Cessna Citation Mustang CE-510 

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  • Cessna CE-510 Citation Mustang
  • 4 seats

If you wish to arrive on Mykonos in style, then there’s no better way to do it than with a glamorous private jet. The Cessna Citation Mustang CE-510 is a luxurious charter that could be waiting for you at the Athens International Airport and fly you to the stunning island of Mykonos fast and efficiently. The professional crew will attend to your needs while you sit back and enjoy the gorgeous scenery over the Aegean Sea.

Cessna Citation Mustang CE-510 Is a Light and Versatile Jet With an Exceptional Performance

Despite its lightness and size, the Cessna Citation Mustang CE-510 is a powerful private jet. It can fly at the maximum speed of 483 mph and has a wide range of over 1,200 miles, thanks to its robust, full-authority digital engines. Its aerodynamic design offers a smooth ride over the clouds and the ability to access smaller regional airports usually located on the islands.

This private jet has a two-pilot configuration, guaranteeing a safe and well-controlled flight. The cockpit is equipped with an avionics suite to increase pilots’ awareness during the flight. The cabin is bright and spacious and fits up to 4 passengers in its modern and luxurious interior. The all-leather reclinable club seating provides a comfortable and pleasant ride over the islands of Greece.

The cabin features six oval windows, allowing you and your guests to observe the Cyclades’ stunning scenery beneath you easily. The jet has stowable tables and a 12-volt outlet for business trips. There’s enough space in the luggage compartment, so you and your guests can quickly leave your personal belongings in the external or internal storage space.

Book the Jet Charter to Mykonos for a Memorable Experience

Flying over the Aegean Sea is one of the most thrilling experiences you could have on your Mykonos vacation. Because booking a private jet comes with plenty of benefits, it is worth considering. The most important thing is that you can save time and reach your vacation destination faster. You will avoid long airport lines and having to wait for commonly delayed flights.

We all know how frustrating wasting precious time on your vacation can be. When you have your private jet, you will get the chance to fly in comfort and style and enjoy the scenic view of turquoise waters. Professional pilots guarantee a safe and smooth flying experience, and there’s no doubt you will enjoy every second spent on this private jet.

Let The Ace VIP Provide You With Top-Notch Concierge Services

Organizing a vacation on Mykonos can be quite a lot of work, especially finding the right Mykonos villa, which is why many people opt for getting professional help. The Ace VIP manages luxurious holidays on Mykonos, and our employees have plenty of experience in that field. We offer top-notch services and luxury Mykonos villas for rental to our clients to ensure they have the most memorable vacations of their lives. If you wish to make this summer holiday unique and exciting, our team will gladly assist you on that mission. Reach out to The Ace VIP team, and we’ll gladly introduce you to our unparalleled services.

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