Motor Sailor 82 

  • Price from Upon Request
  • 3 Cabins
  • 9 Knots
  • 25 Daily Passengers
  • 6 Overnight Passengers

If you appreciate the historical heritage and want to experience something unique and different from anything else on The Ace Vip offer, renting the Motor Sailor 82 is going to be a great idea. People who love to sail consider rustic sailing boats a piece of art, and this model is a true masterpiece. This Aegean pearl is waiting to become your number one companion while exploring magical waters around Mykonos.

Motor Sailor 82 Will Impress You With Its Rustic Design and Modern Facilities

Sailboats play one of the most important roles in the world’s history. It’s no wonder why true sailors really love and appreciate the art of building a quality sailboat. When it comes to antique models, you can expect that time has left its mark on them, but with Motor Sailor 82, that’s not the case.

This model is actually a replica of one of the most powerful and fastest ships used by the US army during the War of 1812. Today, this beautiful sailing boat comes with a speed of 9 knots and three large and comfortable cabins – perfect for hosting gatherings with your loved ones.

This Model Has an Interesting Origin Story

If you look at the impressive history of this model, you’ll easily understand why it became so popular back in the day. It was originally built by Noah and Adam Brown and, during the period of the US army war, repeatedly chased by British men. However, this model outran all the other ships every time.

After a triumphant victory against the British army, this ship was sent back to Boston, but during the final sail, it was chased and taken by three British frigates. Sir George Collier decided to send the ship back to England, impressed by its sailing speed of 13 knots. After that, it was measured for copying and rebuilt in 2008 by Greek shipwards.

It’s Large Enough to Fit Up to 25 Daily Passengers

Without any doubt, the most impressive part of Motor Sailor 82 is its majestic wooden deck, where you’ll find plenty of lounging and tanning areas. If you plan to rent this boat for a daily tour, you will be amused by the fact that it can comfortably host 20-25 guests.

On the other hand, if you plan on renting this model for a longer period of time and want to accommodate in its cabins, you should know that they can fit up to six guests. Inside you will find two double cabins with en-suite facilities and queen-size beds. Apart from these two, you’ll also find additional twin cabins with berths and en-suite facilities.

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The Ace VIP can really help you experience the best of Mykonos if you choose to rely on our services such as renting a yacht or one of the private villas in Mykonos. We always try our best to meet our clients’ needs and turn all of their wishes into reality. This is why it is important to contact us in advance if you have any additional requests or questions. If you don’t find the Motor Sailor 82 suitable, we can also offer you many luxurious yacht models, and we’re sure you’ll find something that meets your expectations.

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