If you’ve just flown into the airport of this Greek island, but you can’t stay long, you’re probably wondering – Is 2 days enough for Mykonos? Will you be able to visit everything this part of Greece can offer in such a short timeframe? The answer is – yes, you can see a lot in two days, but you will most probably want to stay at least a little bit more.

So, Is 2 Days Enough for Mykonos? With a Good Travel Itinerary, You Can Make the Most of Your Stay

Maybe you’ve got only the weekend to spare, or you’ve found a cheap flight ticket, but you have to return the following day. Most people will probably tell you that it’s not possible to explore a place in such a short time. But the truth is you can make it work – all you need is a well-thought-out travel itinerary. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best things to do during your stay, so make sure you add them to your itinerary for a successful trip.

A wing of a plane

Having a good plan before you get there will ensure making the best out of your trip

Start Your First Day Right by Walking Around the Main Town

If you want to explore as much of the island as possible, it’s a good idea to figure out how to get around by taking the bus or renting a vehicle through a car hire service. But if you don’t want to think about it as soon as you land at JMK airport, the good news is that the town center is completely walkable.

Known as Chora, this part has a lot to offer – from picturesque cobblestone streets to beautiful architecture with a rich history to learn about. You don’t need a travel guide – just by walking through these narrow streets, you will stumble upon many of the most famous attractions in this part of Greece.

A narrow street in Chora

Some of the best views Greece has to offer are right here

While Going Through Mykonos Town on Your First Day, There Is No Way to Miss These 2 Popular Sightseeing Spots

While strolling through the town center, sooner or later, you’ll come across the famous windmills known as Kato Myloi. These five windmills are easy to spot because they are situated on a hill looking over the Aegean Sea. Kato Myloi are definitely not the only remaining buildings of this type – there are a lot of them not only on this island but throughout the rest of Greece as well.

Most of these windmills are from the time Venice ruled this island, so it’s no surprise that directly across from them is a place known as Little Venice. If you’re a fan of the beautiful architecture of Venice, you will surely love it here. It’s a vibrant and charming part of town, perfect for a souvenir shopping spree or trying traditional Greek food.

Your Travel Itinerary Is Not Complete Without Trying the Best Flavors Greece Has to Offer

Everyone knows that the best way to have an authentic experience in Greece is to try some of the traditional Greek cuisine. The town center is the perfect place to be when you’re looking for the best restaurants around. Here are some of them you should consider checking out:

  • Kounelas Fish Tavern,
  • Koursaros Restaurant,
  • Nōema,
  • La Maison de Katrin,
  • Captain’s.

After a Busy Morning Spent Sightseeing, It’s Time for an Afternoon Swim

Now that you’ve spent your morning checking out the town center and recharged with some delicious food, it’s time to head to one of the beautiful beaches this island in Greece has to offer. So, head back to your Mykonos villa rental or the hotel you’re staying at, and pack your beach bag if you haven’t already.

One thing’s for sure – there is no shortage of beautiful beaches here. There are a few beaches close to the center, such as the Megali Ammos or the Choras Mikonou. But, if you’re up for an adventure and a little bit of a party, consider going to Paradise Beach and make sure to visit their famous beach club, perfect for freshening up with a drink or two when the sun goes down. Check out this video for additional information on the beaches you can find here:

The Second Day of Your Trip Is Perfect for Exploring a Bit More

You’ll quickly realize that partying is basically unavoidable here – but we hope you didn’t party too much on your first day because there’s still stuff to explore. So, let’s look at what else you can add to your travel itinerary.

A Half-Day Tour of Delos Will Leave You Fascinated for Days

It might be strange to get off this island by boat if your trip is so short. But if you can afford to spend a few hours in the morning on this magnificent UNESCO World Heritage site, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity. Delos is filled with beautiful classical architecture and sculptures, from numerous Doric temples to the famous Terrace of the Lions. Book a guided tour of Delos, and you will surely learn a lot of interesting information about Greek mythology.

Use the Few Hours You’ve Got Until Your Flight Back to Visit a Few Places You Missed

When you get back to the mainland, check if you’ve got a few hours to spare until your flight takes off. If that’s the case, the perfect way to spend your last hours here is to visit a few places you might have missed yesterday. But be reasonable and don’t overwhelm yourself too much – there’s always a chance you’ll come back again.

You’ve probably already seen it yesterday while strolling through the center, but we have to mention the Panagia Paraportiani Church as the most famous of the many religious buildings this place has. If you’re interested in visiting museums and your tour to Delos left you fascinated, check out the Archaeological Museum to learn more about classical art. And, of course, don’t forget to pick up a few souvenirs and get one last taste of the food Greece is famous for.

Panagia Paraportiani Church

It might be a small island, but it’s full of things to see

If Your Short Trip Left You Wanting More – The Ace VIP Is Here to Help With Your Accommodation

Let’s be honest, there’s a big chance you will be dreading getting on a flight and leaving this place. Maybe you’ll even figure out a way to stay for a few more days in one of the private villas in Mykonos. Even if you have to leave, there’s always the possibility of coming back again, and with the help of the concierge VIP services Mykonos provides, you will be able to get the best luxury villas Mykonos can offer.

So, make your return an unforgettable trip by staying in one of the Mykonos villas for rental, and consider exploring the island by getting a Mykonos yacht rental. You’ll surely be left wanting to come back over and over again.