When going on a summer vacation, for most people, packing is one of the most challenging and tiring tasks. Having to figure out how to pack for a week at the beach vacation can be pretty challenging, especially when going to such a unique destination as Mykonos. If you feel like you might want to learn more about this topic and prepare well for your next travel venture to Greece, make sure you keep reading this short but very useful article.

Start by Making a List of All the Items You Plan on Packing for Your Vacation

When planning a summer vacation on Mykonos, start by figuring out what are some of the things you should pack for the trip. If you want to make the process more organized, make a list of all the things you plan on packing. It’s best first to organize everything through the list before you start pulling items out of the closet and creating a mess in the room.

A Travel Packing List Will Help You Avoid Forgetting to Pack Some Essentials

Besides helping you stay organized, a list will also help you avoid forgetting some important stuff. Through the preparations, keep the list close to you, and ensure that nothing from the list is missing from your bag or luggage. Many people who travel worldwide like to use this trick and think it is the most useful hack ever.

Packing list in a suitcase

A checklist is always helpful for tracking your packing process

How to Pack Light for a Week at the Beach?

When staying for more than 2 or 3 days, it’s difficult to estimate just how many clothing pieces you would wear. If you wish to be super organized. Figure out what you will do each day – and plan your best summer outfits according to that.

Even though you’ll be staying in one of the luxury Mykonos villas for rent, you’ll probably be spending most of your time on some of the beaches, so consider bringing lots of beachwear. If you plan on touring famous attractions and exploring the streets – some summer dresses and comfy shoes must be on the checklist. That way, you’ll have an outfit prepared for each day, and you won’t even have to waste time choosing what to wear.

Planning Outfits for the Beach Vacation Will Help You Avoid Overpacking

Packing light for a vacation is something only rare can master. However, it is not impossible. If you wish to avoid overpacking your suitcase and bringing items you are not going to wear – outfit planning is a very useful trick. Keep in mind that even if you don’t have enough clothes, you can always do some shopping on Mykonos and get exactly what you need.

Woman relaxing in her private Mykonos villa

It’s always better to plan your outfits ahead of time so you avoid overpacking

Put Your Cosmetic and Toiletries Into Travel Size Bottles

If you’re trying to avoid carrying way too many things, or you are perhaps trying to fit your items into a carry-on bag, you’ll like this tip. If you are a beauty freak and need all of your skincare and beauty products with you every day, leaving something behind is surely not an option.

This is why getting travel-size bottles for your lotions, face creams, toothpaste, serums, and everything else you use daily is the best option. Remember to get stickers for those bottles so you can label each one. These little bottles can all look the same, so ensure you properly label them so you don’t end up washing your hair with shower gel.

Travel-size beauty products

Travel-size products will take up less space in your luggage

Everything That Will Protect You From the Sun Must Be in Your Beach Bag

One of the items you must pack for your summer holiday is a beach bag with all the most important essentials. Sunscreen is the only beauty product that must not be in a travel-size bottle. Body and face SPF products should be in full size as you’ll need to use a lot of them.

You probably already know how damaging the sun can be to your skin, so ensure you reapply the SPF every two hours. If you’re vacationing with your family and kids – bring a kid’s version of sunscreen for them. Another option is just to buy these products in Greece, so you do not have to bother carrying them.

Don’t Forget About Some Useful Accessories

Hats and sunglasses should be in a beach bag for every summer holiday. Especially since you’ll most likely spend a lot of time outside, exploring different attractions and hanging out in the famous beach clubs – you need these accessories to keep you protected.

Besides helping you to stay away from the sun, they will also make you look super chic while sipping cocktails in the famous bars or while lounging next to the pool in one of Mykonos luxury villas (now that’s a perfect Instagram spot).

Woman on a beach with a hat

Don’t forget to bring a cute hat with you to the beach

How to Pack for a Week at the Beach Without Some Basic Medication?

Obviously, the last thing you want on your holiday is to get sick and feel down, so make sure you have all the essential medicine with you. Although private villas in Mykonos are stunning, you don’t want to spend entire days inside because you’re sick.

You will surely have a hectic trip on Mykonos full of various activities, so make sure your body can stand through all of those happenings. Some of the medications you should consider carrying are:

  • Stuff for dehydration and hangovers for when you’re partying too hard,
  • Dramamine or some other medicines that will help in case of sea or motion sickness on a Mykonos yacht rental,
  • Bug bite relief cream, in case some evil bugs attack you,
  • Antihistamines for allergies,
  • Probiotics, in case you have trouble handling Greek food,
  • Prescribed medication in case you use some.

Add Contacting The Ace VIP to Your Checklist

Packing is something you can carry out on your own, but organizing an entire summer holiday might be a little bit harder. If you don’t feel like spending too much time planning the whole trip to Greece, our team will gladly help you. The Ace VIP is here to offer you unparalleled concierge VIP services on Mykonos.

We can ensure you have the best summer holiday by helping you book a fabulous yacht rental in Mykonos or one of our exclusive Mykonos villas for rental. Whatever you may need during your stay, our team will gladly assist you and help you have a stunning week.