In the past few years, dealing with a pandemic was challenging for everyone, but now that the situation is a little better, it is normal that you start wondering how to travel and want to find out more about Mykonos entry requirements. This magical island can help you relax and forget all about the tough times we’re dealing with.

Covid-19 Brought Many Changes to Our Life as Well as Travel Regulations and Restrictions

Unfortunately, the current reality is way different than everything we were used to, and yes, over the past few years, people adapted to wearing masks, avoiding crowds, and practicing a whole new set of self-protecting activities. One of the biggest and possibly the hardest changes that Coronavirus brought into our lives is the new traveling rules and safety measurements. People aren’t free to visit places as they were before – at least not without vaccines or negative test results.

Many people decide to avoid traveling to avoid unpleasant situations and potential problems. When it comes to traveling to Greece, rules can vary depending on the country you’re coming from, but this shouldn’t stop you from fulfilling your dreams and seeing its natural beauties. Mykonos is probably one of the most popular destinations in the whole country, and for a very good reason, so don’t let a pandemic stop you from seeing it.

You Might Not Need a Visa, But There Are Some Covid-19 Entry Requirements and Restrictions

Like all other countries, this one also has its unique requirements when it comes to traveling. These are rules formed by the government and authorities to prevent the spread of the virus. This is an especially important and very responsible task for countries that attract a lot of tourists, so it’s not surprising that Greeks often change their regulations to ensure the best possible protection for their residents and visitors.

As these rules can change on a daily or weekly level, it is important that you track these changes regularly to ensure your trip goes smoothly and without any complications. Apart from getting all the information online, it is best to contact the Greek embassy in your country and get first-hand information right before the trip. Also, investing in additional health insurance is always a good option.

Vaccine in a doctor's hand

Your passport and your Covid certificate are all you need to enter this country

What Are the Mykonos Entry Requirements During the Coronavirus Pandemic in Greece?

You’re probably already familiar with the typical Mykonos, Greece, entry requirements. If you’re already fully vaccinated, which is the first requirement if you want to enter Greece and most other European countries, you shouldn’t have any issues. However, you might also need one of the following things:

  • Proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test, undertaken within the 72 hours before arrival into the country,
  • Proof of a negative COVID-19 Antigen test from an authorized laboratory, undertaken within 24 hours before your arrival.

Authorities strongly recommend that travelers take a rapid or PCR test on the second and fourth day after arrival. Isolation (quarantine) of five days for travelers is currently not required, but this might change depending on the situation. Validity checks of COVID-19 vaccination certificates, recovery certificates, or recent negative PCR/Antigen test results are required to enter beauty salons, bars, cafes, and restaurants.

Unvaccinated persons aren’t allowed to enter any indoor restaurants, museums, cinemas, theaters, gyms, and meeting venues. Australian and non-EU certificates are currently not compatible with digital systems used to check certificates. You should be prepared to present a printed copy of your vaccination certificate along with your identity document.

You’ll Also Need the Greek Passengers Locator Form (PLF) to Travel and Entry Greece

You’ll also have to complete a Passengers Locator Form (PLF) 24 hours before arriving in Greece. You can complete this form online. You have to fill in your personal information, passport number, and also information about your stay, such as the address of the accommodation, flight number, and so on. After filling in the necessary information, you’ll receive a QR code by email. You must present it at the airport.

This form is required from everyone entering the country, whether by plane or a car. If you are already in Greece and travel to Mykonos from Athens or any other part of the country, you’ll also have to follow all the procedures. You may also need to have a negative Covid-19 test or vaccination/recovery certificate to be allowed to board a ferry from mainland Greece to the islands. Wearing masks is mandatory in planes and ferries.

A negative test result

Just for your own safety, it is recommended that you test yourself again a few days after entering the country

Don’t Worry – You Can Still Party on Mykonos While Following All the Required Safety Instructions

Social distancing doesn’t really fit in with your idea of clubbing at this popular party destination, doesn’t it? Truth to be told, people get more relaxed day by day, so hopefully, when summer season finally arrives, every beach bar and a club should work normally, as we all expect that the number of cases will drop by then.

Working days/hours might be changed, but we all hope for the best. In case you can’t party from dusk till dawn as you imagine, there are still plenty of activities you can engage in without risking your and others’ health. Relaxing at some of the finest beach clubs, spending your party fund on shopping in Mykonos, or eating at some of the finest Mykonos restaurants. Just follow our travel guide, and we’re sure you’ll love this place despite the strict requirements.

Tips for Traveling Safe During a Pandemic

These are some basic rules you should follow if you plan to travel during a pandemic and stay safe:

  • Get vaccinated,
  • Keep yourself updated on the entry requirements,
  • Get tested right before traveling or whenever you notice some symptoms,
  • Wear a mask,
  • Wash your hands frequently, especially in public places such as airports,
  • Keep your documents updated, printed, and translated if necessary,
  • Quarantine yourself a few days before and after traveling.
Girl traveling with a mask

If you visit this place, you should follow all the traveling instructions – wearing a mask is one of them

Ensure You Have a Comfortable Vacation by Renting a Luxury Private Villa

If staying in a hotel and sharing your space with other guests isn’t comfortable for you during the Coronavirus pandemic, renting a private villa might be a suitable solution for you and your family. You can also rent a car and use it to drive around and explore the island, without sharing a bus with other tourists on the island. This might also be a more economical option, especially for those who are traveling with a family. Last but not least, don’t let these “new normal” conditions and rules stop you from having the best vacation ever, Mykonos is waiting for you.