Azure waters, sandy beaches, and allure of the Greek culture make the island of Mykonos a unique vacation paradise. You can go on adventures and explore the rich historical sites. We have the best tips for how to plan your yacht trip in Mykonos to make your escapade unforgettable. Forget the crowds of popular beaches and the noisy tourist spots. Make your trip luxurious by renting one of the most stunning yachts.

The First Step Is to Choose the Right Yacht – Do You Prefer an Exclusive Megayacht or a Beautiful Sailing Boat

The ideal charter yacht for your expedition cannot be chosen quickly. The vessel determines the entire journey. Will you opt for an opulent and exclusive megayacht, or does the elegance of a sailing boat provide more inspiration? While charter megayachts offer lavish cabins and spacious decks, a sailing boat embodies the unique spirit of seafaring.

The key factors that should always be at the forefront of your mind while planning a vacation in Mykonos and a yacht trip are the size of the group, the budget, and the desired level of comfort. Will you organize a party on the yacht? Take time to consider all aspects of the voyage before making any decisions. 

Onboard the Ferretti 68 Yacht, You Can Sail and Party With Different People

Picture yourself looking out and all you can see is the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. For your first-ever cruise and a party on a boat, the ideal choice among all the yachts must be the Ferretti 68. It features a master cabin, a VIP cabin, and twin guest cabins, each one with an en-suite bathroom.

The crew that accompanies you consists of three people. It also features air conditioning and TV, while you can find a wakeboard, jet skis, and inflatable towable toys. This vessel is an ideal option for parties with the closest group of friends or a romantic island-hopping trip in this paradise.

A luxury yacht in the water
Choose a perfect yacht rental in Mykonos and one of the luxury villas in Mykonos

If You’d Like to Cruise to Nearby Cyclades, Charter Posillipo 80 Yacht

In case you have a luxurious vessel on your mind that can offer both elegance and exceptional performance, a better option would be to consider the Posillipo 80 yacht. The advanced engineer and sleek design offer a memorable experience onboard.

It can accommodate as many as ten guests in four spacious cabins, which have en-suite facilities for your and guests’ convenience. The 24 knots of cruising speed is a testament to its impressive performance.

If you are looking for a yacht you can take with you on the exploration of islands around Mykonos, you found it. The crew that will ensure you spend your time relaxing and enjoying yourselfconsists of four people. Spend a day swimming in the crystal-clear sea and explore islands such as Naxos Island, Delos, Milos, and Santorini.

Posillipo 80 yacht cruising
Apart from yacht charters, have you selected one of the private villas in Mykonos

Determine the Itinerary For Your Trip and Must-Visit Spots

Where would you like to sail and what would you like to see? One of the most important steps when planning a trip is the itinerary. But, when you find yourself amid the vibrant historical tapestry of the Island of the Winds, it will not be difficult to decide what secret beaches to explore, what different islands to sail to, and what historical sights to see. Picture yourself viewing the iconic Mykonian windmills from a sailing boat!

We recommend asking your Mykonos concierge for some guidance if you don’t know what your itinerary could be like. They can tailor an itinerary based on your preferences. In case you come to party, they can recommend the best beach clubs and what party beach to go to. However, if you want to relax in absolute privacy, yacht charters can take you sailing in some of the most peaceful spots in the Aegean Sea.

Our Suggestion – Sail to Beaches such as Ornos, Kapari and Agios Sostis

A captivating adventure in the azure water of Greece offers a chance to uncover hidden gems. Imagine setting sail on a boat and visiting pristine shores where the beauty of Greece comes alive. We recommend discovering picturesquebeaches like Ornos, Agios Sostis, and Kapari.

Feel the allure of the water as you approach these coastal havens. Ornos Beach will astonish you with its beachside luxury, Kapari Beach with its beautiful remote location, and Agios Sostis with its unspoiled golden sand.

Kapari beach in Mykonos
Find serenity on a sailing boat or in one of the Mykonos villas for rental!

Consider Onboard Services You’d Like to Enjoy While Spending a Day on the Yacht

As you envision spending a luxurious day on a charter yacht, it’s necessary to determine what tailored onboard services would elevate the experience to unparalleled heights. A skilled crew can cater to your every whim. From a private chef who creates exquisite Greek culinary delights to a dedicated steward ensuring your glass is never empty, yacht charters are floating oases of personalized service. Some of the services you can request include:

  • Private chef,
  • Cocktail and beverage service,
  • Spa treatments,
  • Guided exploration,
  • Entertainment, such as live music and movie screenings,
  • Photography services,
  • Crew-guided activities.

Additional Info on How to Plan Your Yacht Trip in Mykonos? Plan Out Water Sports Activities

From the charter yacht’s deck, you can transition to the open water. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you glide atop the waves on a jet ski, or embrace the underwater realm through snorkeling or scuba diving, revealing vibrant marine ecosystems beneath.

The tranquil waters provide the perfect backdrop for kayaking, allowing you to explore hidden coves and secluded corners of the coastline. For windsurfing enthusiasts, Mykonos offers ideal conditions to harness the wind’s energy for an exhilarating ride.

Consider what you want to do while sailing and inform the crew so that the equipment can be found onboard. Leave the serenity of a Mykonos villa rental for a fun day filled with water activities.

A jet ski, wakeboard, and towables next to a yacht
A concierge in Mykonos can help you decide what water sports activities to indulge in

Book One of the Charters – It’s Best to Do It Right Away By Contacting The Ace VIP Team

The last step is to initiate the booking process. The easiest way to do this is by contacting The Ace VIP team, which doesn’t just rent villas in Mykonos but offers an exclusive catalog of the finest yacht charters. Explore endless possibilities on our website, and reach out to us as soon as you find the vessel you can picture yourself on.

Apart from this, look throughout Greek villas in Mykonos. Choose one of the best Mykonos villas for rent and spend every day on the island in absolute luxury. With our concierge VIP services in Mykonos, car rental services, jet rental services, and Mykonos yacht rental services, you will make the most of your stay in Greece.