When you think about the islands in Greece, probably the first one that pops into your head is The Island of the Winds. It’s become such a popular tourist attraction that it’s known worldwide as a synonym for Greece. But is Mykonos small, and what does such a tiny island offer that attracts half a million tourists every year?

Is Mykonos Small? Let’s Reveal the Actual Size of the Island

When you hear about a place that is the home to the hottest clubs in the world and legendary nightlife, where hundreds of celebrities travel just to have their picture taken, and a place that has the world’s most famous and best international restaurants, you probably picture a capital city or a very large island somewhere in the middle of an ocean.

What you don’t picture is a gorgeous but tiny island in Greece with a surface area of 85.5 square kilometers (33 square miles). It’s surrounded by the Aegean Sea, and it’s located in the southern part of it. This party island is only around 10 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide. This means that you can easily get around and that it’s pretty walkable.

However, if you were to rent a car, you could drive around the entire island, following the longest road, in only 40 minutes. So, if you were wondering how many days should be enough to experience all the beautiful attractions this little piece of heaven has to offer – a week should be enough to see all the attractions and hidden gems.

How Does Mykonos Compare to Other Islands in Greece?

Mykonos is known for being a paradise island that’s on top of almost every bucket list in the world, as it’s the most popular Greek island. It’s part of the Cycladic group of islands, and it’s actually one of the larger ones in the bunch. However, compared to other islands in Greece, it’s on the smaller side.

For example, Crete is the largest one in the entire country, with a surface area of 8,450 square kilometers – it’s almost a hundred times bigger than Mykonos, yet it’s not nearly as popular. But you should know that it’s slightly bigger in comparison to Santorini.

View of Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the bigger Cycladic islands

They Say the Best Things Come in Small Packages, and Once You See Mykonos Beaches – You’ll Agree

Some of the best things The Island of the Winds has to offer are its gorgeous beaches. You can choose from 23 amazing beaches – quite a lot for such a small piece of land. They all have soft, golden sand and crystal-clear blue water, and they’re all perfect for getting a nice tan.

Not only are they stunning, but they are also very fun – most of them have parties during the day, but there are also some secluded beaches if you feel like ordering a frappe in the beach bar and enjoying a little peace and quiet. Almost every beach has fun water activities you can try out, such as scuba diving, jet skiing, windsurfing, and so much more.

These beaches are known as some of the most beautiful in Greece, and if you ever get to see the sunset on one of them, it will be the most beautiful view you will ever see. The longest beach is Elia, and it’s about 1.6 km long.

Over Half a Million Tourists Travel and Stay on the Island Every Season

Mykonos is the most popular tourist spot in Greece, and it attracts more than half a million tourists each year. They all fall in love with the atmosphere, the scenery, and the traditional hospitality in the Greek villas Mykonos has to offer. There are around 12,500 residents, and all locals love tourists and making them feel like they’re at home.

There Are Many Beautiful Things to See During Your Stay, Like the Old Town

Even though it’s on the smaller side, there are plenty of gorgeous attractions and important historic things you need to see during your stay. For starters, you need to step out of your luxury Mykonos villa rental and take a walk around the Old Town of Chora and see the gorgeous Greek islands’ architecture. Admire the whitewashed stone buildings, and take plenty of photos of all the bright blue doors and windows.

There are many fun things to do – go on a wine tasting or an organized private tour and visit the Armenistis lighthouse. Take in as much beauty as you can. Visit Little Venice. Another great idea would be to get a Mykonos yacht rental and travel to the neighboring islands like Rhenia and Delos.

A street in Chora

Take a walk along the pretty streets of Chora (Old Town)

The Portions of Delicious Greek Food You’ll Eat Are Huge – Unlike the Island

What this party island lacks in size, it makes up for in other things, such as the fantastic Greek food. The popular tourist destination is filled with some of the best restaurants in the world, and getting a reservation in one of them is no joke – it might be best to ask your Mykonos concierge for help.

There are also more affordable restaurants and, of course – authentic tavernas where you can try traditional dishes from Greek cuisine. You’re guaranteed to have the most delicious meal of your life during the trip.

What Are Some of the Best Dishes You Need to Try When You Travel to Greece?

If this is your first time trying this type of Mediterranean cuisine and you have no idea what to order in a Greek restaurant, don’t worry – whatever you pick won’t be a mistake because everything is delicious. But there are some staples you need to try while you’re in sunny Greece, such as the national dish – moussaka.

After that, some of the traditional dishes that you will fall in love with are the tzatziki salad, classic Greek salad, gyros, and souvlaki, countless seafood dishes like fried calamari, and so much more.

Greek food on a table

Authentic Greek dishes will be some of the most delicious you will ever try

The Island May Be Small, But the Gorgeous Mykonos Villas for Rental Sure Aren’t

Another thing that keeps tourists coming back for more is the lavish private villas in Mykonos. Luxury villa rentals in Mykonos have everything you could possibly need for a perfect summer vacation, and they offer more amenities than any hotel. So, if you want to have the best accommodation possible for your holiday, all you need to do is contact The Ace VIP to book one of the Mykonos luxury villas, and a great time is guaranteed.