Fost Obsession 28 Diesel 

  • Price from Upon Request
  • 30 Knots
  • 10 Daily Passengers

If you enjoy adventurous and dynamic vacations, our Fost Obsession 28 Diesel rib boat will be a perfect fit for you. This sporty boat with outstanding performance can be a great companion for island hopping and cruising escapade. Even though it is a smaller yacht, it provides many of the comforts of a usual cruiser boat.

Fost Obsession 28 Diesel Is a Simple Sport Boat With Incredible Performance

For people looking for a simple boat to cruise around the Aegean Sea with, Fost Obsession 28 Diesel is a perfect fit. This 28 ft long rib boat can fit up to 10 daily passengers, which can all comfortably enjoy the ride around the different islands. Its sporty style gives off adventurous vibes, but the boat is spacious and great for relaxing on the open sea.

Its powerful diesel engine can reach the incredible speed of 30 knots, allowing fast and smooth rides. The boat is equipped with water toys, making the ride a fun blast. The water ski and the scuba diving equipment could be yours on request.

Fost Obsession 28 Diesel comes equipped with a sound system, which is great if you want to listen to some tunes while relaxing on the boat. The professional boat crew can provide plenty of valuable services, such as cool beverages and some snacks, so your daily trip is enjoyable.

Private Cruising Is a Fun Escape From the Usual Vacation Routine

Vacations on Mykonos are always fun and exciting, but they could be even more fun if you rent a private yacht. Daily cruises are always a good idea, especially when you’re on Mykonos. Riding over the Aegean Sea and exploring the Cyclades is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

You will experience Greece’s beauty from a completely different perspective. Visiting hidden beaches and uninhabited islands and diving in the crystal clear waters can be such fun and thrilling activities and an experience you will never forget. So if you want to make your vacation memorable and exciting, a daily cruise around the Cyclades on your private yacht must be on your summer bucket list.

The Ace VIP Has a Wide Range of Luxurious Yachts in Their Offer

If you wish to learn more about renting luxurious yachts and take a look at some different attractive models, reach out to The Ace VIP team. Our team is known for arranging luxurious getaways to Mykonos and will introduce you to some of the most modern yachts and Mykonos villas on the market. If you need assistance with organizing your Mykonos holiday, The Ace VIP will offer all the help you could possibly need.

Give us a call, and we’ll introduce you to the unparalleled services we offer our clients and the many private villas in Mykonos you could rent. There’s no doubt that we can make your dream vacation come true and exceed even the highest expectations. We will be more than happy to help you achieve the best vacation experience of your life.

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