If you’re lucky enough not only to find yourself on this beautiful island in Greece but also to be able to spend more than a week here, you’re probably wondering – is 10 days in Mykonos too much for my trip? Well, the short answer is – there’s no such thing as too many days when it comes to this Cycladic island. Here are a few reasons why that’s the case.

There’s Enough Time to Spend the Whole Day Lounging and Relaxing on the Beach

It’s very simple – when you have more than a week to spare, you can definitely devote a day or two doing nothing except lounging around on some of the best beaches on this beautiful island in Greece has to offer. It’s one of the reasons why people make the trip in the first place and why they keep coming back. There’s more than enough time to sunbathe, read a book, or enjoy a cocktail in one of the beach clubs.

Take Advantage of Everything You Have at Your Disposal – From the Beach Bars to the Yacht Rental Mykonos Is Famous For

Checking out the beaches is one of the most important parts of every Greek travel itinerary. Here, you can experience some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, so pack up your beach bag and consider getting a car hire for the trip or even a Mykonos yacht rental to enjoy the complete freedom of exploring as many of the beaches as you possibly can. There are a few you can’t miss – the famous Paradise Beach or the adjacent Super Paradise Beach are easily the top picks.

Woman reading on a sunbed

A visit to one of the beaches should be the first thing on your mind

You Can Take Your Time to Explore More Than Just the Main Attractions – Your Travel Itinerary Has Enough Room for It

You might feel like a short trip is enough to experience this place fully because it’s not that big. However, this island is packed with breathtaking locations you need to visit. And when you have more time to spare, you don’t have to limit yourself to the main attractions, such as Little Venice or the unavoidable Greek windmills. You can also discover some of the island’s hidden places that are equally beautiful Instagram spots or even try some activities for the first time.

Having Only a Few Days on This Island in Greece Would Leave You Stressed and Running All Over the Place

While you should try to make the most of any amount of time you get in this place, having only two days would definitely leave you running from one attraction to another. However, when there’s more than enough to see everything, you can think about exploring the lesser-known places and activities. Here are a few recommendations to add to your itinerary:

There’s Enough Time to Travel to Some of the Nearby Islands Like Delos or Santorini and Explore More of the Cyclades

When you have less than one day, you have to stay in the main town, also known as the Chora. When you’re staying a bit longer, you might get out of the town, but you definitely won’t get off the island. However, with more than a week to spare, there’s enough time to plan an excursion to one of the nearby Greek islands. Delos or Santorini would be the first picks for any travel itinerary, and if you want to visit both, you absolutely have the time to do so.

For a Fascinating Mythology Lesson, Book a Tour of the Nearby Archeological Site of Delos

Because it’s much closer than Santorini, the first destination you should visit on an organized tour would definitely be the Greek UNESCO world heritage site of Delos, located on a nearby small island. There are morning and evening tours that start with a short boat ride from the town and end with you being completely fascinated by all of the interesting facts you’ve learned about Greek mythology.

Spend a Day in Santorini to Experience a Bit More of What the Cycladic Islands Have to Offer

Catching a ferry headed to Santorini is a great way to visit and explore other Cycladic islands that are just as picturesque as the mainland. Santorini might be a bit further away, but it’s not that far, and you definitely have enough time to spend a day there and experience a bit more of this part of Greece. So, consider adding Santorini to your travel itinerary, and you will be met with the never-ending horizon of the Aegean Sea, as well as have a chance to learn an additional thing or two about the history of Greece. Here’s what you can do once you’re there:

Getting a Taste of Authentic Greece Will Surely Leave You Wanting to Stay Even Longer

Everyone knows that the best way to have an authentic experience on any trip is to try traditional food. The same goes for Greece, and their authentic Mediterranean cuisine is so delicious you won’t be able to get enough of it. So, the longer your stay, the more Greek restaurants you can try out. Consider it an important part of your itinerary, and don’t forget to check out some of the street food options while you’re cruising through the town center as well.

Tavernas in Little Venice

Not only is the food delicious, but the views are amazing as well

You Can Have the Best Nightlife Experience and Spend the Next Day Just Chilling in Your Mykonos Villa

It’s a well-known fact that this destination is one of the most popular party islands in the Mediterranean. So, if you want to spend your days partying at the beach or an exclusive nightclub, it’s the place to be. If you’re feeling like it, you can even throw a private party for your friends in your chosen Mykonos villa rental. The best part? There will be no flight to catch back to Athens the next day, and you’ll be more than pleased to spend it in one of the luxury villas Mykonos is known for.

Girls at a beach bar and a waiter preparing a cocktail

If you like to party, this is the place for you

Is 10 Days in Mykonos Too Much? Contact The Ace VIP, and You’ll Realize There’s No Such Thing When It Comes to This Island

If you’re lucky enough to spend this long on a trip to one of the most beautiful islands Greece offers, why not get the full experience and stay in one of the private villas in Mykonos? With the help of concierge VIP services Mykonos provides, you are guaranteed not only the best accommodation in one of the Mykonos villas for rental but also a travel experience you’ll never forget.