This little island in the Aegean Sea is known all over the world for its fun atmosphere and wildest parties. But, besides the famous cosmopolitan parties, some Mykonos celebrations are more known for their authenticity and long tradition. If you want to learn more about the local celebrations on this unique Cycladic island, stay tuned, you will surely want to join some of these unforgettable events while on holiday.

The Biggest Mykonos Celebrations Are the Religious Ones

Although it is mostly known for being a party island and an exclusive summer destination where all the celebrities stay, Mykonos also has a more traditional side to it. For example, the locals on the island are very religious, and there are numerous celebrations and feasts taking place here which are dedicated to Christianity.

Throughout the year, numerous Christian holidays are celebrated here in a joyful and traditional way, accompanied by lots of great music and the tastiest Greek food. Some of the most popular religious celebrations are:

  • St Nicholas Day (6th December) – on this occasion, children go singing, carrying lit lanterns, and playing numerous musical instruments. It is one of the most beautiful winter celebrations.
  • Feast of the Virgin Mary in Tragonisi (11th June) – is celebrated on the day of Saint Barnabas and Bartholomew. It is celebrated in a church on top of a hill, where you can hike easily. After the service, a large feast takes place in the hollow in the rocks.
  • St Panteleimon (July 27th) – celebrated in Marathi in a fortified medieval monastery dedicated to the saint. A large feast takes place after the ceremony.
  • Day of Assumption (August 15th) – an authentic Ano Mera festival taking place in front of the Monastery of Virgin Tourliani.
  • Fest of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (September 14th) – is celebrated at the Mykonos Folklore Museum, which is one of the most popular museums here.

Most Religious Celebrations in Mykonos, Greece, Are Celebrated in the Same Way

Some religious celebrations that you can experience while on your vacation on Mykonos are celebrated in similar ways. Most of them are celebrated in front of or inside the beautiful Cycladic churches. Certain preparations are held a day before the holiday when locals prepare a welcoming atmosphere in the town with lots of flowers and ornaments.

The celebrations are followed by large feasts with lots of traditional dishes typical for Greek cuisine. As a tourist, you are welcome to join the celebrations and feasts, as locals are super hospitable and welcoming to everyone.

Church bells

Religious celebrations are a great part of Greece’s culture

Famous Festivals That Are Open During the Summer Months

If you are wondering when to plan your summer vacation, book flight tickets, and reserve one of Mykonos villas for rental, you need to find the best time to visit this destination. For example, the best time can depend on which events and activities you want to attend during your stay in this beautiful destination. Once you read more about the famous festivals and evening events during the summer months, it will be much easier to plan your travel itinerary.

Mykonos Summer Festival Is One of the Most Popular Ones in Greece

This unforgettable event takes place during the summer months and is one of the biggest attractions. It creates a joyful and vibrant atmosphere on the destination due to numerous events organized during the months of July, August, and September.

Different events are planned within this festival, like theatrical performances, open-air concerts, art exhibitions, and many other fun activities. People from all over the world who travel to the island really enjoy everything this festival has to offer since there is something for everyone. If this sounds like something you would like to visit, make sure to check out the program before booking your vacation.

After Hopping Around Cycladic Islands During Summer – End Your Vacation With the Harvest Festival

We may not know how you plan to spend your summer on the Cycladic islands, but we know how you should end it! The Harvest Festival takes place in September and is a perfect activity to symbolically end the summer. It is organized every year in the Agricultural Museum, where the locals gather to dance and sing, they bring food and wine, so it is a great opportunity to meet the Greeks and their culture up close. It can also be a great activity if you are on a family vacation with kids.

XLSIOR – A Top Gay Festival on One of the Most Gay-Friendly Islands in the World

As you may already know, this destination is known for being one of the most diverse and interesting places in the world. It is quite famous for being gay-friendly, and for years it has been the favorite holiday spot among members of the LGBTQ+ community from all around the world.

The annual Gay Festival (XLSIOR) is held with numerous celebrations promoting the freedom and rights of LGBTQ+ individuals. It is a very important event for gay culture, and it attracts numerous visitors from all around the world. Not to mention this destination has tons of popular gay clubs, the most famous gay beaches, and countless gay-friendly hotels for the perfect LGBTQ+ vacation!

Party at Scorpios

The fun never stops during the summer season on this unique island

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