nightclubs on the island. There are also many luxury Mykonos villas for rental, but if you want the best of the best – contact The Ace VIP and book one of our lavish and exclusive Mykonos luxury villas.

Another amazing thing about spending your summer vacation here is that you can create your dream holiday how you’d like. If you want to be active and explore all the hidden gems of the island, you can do so if you rent a car. Or, for example, if you love fishing, you can organize yourself a once-in-a-lifetime experience and book one of our Mykonos yacht rentals and fish right in the middle of the Aegean Sea.