Many people don’t like to depend on others to experience destinations they want to visit, so they go alone. If you have an idea to book a trip to Greece and one of its islands, here you can get the answer to the question of “is Mykonos safe to travel alone?”

Some might be bored by traveling alone, but savoring an experience by oneself is essential for mental health. If you must always be surrounded by others to enjoy the good things in life, you’re missing out. Experience the charms of a location solo, and you’ll be wiser for your and others’ sake.

Is Mykonos Safe to Travel Alone? Cruising Solo Through Greece Is Safe

So, who does visit Mykonos, and, more importantly, what’s it like? Anyone who wants to experience Greece to the max will choose this destination. It’s the Greekest place you can find, yet it has an international reputation.

You may have seen pictures of the Cyclades islands before – the flashy white buildings juxtaposed with the bluest of blue skies you’ve ever seen. They look like paradise islands, and when you visit, you realize they are.

If you don’t have a partner or a friend to come here with, why not come solo? We know you may not look for the most romantic hotel when you arrive, but you can always look up private villas in Mykonos for one and have a lavish holiday all to yourself.

Three Reasons to Travel Solo to Mykonos, the Greek Paradise

If you’re unsure whether to put traveling alone on your ultimate travel itinerary, here are three reasons to pack your bags and book a holiday:

  • You don’t have to match your itinerary with others – the most annoying part of arranging a vacation is making sure your plans don’t clash with your friends’. When you visit it alone, there’s no one to wait, put on hold, or disappoint,
  • You can do whatever you like, whenever you want – want to book a jet ski rental, but a friend wants to rent a yacht instead? This type of problem wouldn’t happen if you were alone. You could get a jet ski, rent a boat, get a helicopter tour, and whatever else you wish – at any moment of your holiday,
  • This island in Greece is safe for solo travelers – an excellent reason to come alone is that the area is perfectly safe. Of course, being responsible will make the trip even safer and more enjoyable, but overall, the island is welcoming for any tourist.

What Things Can You Do in One Day? Yoga, Drinks, or Hanging Out in a Private Mykonos Villa?

As mentioned, when you’re alone, you can do all things you want in a day. Catch a beach yoga class, engage in water sports on the island, or contact us to arrange concierge services to help you manage around town and pamper you.

If you also book one of our luxury villas in Mykonos, you can just spend the entire day lounging and relaxing – there are swimming pools, high-end architecture, and modern appliances, like nowhere else on the Cycladic islands.

You won’t feel you must protect your belongings at all costs if you remain in the villa all day, but if you want to explore the island (which we heartily recommend), maybe book a private driver or drive yourself by renting a car.

Driving may not sound appealing but look at the video below. It’s a one-hour-long clip of a driver soaking in Mykonian beach views.

If You Go Out, Watch Out for Pickpockets and Swindlers

We know the biggest fear of any tourist is being pickpocketed. It often happens, especially in tourist-ridden areas, and this island is no exception. Pickpockets and swindlers are common in such places, so it’s not a valid reason to give up on your trip.

The best thing you could do in the streets of any Mykonian town is to avoid conflict, secluded and dark streets, and listen to your gut. If you get an intuitive sting about a place, listen to that instinct and get away from the situation until you feel better.

Suppose there’s no time to remove yourself from a bad situation. In that case, our tips are to keep emergency numbers on speed dial and your phone close at all times. Still, situations like these are rare here, so don’t worry.

Learn How the Greeks Behave

When booking your villa or hotel, look for the best area to stay in. This will give you insight into the safest parts of town and where you can take secure and uninterrupted walks.

Try to learn some things about the Greeks before heading there. Their body language and behavior may be odd to some. But, you’re in a foreign country with different etiquettes, and it’s just natural to experience a culture shock.

For example, most Greeks aren’t confrontational and avoid speaking directly. However, when you hear one giving a speech, don’t be surprised if they become theatrical, dramatic, and physically expressive. Greeks prefer to use body language and gestures and often raise their voices when speaking.

A raised tone of voice in Greece is nothing to worry about, and they may even engage in physical contact if they’re talking to you and making a point. This contact includes actions such as a pat on the back or a hug and kiss for hello/goodbye.

Travel to the Safest Resort, Platis Gialos

Platis Gialos is a small village resort where the beach and hotels are so close that you don’t have to walk long distances to get to the most important places. If you want to avoid long walks, book a villa or hotel here and enjoy the charm of having everything nearby.

An aerial view of a hotel swimming pool, some swimmers, and the Aegean Sea

Research safe hotels and Greek gestures to avoid problems on the island

How to Apply Safety Measures When Clubbing?

One of the most problematic aspects of traveling alone is clubbing and drinking. You can do it when you’re alone, but caution is necessary. This place is a party mecca, meaning you should explore its evening events. But, if you start feeling unsafe or uneasy at any parties, try to leave immediately.

The fact is that foreign travelers most often engage in risky behavior. While exceptions exist to this rule, it’s generally true because everyone on holiday likes to let loose entirely.

Beach Bars Around Town Are Safe Places for Anyone

The best beach bars are safe for any traveler. They’re also one of the most stunning places to watch the sunset. You can get your cocktail fix here, have a good time, vibe out, and go home.

If there’s a beach bar near your accommodation, even better. Take a short stroll, watch the sunset and soak in the beautiful Greek views.

Don’t Overdo It With Drinking

To exercise caution in clubs, especially for solo female travelers, watch how much you drink. This is the number one rule, although it’s easy to forget and let loose once you’ve already had several drinks.

When intoxicated, we let go of our inhibitions, and someone might recognize that and take advantage. We don’t mean to terrify you, just to say that common sense is the best weapon in dealing with risky situations.

To stay safe during a solo trip to the club, here are some tips:

  • Drink water between drinks (one drink, one glass of water),
  • Find a girl group and try to bond with them early on,
  • Keep your drink with you at all times (and never let it leave your sight),
  • Don’t bring all your money and cards to the club – your ID and some cash will suffice,
  • Plan a route home before heading out,
  • Again – listen to your gut.

Let The Ace VIP Help You Settle in One of Our Mykonos Luxury Villas

It’s not so difficult to have fun alone in Greece. It’s especially tough to feel sad and bored in our luxury Mykonos villas for rental. The Ace VIP offers luxurious, state-of-the-art villas with modern appliances and amenities, and you can get it all by sending us an email and checking out our site.

If that’s not enough, we can arrange a concierge service, including a private car driver and yacht. You can even fly out with a private jet and ensure your solo trip is made of dreams. Contact us to make your trip to Greece the experience of a lifetime.