If you are planning a summer holiday, you better start figuring out what to pack. Besides the usual essentials that you would bring with you anyway, you also have to keep in mind some must-haves for beach vacation, especially needed when visiting this Greek island. If you want to know more about what those things are – keep reading this helpful guide.

#1 Put Comfortable Shoes on Top of the List of Must-Haves for Beach Vacation in Mykonos

If you are planning a holiday on Mykonos, you have to prepare your summer outfits according to the location. Cycladic architecture is very known for the pebble-stone streets and beaches with soft sand, which can be quite tricky for walking unless you have some convenient footwear. Although private villas in Mykonos have everything you might need and a private driver can take you anywhere you want to be, you’ll still have to walk a lot.

This Island Requires You to Do Some Serious Walking, So Leave Your Heels at Home

This place is filled with numerous fantastic attractions and beautiful little towns worth exploring – it would be a shame not to make tours around them. Although you might just plan to relax on the beautiful golden sand beaches or by the pool of one of the Mykonos luxury villas with a private pool, you will surely be curious to explore more of these beautiful Greek streets.

So if you want to make the most of your holiday – it’s best to bring some nice shoes. Heels are not so welcome here, so make sure you leave them at home and opt for some traditional leather sandals or flip-flops, which are great for walking on sand and for streets in general. If you go shopping around the island, you can find some chic sandals and leather footwear.

Flip-flops on sand

Must haves for a beach vacation? Ensure that you pack some flip-flops and comfortable footwear

#2 It’s Best to Bring Cash Rather Than Just Cards

If you are wondering what do you need for a beach vacation in Mykonos that you might not need in some other summer destinations – the answer is cash. In Greece, people still like cash more than cards and contactless paying, so ensure that you always have some cash on you.

Don’t be surprised if, in some traditional Greek restaurants or local souvenir shops, you can not pay with a card. Get some cash at the ATM on the island or change the money you already have to Greek currency before the trip. One of the important tips to remember is that airports can be very expensive places for exchanging money, so don’t try to exchange money at JMK airport.

Euro bills in an envelope

Greece prefers cash, so make sure to exchange money before the trip

#3 Pack a Small Bag With Toiletries to Carry With You All the Time

Mykonos is one of the most vibrant summer destinations, and whether you plan it or not – every day on this island could be super hectic and wild. From day parties in the famous beach clubs, enjoying various water activities, and relaxing in the sun to spending hours exploring the town and having drinks at the nice bars with stunning sunset views – your days will be filled with numerous summer activities like these. During the day, you might feel the need to freshen up a bit, so make sure you have a small toiletry bag with you.

What to Put In Your Water Repellent Beach Bag?

Besides your regular beauty bag, which stays at your Mykonos villa the entire day, you also need a smaller waterproof bag for keeping basic toiletries that you will be carrying around all day. Here you should pack all the important things you need to pamper yourself a bit during long days in the sun. You might want to get travel-size sunscreen and other products so your beach bag is not too heavy to carry around. Some of the things you might need are items like:

  • Wet wipes,
  • Makeup wipes,
  • Hand sanitizer,
  • Thermal water,
  • Waterproof sunscreens for face and body,
  • Deodorant,
  • Makeup,
  • Hairbrush.

#4 Make Sure You Are Packing Some Chic Outfits and Accessories

If you wish to take the coolest holiday photos on some of the most popular Instagram spots on the island, here are some helpful tips. Ensure you pack some fabulous outfits and accessories. The weather in Mykonos during the summer is nice and warm, but not extremely hot – so you can rely on the weather forecast to plan travel outfits according to it.

The clothes should be nice and convenient but also spiced up with some beautiful accessories. Ensure that while packing for a holiday, you add lots of bikinis, beachwear, cover-ups, sunglasses, and hats to protect you from the sun.

Woman in a white dress on Mykonos

What do you need for a beach vacation? Your packing list should include lots of chic beachwear

#5 Mykonos Concierge Is a Must if You Wish to Have the Best Holiday Ever

While you may be focused on what items do you need for a beach vacation – don’t forget about some special services you might want to use. For example, the concierge on Mykonos is very much needed if you wish to get into the best clubs, get a table in some of the best restaurants, or book private yachts.

This island is pretty crowded during the summer season, and getting a place in the most exclusive spots is not as easy as you may think. This is why every guest should have their own Mykonos concierge who can help in every situation. If you have a good concierge, you can get whatever you wish for on your holiday.

Concierge on Mykonos

Having a private concierge is a game changer

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